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( Welcome to White Simplicity's page )

"Love is something shared, not selfishly kept secret.

Love doesn't ask for anything in return,

but is willing to make the greatest sacrifice despite the pain."

Who is White Simplicity?
[ Just a simple girl who loves to express her thoughts ]

I'm more of a Reader, than a Writer.
My mind flows with so many ideas, but they're so hard to write!
I envy so many awesome writers on here.
But they inspire me more, when they don't know it.

She is
an AU writer (Basically)
Not too girly, but not too boyish (Sorta like Kairi)
Also a daydreamer x)

Call me WS, avidityy, or Ashlay. Either is fine.


Currently Living in
Hawaii. And no, it ain't paradise.

Loves the colors
Sky blue & Pink.

Things I fear are
Rejection. What others think. Being alone.
Heights. Roaches. Failing.

Current Occupation
Medical Assistant, striving to be a Nurse.
Ballroom dancer as a physical hobby.
Being random is my life. Oh, and being a Dork :)

My favorite quality in a guy
His smile.


Making new friends.
Love triangle stories :D

Couple shipping-wars.
Breaking(broken) promises.

5 simple facts
I have high standards for everything.
I don't eat rice XD
I can't stand Public Bathrooms.
I can be too much of a perfectionist.
And I am very easily distracted. x)

My Fanfiction status:

First Love - CHAPTER 10 has just been updated. Check it out (:
A story of a girl, who was known as a geek. It made everything more complicated than it already was. Her life changes when she suddenly realizes she had feelings for a certain popular boy...But will he feel the same? Life changes when you finally find your perfect "First love". Roxas x Namine, and others. Romance/General. Rated T. AU

The Heartless Prince - Chapter 5 is up :3 but it feels rushed, so don't expect anything out of it DX
After Sora gave up his heart, he was cursed and banished into another Kingdom away from his own. As for Kairi, she finds something she'd least expect to find, and surprisingly, ends up keeping it. Sokai, Roxiri & Namixas Fairy-Tale AU

«-- Some future thoughts / ideas --»

Sora x Kairi

Learning To Love
When the clumsiest and biggest dork in school asks her out, being the nice person she is... couldn't reject. So now, she's his girlfriend. Embarassed to admit that she'd ever like him in return, who would of thought that she was starting to fall in love with him? Kairi x Sora. Romance/General. Rated T. AU

Things Remembered
Kairi thought she had the perfect life. She went to a private school where she got perfect grades, and lived in a nice big home. Until her mother lost her job. Now they had to move in with her mothers best friend. And let me tell you, she really hated their son... Sora. Will Kairi put up with him, until her mother finds a new job? Kairi x Sora. General/Romance. Rated T. AU

Roxas x Namine

Keeping Me Alive
Ventus Kaiyou was known as the richest, most popular, perfect A student in Twilight High, when Namine was just 8 years old. Now in present time, she finds connections to the mystery of the boy who went missing about a decade ago. [Mystery]

Your Song
She was just behind the stage, admiring his talents, always wondering if he'd ever notice her as more than just his clothes designer. Apparently, through his songs... it might just be. [Romance]

It Doesn't Matter
Roxas and Namine have been good friends since they could remember. Roxas has one insecurity that gets in the way of him having a normal relationship... and it's his weight. Namine tries to help him be more confident and teach him that looks shouldn't matter. But after Roxas leaves for about half a year; and when he comes back... he's not the guy she remembered him to be. Especially with those toned pack of abs! [Romance]

Namine x Sora

Just One Smile
He was friendly, outgoing, and popular. She was very shy; a innocent and lonely girl, who likes to keep to herself. All he just wanted was to make her smile, at least once. Namine x Sora. Romance/Humor. Rated T. AU

...and more (: but I possibly can't put all on here!

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Namine is known as the high school's geek. It made her life more complicated than it already was. What happens when she suddenly realizes she had feelings for a certain popular boy? Will he feel the same? [ Namixas & Sokai ][AU]
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After Sora gave up his heart, he was cursed and banished into another Kingdom away from his own. As for Kairi, she finds something she'd least expect to find, and surprisingly, ends up keeping it. [ Sokai, Roxiri & Namixas ][Fairy-Tale, AU]
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Namine is forced to go on a winter vacation with her friends, and unfortunately, a boy she can't stand was going to come along. Could she manage through this trip or will she get more than she's bargained for? [ Roxas & Namine ][Winter-Fic, One-Shot, AU]
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