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A writer who's never writing. I've had an account on this site for at least ten years, but it's not always the same one.

Recommendation Space

I don't use my profile for anything, so I may as well use it for something cool: namely, recommendations of fanfiction that I think elevates this genre to something wholly unique and impressive! Consider it my 'recommended reading' for a nonexistent fanfiction college course. If you have any recommendations for things you think I might enjoy, please do send me the info, I'm always looking for something new to read.

Falling Skies by VivatRex

Supernatural, 342K words, complete

Maybe one of my favourites of all time. Supernatural's one of those fandoms that, like Sherlock, rises above the inconsistencies of its quality on the strength of its characters, and the joy of fanfiction is that people can pick up the strands and improve on the increasngly nonsensical source text. VivatRex, for me, wrote an ending for Supernatural. It picks up on the end of Season 8, focuses in on including Crowley in 'Team Free Will', and decides to once more give the show an 'ending'. The show's creator wanted it to end at Season 5, and VivatRex wants it to end on a hypothetical Season 9, and creates a version of Supernatural that is both wholly credible, and far beyond anything a studio-led mid-budget television show could achieve. It's what fanfiction should do, and it's as good as anything a showrunner could achieve with Supernatural, if not better. If you, like me, became exhausted with the unending nature of Supernatural, this will give you an ending you can believe in.

Mittelkinder by GoldStarGrl

Pacific Rim, 22K words, complete

Nothing fills in the gaps of a film like an epistolary fanfiction. Almost everyone who reads Pacific Rim fanfiction is doing so because of Newt and Hermann, and this fic is no exception, but it is exceptionally well-written. The entire fic consists of emails and multimedia correspondence as experienced by Hermann across the span of ten-ish years, and what it lacks in length (and, in my subjective opinion, a fully satisfactory ending- sequel, please!) it makes up for in an beautiful and heartfelt display of family relations in a time of warfare. Most fanfiction requires a general understanding of the source— but so long as you know 'Pacific Rim= aliens invade earth, big robots are built to fight them', you can pick up everything else and it'll be as impacting.

No links here, because ff is determined for me not to link anything on AO3. Search it up. I promise you it's worth your time.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance by ScytheRider

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, 775K words, incomplete

This one is a special case. I read this when I was like... 13? Fully back in my days of being a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fan. And I blasted through every chapter available in a good three weeks, and then never really went back to it other than to marvel at its longevity. One of these days, when it's done, I'm going to pick SR back up and finish it all off, but it's a decade old at this point and still going, and at some point I'm just going to have to commit to re-reading it unfinished or not. I have no clue how it holds up, but when it was about 400K words it sucked me in, and I'd wager it still has that quality at least.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky

Harry Potter, 661K words, complete

That old chestnut. I don't think this is necessarily on anyone's list of emotionally affecting fanfiction, but it's important to the genre and it's a fascinating piece of text. It's one thing for someone to put science in Harry Potter, but it's quite another for an AI researcher to create a character who only applies the scientific method to his existence, and setting him free with the name 'Harry Potter' into the wizarding world. It's indicative of just how far the word 'fanfiction' can stretch. Despite its brutal lack of emotional nuance, and a dearth of sympathy with anyone taking their social cues from human society, it remains a brilliantly imagined fic that's worth a read, if only once.

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In a world where an evil master oppresses all free Pokémon, a human-turned-Charmander teams up with a fugitive Bulbasaur and embarks on a journey for answers.
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The Battle for Winterfell ends in one, long, night. The victor is not humanity. Bran Stark commits crimes the Children could not have conceived of to give the world a final chance at surviving the Others, and passes the responsibility of saving Westeros to a man nobody would have chosen. Jaime Lannister wakes on the day King Robert comes to Winterfell.
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