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3-8-17 Filming is still underway for 'Den of Thieves." Gerry took time to meet up with Morgan in Mexico for a brief R&R last month. He's signed to produce another project, A 'Darker Shade of Magic." His London G-Base Company is working on this project. Book by Victoria Schwab's fantasy series. More as info becomes available.

'Snow Peonies' update! "'Snow Ponies follows a crew of seven hardened men who travel across a vicious landscape to deliver a mysterious package. Met by murderous bandits and brutal obstacles at every turn, they are forced to choose between survival and honor, loyalty and deceit — all the while wondering what secrets their precious cargo might contain. Production is set to begin this year.'" Synopsis from Deadline article.

You might remember that Gerry, a couple of his films, and the director for GoE recently happened to get nominated for Razzies. Well, thankfully the lost! Whew! This is not an award that most would want.

2-8-17 Forgive my absence. Life isn't as one would like, so we have to bend with the wind and hold on...Gerry has been busy, as usual. He had to re-shoot scenes along with others for the film 'Geostorm.' It's due out in 2018, last we heard.

Filming has been underway for 'Den of Thieves, with 50cents and others.

There has been a new project announced, it's called 'Snow Peonies.' It will be shot in Europe, last we heard.

'HTTYD3' will also come out in 2018. Not sure if Gerry's character will be used in flashbacks, we'll just have to wait and see.

Then sometime this year Gerry will work on a project that is based on a true story surrounding the events which occurred In Scotland, on the island of Eilean Mor in the Outer Hebrides in the 1900. It will be called 'Keepers.'

Gerry is up for some Razzie Awards. Not a prestigious award show and it happens on the day before the Oscars. Sad to report it's for GoE and LHF. The director of GoE is also in the running, as well. I think Gerry will take the awards with his usual self-deprecating style, if he decides attend. Many actors are now, have been on this list, so you could say he's in great company.

5-19-16 This is the first update on Gerry that I've seen in a while. He's been prepping for his next movie-'Hunter Killer,'which beings filming sometime soon. He has been checking out subs in one of our island states and was seen in photos that were posted by social media fans.

He also was seen attending a release party for Michael Muller's book "Shark," in late April.

GOE is out today on Digital HD, in US, with DVD release May 31. Can't wait...LHF is available, in the US, on Digital HD May 31 and DVD release June 14, it's going to be my late b-day gift to my self!

2-1-2016 Gerry is to make a quick European tour for Hugo Boss Fragrance Feb 3, in Spain, and Feb 5, in Denmark, and then he stops in Germany on Feb 6, to pick up their Golden Camera Award 2016 for the category Best International Actor. At least someone is recognizing his achievements. Congratulations Gerry!

Title change from 'Gods of Egypt' to 'Kings of Egypt' for UAE.

1-21-16 Happy New Year...Gerry has two movies out in the next two months. 'Gods of Egypt' is due to hit theaters in the US February 26. 'London Has Fallen will release March 4. I can't wait! It's been a long dry spell for his movies.

We did enjoy seeing Gerry as a presenter for the Golden Globes, two weeks ago, looking hot in his tux.

'Headhunters Calling' wrapped not long ago, so not sure when they plan on releasing it. Maybe it will be a summer or fall release. When I know I'll post it.

Gerry does have a Hugo Boss fragrance appearance visit coming up in Denmark, in February.

10-12-15 Life is busy for us all, including Gerry. He's working on a new movie 'Headhunters Calling', still seeing Morgan, and as producer, he went to TIFF this September for Premiere of 'The September of Shiraz,' staring Adrien Brody and Selma Hayek. He filmed Ford Focus commercials in Brazil. 'Gods of Egypt', 'London Has Fallen', and 'Geo-storm' will release in 2016

7-5-15 LHF is being in post-production. Gerry has been to NY and Scotland, and back to Malibu in the past month. Morgan accompanied him as well. The first teaser trailer is out for LHF. Looks great, what there is. LHF is now scheduled for release in late January of 2016. There's not much else to tell, more when I find it.

