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Author has written 18 stories for CSI, CSI: Miami, NCIS, Stargate: Atlantis, High School Musical, Misc. Movies, and Supernatural.

Yo, I've been procrastinating my appearence on this place for far too lon gnow hah! and so I decided to step-up! Here's some of my favorite shows:

Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Star Trek: Enterprise, Andromeda, NCIS, CSI (all three of 'em), Law and Order (again, all of them), NYPD Blue, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Dark Angel, House, JAG, Scurbs, Queer as Folk, Thunderbirds, Horatio Hornblower, Big Wolf on Campus, LOST, 24, Grey's Anatomy, ER, Roswell, MacGyver, and Band of Brothers. I know I'll fall in love with Saved, and I have to start watching Rescue Me, too.

Now as for Movies:

RENT, Eight Below, Iron Will, BrokeBack Mountain, Jurassic Park Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Brothers Grimm, Tommy Boy, King Kong, Balto Trilogy, Constantine, Hidalgo, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Island, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saving Private Ryan, Alfie, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Any of them that you saw Underlined, would be most likely of which I'd write to. Speaking of Writing... PLOTS!

CSI: Miami:

"Lost but Found" FRT to start, FRAO later; Post 'Lost Son'. Speed wakes up in a hospital, alive. But something's just not right. What's wrong? Well, that's just going to the dogs. Slight AU, Slash, Horatio/Speed - In progress

"Mess with Ryan, and you'll get a Wolfe" FRT to start, FRAO later; Sequeal to 'Lost but Found', and 'Nailed' Spoilers.It's been 6 months since the accident, and enter Ryan Wolfe, the new kid, who's consistent with Speed and Horatio's life-style. And what better way to meet then during a Miami Night? Slight AU, Slash, First Time, Horatio/Speed, Speed/Ryan, Horatio/Ryan, Horatio/Ryan/Speed. - In progress

"First Impressions" FRAO; Detective Ryan Wolfe meets Det. Ethan Langer during a case, who gradually falls for his Wolfe Charm. But not all stories end cheery. Slight AU, Slash, Ryan/Ethan (OC), Angst. - In progrress, first chapter done.

CSI: New York:

"Untitled" FRT to start, FRAO later; Don Flack is one of the best Jockey there is. He and his horse, Burn, are world-reknown. Danny Messer is just a mere veterarian. What's the connection between the two? Sparks of ectasy. But is it enough to make Flack fall in love? AU, SLash, Flack/Danny - In progress, first chapter done.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

"Risks for Me" FRAO; Greg is a master as Dog-Sledding. On the last request in Antartica, he meets Nick. Nick needs scientific evidence from there. But when all hell brakes loose, what's a man to do? AU, Slash, Nick/Greg - In progress

"Risks for Me"

CSI: Crossovers:

"Beyond Impressions" FRT; Ethan's back, but now he's racing: dogs. A foe and a friend, new and old. But when a burden rises to the occasion, he's torn between responsibilities and a life. CSI/Miami, Slight AU, Mentions of Ryan/Ethan, Horatio/Speed, Greg/Ethan. - In progress, Frist chapter done.

"Packs Between Men" FRAO; In an isolated forest resides three packs: LV, MIA, and NEYO. The problem: the leaders have been fighting for three years. Can their packmates convince their alpha's to appreciate one another? AU, CSI/Miami/New York, Slash,First timeGrissom/Nick/Greg, Nick/Greg, Grissom/Greg, Grissom/Nick, Horatio/Speed, Speed/Ryan, Horatio/Ryan, Horatio/Speed/Ryan,Flack/Danny, Mac/Danny, Mac/Flack/Danny, Mac/Flack.- In progress

Big Wolf On Campus:

"Welcome to Pleasantville?" FRT, FRAO later on; I guess you can say, I had it coming. I mean, I can't always be the only one. OC, Angst, Slight Horror, Slash, First Time, Tommy/Merton - In progress, Prologue done.

And Recent Plots made up with Sexc Carebear!

CSI: Miami

"Won't get Fooled again" FRT, FRAO Later on; A shoot out in the pounding city of Miami Dade lead to the life threatening injury of one of Caine's CSI's, and two foreigners. But are they who they appear to be? Slash, OC, First Time, Romance, Series, Minor referennce to 'Lost Son'.


"System of an Agent" FRT, FRAO later on; Two NCIS agents from Guatanomo Detention Center of Cuba comes to Washington, asking for Gibbs' Team specifically. And what happens when they tell them what's up? Slash, OC, Threesome, Romance, Angst, Series.

And my own new plots!


"Nothing at All" FRAO; Why did McGee and Tony really sound so nervous when Gibbs got back? Inspired by the scene in 1x19 Dead Man Talking where, well, Gibbs and Kate come back. Slash, One-shot, Angst, Slight OOC for McGee.


"Not Quite Normal" FRAO, Seamus Z. Harper is just an Outlaw. So why is Dylan Hunt, Leader of the Ascendents, have such an interest in him? AU, Slash, Cowboys n' Cowgirls! (Y'haw!)

Stargate: Atlantis

"Must Love Sheppard's" FRT, FRAO later on; When John Sheppard was a kid, he always wished that he had had a dog. Now, he is really starting to reconsider it. Slash, Somewhat of a Crack!Fic, maybe?

Eight Below

"Back Below" FRT, FRAO later on; The Team is re-adjusting after the storm last year, until Jerry is sent a letter in challenge for an annual dog race. Across Alaska. What's a man to do? Well, with Charlie Cooper at your side, what choice do you have? Slash, OC.

Jurassic Park

"Never in 8 Million Years" FRT, FRAO later on; A team is formed to eliminate the remainders of the two parks that have caused so much danger in the past years. Alan and Billy are 'borrowed' in this situation. But when the going get's bad and disaster strikes once more, can they hold out long enough? Slash, OC.

And I'm also posting some of my SongFic's in which I've worked on for so long and so hard.

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Lack Of Heart reviews
Sam's aftermath of Heart. More inside, and be warned for breaking hearts.
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Sam's gunna make Dean think before he cheats. Antoher Song!Fic. Implication of Wincest, Oneshot if I don't get another idea for what's gunna happen and mild language.
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There's a first time for everything. Slight Wincest and spoilers for Season 1 & 2. Deathfic. Angst and rambles ensue. Rating for implications and nasty words.
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The Anatomy of a Survival Expert
Eight Below fic. A chart for DavisJerry shippers. SLASH!
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Our two favorite men remember.
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A reunion brings them together, and the truth rips them apart. Angst and tragedy ensue. Implied TxR slash.
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He see's himself as a faulire the complete opposite of a hero. Character Death. Angst. I guess slight AU.
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In ways, they've been heroes to each other more than once.
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Greg is dealing with the aftermath of everything, and it's hitting home hard. SPOILERS for FANNYSMACKIN' and POST MORTEM.
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Greg's at play while Nick AFK.
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System of an Agent reviews
Two NCIS agents from Guatanomo Detention Center of Cuba comes to Washington, asking for Gibbs' Team specifically. And what happens when they tell them what's up? Slash.
NCIS - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 17,921 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 10/9/2006 - Published: 8/22/2006 - Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Tony D.
Heat reviews
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