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Well hello there! As you have probably figured out by clicking a link to be here, I am Jade Feline. I am interested in many different thing including books, video games and anime/manga, but for the most part, all of my fictions will focus around video games. I have become much better at keeping the deadlines I set for my self but of course, saying that I've probably just set myself up for failure. Wow, that wasn't very positive at all. Well if it makes anything better I do love almost everyone. Except when I don't.

About Me

I am 24 years old (born on May 13 1990), 5"7, (dyed) red hair (natural blonde), green eyes. I also enjoy wearing black and white. That's all I can really say about my appearance right now.


Are You Crazy, Too? Is not dead, I promise. We're just spending some time apart right now while we get our acts together. In the meantime I am thinking of working on another fic so we'll have to see how that goes. Thank to those of you who are sticking with me!

At some point I will be redoing "Dear Roxas" but in the mean time it's going to stay where it is. Oh Joy.

You know what else? I'm going to figure out a new way to divide the bits of story up like I used to with "space". Every time I try something new, ff.net destroys it.

My Personal Rules (*=subject to change under special circumstances)

1. I will always finish anything I post here, even if it takes time.

2. I will try my best to meet deadlines and if I am unable to make them I will at least give you, the reader, a ball park figure of when it's to be expected.

3. I will try not to write two major stories at the same time. One shots don't count.*

4. I will attempt to make all characters as human as possible. This will mean that they are not always nice or smart; but then, neither are we.

5. I will not allow my personal feelings about a character reflect on how I write them. EDIT: I feel I need to make this very clear. I can understand how some of my characters might be perceived, but even when I make them more twisted and such, I do so because I don't see it as being out of character (or I certainly didn't at the time of writing them, I've grown). My portrayal of Trish has been brought to my attention a few different times and I've decided to address my decision to turn her into a villain. When I first wrote TSY, I only had the first game to go on in regards to her character, and it's true, I didn't see her as having a whole lot of staying power, so I examined what they gave me: A demon created in Eva's image to lure/trap Dante for Mundus. Based on Mundus' line about making Dante more Mothers if he wanted, I surmised that Trish was not born, but created a fully formed female demon who wasn't very old at the time of meeting Dante, thus giving her a simpler mindset in the beginning. She knew what she had been told, that she belonged to Mundus, but what would Mundus have told her to make her play her part so well in the first half of the game? I believe that he would have told her something along the lines of Dante being hers. Her responsibility, hers to own, etc. As we see, Mundus treats all of his soldiers like pawns or objects, and once again, as Trish isn't that old, she looks to her 'Father' for behavioral norms. Things do change for her, but the ingrained conditioning of Dante being her 'thing' wouldn't have left her (hence the saving of Dante towards the end). Self preservation would undoubtedly kick in when she saw her master/father/creator fall, however, and she would use other tactics to ensure her survival. In the outside world I don't honestly see her being able to understand/cope with most of the things she experiences, especially in a relationship. The only life she's known until this point is destructive behavior/conditioning (and most likely abuse) from Mundus and the idea of other people being hurt by things she does doesn't cross her mind because it's not something she's had much experience with. :SPOILER: What she did to Vergil in my story was simply something she would have done to her other coworkers in the past, and the spiteful, vindictive element is what has come of a very young person having a favorite thing that they know beyond all reason is their's and having someone not as important try to get in the way of it. I'm not justifying the bad writing, and I realize that some of the dialogue is truly awful, but I wanted to make my stance on Trish before DMC4 known. Thank you for reading.

Probably more to follow.

Well, as my Grandad always says:Enjoy life, it's only there as long as you are.


Jade Feline

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