5-11-2015 Gerry has finished filming 'London Has Fallen' and is back from Bulgaria. He's signed up to do another movie-'Den of Thieves'.' He went on a promotion for Hugo Boss Fragrance to Dubai and filmed a promotional challenge spot for Etisalat UEA. (Not use what that is~) Gerry was seen out with his gf Morgan over the weekend, and then was seen looking at Rolls Royce Ghost2 at an LA dealership. Life must be good! lol... Gerry has found an apartment in Scotland, I will not disclose the city. That's it for now.

1-31-2015 Excuse my absence. Life has finally become normal again.(I've edited down some of my profile postings, it's old news...)

Gerry news, he's still filming Geo-Storm last we heard. He has a new gf and her name is Morgan. She's a interior designer with a successful business and a former model and enjoys being out on the ocean. When we see them together, I can tell by his eye contact that he is very much taken with this woman, over any other he's been with before. :)

Gerry didn't make any awards event this year, so we will see if he makes it to the Oscars or after parties.

8-4-2014 Gerry is back in LA area, after his Brazil World Cup trip, taking care of business before starting his next project. There are rumors Gerry and Ellen Page may star in Last Of Us Movie-PlayStation Game film adaptation were released today.

7-9-2014-Life has a way of interrupting when updating my Gerry information. For that I apologize. Gerry had fun getting into the swing of filming and seeing Australia while making Gods of Egypt. After he finished, it was time to promote HTTYD2, which is out in theaters across the US and elsewhere. It's doing great. The movie is so much better that HTTYD and that is good news. It means they've upped their expectations for a sequel. Gerry took time to go to Brazil and watch the match against Brazil and Germany, Tuesday. It was in Belo Horizonte, where they filmed the last segment for 'The Miracle Match' (Game of Their Lives) soccer movie back in 2005. He stated he was there to cheer on Brazil...(it was a shocking for me to sit and watch the game on TV as Brazil lost and I'm sure Gerry felt the same being there in the stadium. Maybe he'll stop off to see how the cricket team Jamacia Tallawah's are doing, while in the area...He's due to start filming London Has Fallen late summer to fall, if things are still on schedule.

Gerry has other projects in the works, after having dropped out of Point Break over scheduling and creative differences, but until he releases information on what other projects he's doing, I haven't much else to report. No use in guessing. Keep trucking Gerry, I've always got my eye out for articles and such, to keep informed.

1-27-2014 Gerry's still off the grid, as far as I know. He was seen in Liberia, in November, doing charity work for 'Mary's Meals,' learning all about the charity from it founder. The photos taken of Gerry showed him working, teaching and enjoying the kids at the orphanage. Gerry did celebrate Christmas as a party in Malibu, I saw a photo, that's the last I've seen or heard about him. Gerry wasn't at the Golden Globes or after party or any other function either. Work is something he gets his focus on and nothing else matters. He may be in another country preparing for his role in 'God's of Egypt' or working on 'Thunder Run,' last report it was to be digitally done.

Many of you know that sometime last year Madalina and Gerry parted, no longer a couple. In January, she was seen in Milan with Michael Fassbender. I know she met Michael while working in Toronto, they both were premiering movies. She looks thinner. I believe the split with Gerry was hard for her. Michael was the Spartan warrior with Gerry in '300,' who had said, "He would rather fight in the shade." I wish only the best for each of them. Long distance dating can be very hard on a couple.

I live in the United States where space meets the prairie. I see that a few months ago, for some reason, my flag had changed; it showed Australia, and then Indonesia. I haven 't been to either country, but if I was to travel, I would like to do it for real -- not virtual. LOL>>

For those of you who come here to check on my profile; it changes with Gerard Butler's announcements on his work commitments. I like to keep it up to date for those that like to know about his career.

