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My two friends, San and Sal, and I play Yugioh.

We have played since high school and even before that. We were a more casual group with less metagaming and more options in play style.

When Yugioh GX came out one of my friends, San was inspired by Jaden and his childish character. She soon began collecting his cards, the Elemental Heroes, as they came out. it took a while but with the help of her friends she was able to make an Elemental Hero deck.

Of course you can’t have Elemental Heroes without their counterparts, the Destiny Heroes. Sal decided to collect the Destiny Heroes just to mess around with her, not realizing the greatness in the cards. The two of them had fun with a small little rivalry building as Elemental Heroes and Destiny Heroes clashed.

Of course then came the Neo-Spacians. Seeing their little rivalry, but always remaining in the sidelines, I decided to enter the fray by being the Neo-Spacian duelist.

There was something special with all these decks; the way they really weren’t built to win but rather for fun crazy games. We no longer worried about all these big decks, chimera-tech at the time, and the powers of the metagamers and their tournaments. It wasn’t long before we all took up a challenge and decided to create 'pure' decks, decks with only theme cards in them.

No Reinforcements of the Army, no Monster Reborn, no Sangan. We could only use cards that are either named or mention Elemental Hero, Destiny Hero, and Neo-Spacian/Neos. These decks weren’t very good in the conventional sense and cannot work in any tournaments but for small casual gaming with two of your friends restricted by the same rules they were perfect. This brought casual to a completely new level.

It wasn’t that much longer before we created characters based around ourselves and our deck, Kiya, Chase and Figgy. These characters started as a little joke to make fun of ourselves with but we soon grew to like the idea of these characters that mirror ourselves. I have always had a little writer in me, so I put it to use and created some stories about our characters and their many adventures. The characters were goofy and silly and perfect for our current area.

I'm going to admit right now that these weren’t the best of characters. I was young! Still a Jr in High School I wasn’t knowledgeable on making fully fleshed out deep characters.

Cut to a couple years in the future and 5ds hits the television. 5ds may not have had the fun that GX did, and it did have Duel Runners (ewww), but it did bring in a new breed of Yu-gi-oh.

Synchro Monsters took Yu-gi-oh by storm, did what fusion's and rituals wanted but never did, they opened doors. I rushed over to my two friends and begged them to attempt to continue our 'pure' themed decks for a second run with 5ds. It took a little convincing and a lot of researching but we soon found themes that we could base our decks off of.

The themes in 5ds were much vaguer, not at all like the easy Elemental Heroes. We quickly found that if we were going to do this we needed to come up with some new rules.

All our cards had to be from the Duelist Genesis forward, this was to be about the new era of yugioh and not the old.

We had to have an identifiable theme

We are free to use any synchro support card (Spell and Trap cards that generically state Synchro or Tuner as their targets)

So I took up the plant monster type, feeling the potential for control in Black Rose Dragon's nuking ability. Note that I was restricted to Duelist Genesis and forward, no Lonefire Blossom and no Gigaplant. Also note that I wasn’t an Akiza duelist, none of her random cards but I could use all those plants she hasn't used (The World Tree, Miracle Fertilizer etc).

My Destiny Hero friend took up Morphtronic's, a new theme introduced during 5ds. This theme proved to be the easiest of the three to figure out with the basic name of the theme.

The Elemental Hero duelist decided to go with the main character Yusei, restricting herself to only cards that he himself has used on the show. It was a narrow theme, one with a great monster base and a strong array of trap card but near no spell cards.

As one could probably guess it wasn’t long until we continued our trend and created new characters to go with our previous ones, Kael, Omega and Lily. These three new characters were made years after our previous ones and had the character to show it.

So all of the stories posted on this account will be the stories made with the original characters that we have made. I'm sorry but no Jaden, Yugi or Yusei. You will find a lot of their cards in these decks as our themes were based around their decks but the characters themselves are not going to be in these stories.

Hope you enjoy them!

Here is a link to a Deviantart account with images of our characters:

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