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Hi. I have no idea what I'm doing. My name, it's a girl's name. I'm a girl. Yes, I do know that I'm weird. I have hair, and eyes, and skin. I live on planet Earth, I go to a school, and live with my mom, my stepdad, and my two brothers. And my dad, my stepmom, and my one brother. Parents: divorced. Hence the two homes. I have a cat...but you can keep reading if you want but this'll be pretty random and boring.

I like chocolate, but mostly salty foods, I like music, mostly music like Avril Lavigne's and Green Day's. I'm in my kitchen right now. Typing on my dad's labtop. But when you read this I'll probably be somewhere else. I don't ususally hang out in the kitchen.Um...I'm obred out of my skull and shoving boring facts about myself into your brain. I have stupid braces because my teeth aren't straight, and if anybody's wondering why my stories are always in the lower ratings, it's because I try to make it as much like the show as possible. And all the other catagories too. And know I sound like an over professional MORON! And I'm talking and talking and getting weird stares and probably some weird e-mails. Please, if I'm weird. That's good. I don't want to be normal. Trying to fit in is nice for some people, but...I want to be liked for who I am. Not how I look, or how I dress. So, I'm going to be me! Suprisingly, being yourself is much harder then it sounds.

Okay! I'm strange. I can agree with myself on that. I argue with myself sometimes...it's like in cartoons when the little devil character apears on one shoulder and the little angel one appears on the other shoulder. Except...I never know which one is good, and which one is evil. If I did, I'd always know what to do! Listen to the good one! Duh! Why don't cartoons just listen to the good one! Because, that would make it too easy right? Well! The real world isn't distinguished into perfect little categories like cartoons! I love cartoons! But my life doesn't work like that! You really can screw up! Things don't always work themselves out! Sometimes...you have to take the first step.

And now I sound like a philosopher book. I am such a freakazoid. Wow. That was a weird word. Oh well, weird this normal that! Everyone's different, so 'normal' is an impossibility. Which also makes 'perfect' an impossibility. Because if everyone is different, then everyone's views of perfection are different. Which makes it impossible for one person to be perfect. Because perfection, is everyone's idea of what something or someone should be, so nobody can be perfect for everyone. This is now the place were I store my opinions and views on life. I might add to it again sometime, but I don't really want to erase it, I like my ideas to be taken seriously now and then. So, if you read this and don't agree with me, that's your opinion, and you are free to express it. If you do agree with me, then thank you for taking me seriously. If you don't think my words are important enough to be read, well, you wouldn't be reading this then would you?

Me: These words are supposed to describe me. You can't describe a person in one word. People are not so simplistic that they can be lumped together as this one is 'mean' and this one is 'kind'. People are a vast sea of emotions and capabilities that no one in the world can comprehend. We are not so much alike. People are constantly changing and growing, becoming slowly what they want to be, or what someone else wants them to be for reasons only they themselves know. There are not enough words in the world to describe me, or anyone else. So this section, will describe the smallest peice imaginable of me, but also, a very important peice. My life is mine alone. Thsi section will not give you a idea of who I am like it's supposed to, because I am many different things. I am not simple, or simplistic. nobody is. I am only human. I have feelings. That is all anyone needs to know about a person. That is what I have chosen to write here. Whether anyone reads it, or not.

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