I'm just an avid reader of FF that pertains to Phantom of the Opera with Erik/Christine or OW. It doesn't matter to me who Erik is involved with, as long as it is good, and my interest is held.

Gerard Butler will always be my Phantom. I have seen the play once when it passed through KC, Kansas back in the mid-1990's.

Below, you will read how it all started for me:

Movies through the years that have given me pleasure when I watched them were: the original Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; The Godfather I, II, and III; most older movies from the 30's which had Bette Davis in them until she went into the horror kind; any of Cary Grant's movie are good. He had that bit of flair and I loved to see him in the older movies. Sense and Sensibility; Pride and Prejudice,any one of them that have been made. Greer Garsonwas in the first one that I watched. I love to see it when it's on. Mr. Darcy played by Matthew McFadden in the newest P&P movie, well, let's face it, he took my breath away. Any James Bond and -- Casino Royale with Daniel Craig. Well, he is just fine with me. Sean Connery was the first Bond and always will be in my heart. By the way he is another great Scot too.

And then sometime in 2006, I discovered GB, and his movies. It all started with POTO. That movie really took my breath away for many reasons, but the connection to his soul crept out of that movie, and shook me back to life. I started to read here on FF because of a search I did one day for POTO related stories. I will say now, I never go to any movie that play against GB's in a theater. I am a true fan. That is just me. I may rent the other movies later, but I will never view them in the theater. My tastes vary, but it will never fade from GB. Well, enough gushing.

Here is what I have seen of GB works: Mrs. Brown; Please, a very well done short piece worth seeing, Please, so check YouTube or the Net for it; One More Kiss is very different and sad; Harrison's Flowers, Gerry has a very short part in movie, about 10 minutes worth; Cherry Orchard, odd story, but his part was good; Dracula 2000, campy, but I loved it, and his speech looking at the cross, the deleted version was good, too; Shooter, he was cocky, cool and very nasty in that one. He played the part well; Attila drool worthy; Jewel of the Sahara, was a funny little ditty; Reign of Fire, his part held very good opposite Bale; The Jury, BBC TV series, one of his finest works, where he delves into that part which came from his real life not long ago, I'll bet; Timeline, very Gerry;The Phantom of the Opera, and we all know who Gerry played exceptionally in that movie, outstanding; Laura Croft Tomb Raiders: Cradle of Life, sexy, ; Dear Frankie, a charming and warm movie, Gerry is so understated in this movie; Games of Their Lives, renamed: (Miracle Match)was very good, and his physical sports playing the USA's soccer team goalkeeper was great. Especially the wet scenes. hottt...; Beowulf and Grendel, very different, moody, thought provoking; Wrath of Gods documentary, total Gerry as himself talking about making the movie Beowulf and Grendel, and then it tells the misfortunes that can happen to a movie company while making a movie on location; 300 (sigh)a very outstanding piece of work; PS, I Love You (sigh) Romantic-comedy, very emotional for me; Nim's Island is a good family flick and with two fun parts Gerry did very well; RocknRolla, (I saw RocknRolla in NYC, and it was very good. It might not be every-onescup of tea, but I liked it. Gerry was great in it. Black Freighter the cartoon and he's the voice of BF. It is connected to the movie Watchmen by a comic that is read by one of the players in the movie. Eventually they will put BF into Watchmen and give us the full movie, calling it the director's cut. The Ugly Truth is a good adult comedy. I liked it. Gamer, I will admit this movie won't be for ever viewer. I did like it, but I'm odd when it comes to Gerry's movie. It's viewer content isn't for every age, so beware. Gerry production company made and he stared in Law Abiding Citizen knocked my socks off. Very suspenseful, thrilling, and riveting with the story line. Gerry pulled of this part of a vengeful family man out to make his point that the system is corrupt. The ending, it's amazing. How to Train Your Dragon animation by Dreamworks. Very cute with a good storyline that has a moral for children, as well as adults. The animations is amazing. The Bounty Hunter reflects the title. It's not my favorite Gerry movie because the chemistry isn't there between Gerry and the actress who plays the lead. There are a few funny parts, where he gets zapped by a stun gun! But, on the whole, it was to kitchy! Gerry took on a role that he first did when on the London stage. He joined Ralph Finnes's production to film Coriolanus. It's Shakespeare and one of the his hardest plays to follow. Gerry was good opposite Finnes. Two strong men fighting for control, knowing one will eventually die. Machine Gun Preacher. This movie will tell the story of Rev. Marc Childers life is written in the book, "Another Man's War." Gerry was taken with this and made Machine Gun Preacher because he believed in this cause. What was sad is that this movie didn't do well. I will say it was a tough movie and parts of it are disturbing. It was Gerry's passion to produce it. Marketing lacked the right handling of it and I felt Weinstein didn't get behind it enough to push it like has been done other films. The slow response to it broke Gerry's heart! I had to see it on DVD, it never came to a theater near me. Damn! This is, from all accounts, Gerry's best work so far. It's good. Chasing Mavericks about the life of a Jay Moriarty and the Frosty Henson(Gerry) who taught him how to surf the big waves near Santa Cruz, Ca. Very good and Gerry nearly lost his life, while filming a run at the actual Mavericks.Playing the Field-Gerry's love for soccer shows in this film of a father showing back up in his sons' life - to teach his son's soccer team and hopefully win back his family...It's cute. Gerry's acting is good, however, it seems slow at times. Olympus Has Fallen - Gerry plays a secret service man who has lost faith with himself, after failing to save the Presidents wife from an accident. After an attack on the Washington, Mike Banning has a chance at redemption, trying to work his way through terrorists who have invaded our nations' White House, to get to the Presidents' son and eventually rescue the President. Great movie, acted well by all.

