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Welcome to my profile!

Umm... Yes.

To my readers/reviewers/friends:

I've finally completed the sequel of EnoK, Eien no Kessoku: Gouka. Thank you so much for supporting me all these years!! I've been rereading all of the reviews I've received, and I CANNOT emphasize enough to you how each and every review means so much to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's been a long journey that I have been so happy to share with you all.

Here's a little about myself, if you haven't had to sit through any of my pre/post chapter rants!

I'm a graduating senior in college! I started writing fanfics in the spring of my freshman year in high school. Ugh, fanfiction has seen a lot of my crazy over the years. I've written more than just the three fics below, but the others were so darn angsty that I couldn't stand having them up. LOL. But I've kept Faded Cherry Blossom on my page because it's cool to see how much I've grown. ;D (Have I really grown...? Have I?)

I would call myself a closet-otaku. I've read and watched countless series... and yet, I never talk to anyone about them. It is an obsession of mine that has never really come to light. I have a wall dedicated in my room to manga and anime... (This obsession of mine has drained thousands of dollars away that I probably should have saved for my future... but I REGRET NOTHING!!)

Here are my sites:

_YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/idonotcarewhatiam

(I have two Naruto MMVs posted! Here's the link for my first MMV ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xV8NtoY3q14)

_DeviantArt: ... I've got some stuff for EnoK up, but not much. I don't really update the page anymore...

(This is my little Author's Corner)

Eien No Kessoku

_EnoK is Finished!

A word of thanks goes out to all of my readers (and my close friend Sara for being the Iruka to my Kakashi). Thank you for your patience if you've been waiting a while for Gouka. It is officially coming to a conclusion!!

Eien No Kessoku: Gouka

_Gouka is FINISHED!!

("Gouka"--for my sake--means "results of Karma". The whole thing reads in English as "Eternal Bonds: The Results of Karma"...)

Here's a last hurrah for you guys!! It's a trailer (of sorts) for the fic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlP3YRcuGgY

Also, here's a doodle I did forever ago for chapter 13:

_Background (for both stories):

This is sort of a summary for both stories so far.

It's set 5 years after Shippuden. The three years following the start of Shippuden and the reunion of Team 7, Naruto and Sakura continue their search for Sasuke. Then (two years before the fic begins) Naruto is pulled back to be with Jiraiya to evade the Akatsuki and finish what he started there. The Kyuubi is getting restless for unknown reasons and so are the Akatsuki as their search for both the eighth and ninth bijuu comes closer to an end. Sakura is an accomplished medic and became a jounin with Naruto while still together. She joined the ANBU not too long after our favorite Jinchuuriki was taken back by Jiraiya. Sasuke is still traveling with Team Hebi and his goal to kill Uchiha Itachi has remained.

_Unofficial Commentary:

I started planning EnoK while I was still writing Faded Cherry Blossom. I was just doodling some ideas, I had a few battle scenes planned out... but I had no idea what this would become. I don't really remember when I started typing up the ideas and planning chapters, but suddenly I had a story on my hands! It has evolved so much since then.

I feel like it has tangled and untangled into something to be proud of. It is a little bittersweet to see it coming to a close.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I hope you have enjoyed getting lost on the road of life together!

Much love,


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