Burns announcements were made. When it gets filmed will be determined on when all the loose ends are brought together.

For those of you interested in Burns updates will be added as I find them. The original press release stated back on 25th of January, 2009, that Gerry and Julia Stiles would be doing "Burns." Valdim Jean will direct it and as it is the 250th anniversary for Burns this year, this is great.(For those of you familiar with Gerry movies, Valdim Jean directed Gerry in "One More Kiss." We're still waiting to hear more on when this film will start. Things seem to be at a stand still with Burns at the moment. No more has been posted on the IMDB page. I wonder if all the sights for filming have been secured yet. Gerry's only mention about Burns on the trip through Europe while promoting LAC was in answer to a question -- Was Burns going to be made? His answer --Yes! That's all we know for now. They are reworking over script to make it better than it was. How long it will take is anyone's business. Stayed tuned.

Gerry also has two other films on his list, The Hanging Tale is in development along with Teacher Man, all possibly to be done in 2010 or after. And the beat goes on... and for those of you who didn't know, earlier this year Gerry partnered with Alan Siegel to have their own production company called Evil Twin. He is also writing a screen play and that should be good if he gets to make it someday.

On November 3, 2009, the men's magazine GQ Gentlemen's Quarterly presents their 11th annual "Men of the Year" awards to prominent personalities from the international and German Show and music industry as well as from society, sport, culture and mode. Then Gerry went on a whirlwind European tour opening LAC with the premiere in his home country of Scotland, in Glasgow. It was a grand success. Later after celebrating his 40th birthday with family in both Glasgow and with friends in London, Gerry returned to Glasgow where it was announced that he was the new Film Ambassador for Glasgow.

In December 2009, Gerry was invited to attend the Dubai International Film Festival, where he was awarded the Variety International Film Star for 2009. The editor of Variety has always thought Gerry had an acting quality that needs to be talked about. I've known this since I first saw him on the big screen. He's not the norm, but has something very special. He takes risks and will do it more as he produces films, as well as acts in them.

How To Train Your Dragon was a success and has grossed over 448 million dollars world wide, so far. That is amazing. It is a very charming and delightful movie for anyone to see. The graffics are amazing. I am probably the only person who has see Avitar, so I can't compare and don't want to. For me HTTYD has more appeal than that blueish movie.

The Bounty Hunter has done reasonably well world wide 131 million dollars.

Movie 43... One very weird movie, with many distinguished actors...that totally flopped but Gerry did the dual part of leprechauns for the fun of it!

Burns script is still being tweaked. Gerry says it will be made, but everything has to be just right before it begins.

See, I told you Gerry had me all shook up. I believe, if one must have a hobby (we know what hobby I have), why not a hobby that can bring unlimited pleasure to that particular person as well. The man can make me smile at the drop of a hat. Even if I'm in the depth of sadness, a look at his photo can evoke a smile like none other, except maybe my husband. LOL>> We're still testing that theory.

As you can see, I have written one story. With some prodding from a few writers and friends, I posted said story. I was a little nervous, but I had this need to get out and walk on the wild side. (one who has never done this wants to experience it sometime in their lives) I had been a spectator long enough. Two more stories are in the development stages and it will be a while before they grace the screen at FF. Please, don't hold your breath waiting for them to appear. I want to have them just right before I do any posting.

Still haven't started that second story, but I do have an idea that needs plenty of research before I would even attempt to write anything... - 2012

Instead of writing, at the moment, I have been doing some sketching. Can you guess who my muse is? Yes, Gerry! It all came upon me suddenly last Janurary 2011. I have done some 10 drawing and have been getting some help from a local artist, and will be taking a workshop on portraits this September. JDHillberry.com is the other artist who I'll be taking the class from. All of his work is done in three types of pencil and that is the medium I like, so far. My work isn't on display. It's all private at this time. Maybe someday. That's why I haven't taken up writing again. My artist muse has shifted. LOL>>>>> Oh, to have a chance to use Gerry as a live model! That would blow my mind.

Thank you for dropping by to read what little bit of nonsense I've written. A few random thoughts of my own are below.

Life is really kind of like eating chocolate. It tastes fabulous! It feels good as it slides down your throat, coating your taste buds, and then it brings you the greatest joy in the shortest amount of time. And, come to think of it, sex does that, too. So, you can have the best of both worlds -- twice. You can make the decision which one you want first. If you're underage, sex is best when you've matured. Please, wait for that special time, and don't rush it. Just enjoy life as you would chocolate, and keep waiting.

Never let anyone tell you that you aren't any better than they are. Basically, we all get dressed in the same way, one arm or leg at a time, because standing next to someone naked, we can't tell if their rich or poor, educated or uneducated. It's the only time in life that we truly are one with the world's masses. Remember that next time you go to judge someone before you know them. Never assume.

It's not the money you have, or the fame, or prestige, but the self-worth within you that counts. Like yourself as a person, not in a selfish boastful way, but in a compassionate and kind way. Hopefully, the rest will follow.

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Phantom of the Opera - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 23 - Words: 57,081 - Reviews: 232 - Favs: 206 - Follows: 44 - Updated: 1/5/2003 - Published: 12/6/2002 - Erik, Christine - Complete
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**FINISHED!** It is 1997... Christine is entering her last year of high school without parents, without friends, and without hope... until she meets Erik.
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Beyond My Face reviews
Telluride, Colorado. Erik Destler/Peter Malcolm arrives to film a movie, meets Kristine Daae. In the mix are Raoul de Chagny, Nadir Khan, Meg and Marie Giry. Ever fallen in love at first sight? What if things were switched-others got upset. A/U story
Phantom of the Opera - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 50 - Words: 240,046 - Reviews: 422 - Favs: 35 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 5/13/2009 - Published: 6/26/2008 - Erik, Christine - Complete
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