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What is lil'moon-chan's real name? It's Amber

How old is she? 17

Where she live? A very small town .

What are her fav things to do? Daydream, write, watch anime, draw, laugh, go on youth trips, and sleep.

Any flaws? I am very shy around people I don't know. I really don't care about a lot of stuff, and I'm lazy.

What's her fav anime? Bleach, DNAngel, InuYasha, Trinity Blood, Avatar The Last Airbender, FMA, Naruto, Loveless, Ouran High school host club, The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumia, Death Note, and Blood +

Favorite Music? Nickleback, 3 doors down, AFI, evenesence(I know I spelt it wrong XP),linkin park, Nightwish, and some random japanese songs

Favorite Pairings

Blood +



ZukoxKatara (ZUTARA!)

TophxSasuke (yes, Sasuke from naruto...)



SatoshixRisa (hides from risa haters)


KagomexSesshoumaru (I like the weird pairings)

KakashixSakura (what did I tell ya)


SasukexKagome (What? Its for crossovers!)

any yaoi pairings



any yaoi pairings that don't involve GRIMMJAW (gags)


This is a conversation on me and my friends thoughts on big foot. Ya this is a normal conversation for us...
(Me, Jennifer, and other people riding in the church van for hours to another town.)
Me: Where are we?
Jennifer: (looks around) In the middle of the woods I think.
Me: Where big foot is!!
Jennifer: I don't think that's real. I think its some hairy man walking around outside.
Me: So there's some hairy, naked man walking around! Scary!
Jennifer: Ya you know those naturalists never where cloths or shave. I think they live in there own little village though.
Me: He escaped from the village! hahaha
Jennifer: -falls of seat into floor when van takes sharp turn.-
-continued laughter-

At the homecoming pep rally the seniors brough a goat into the gym (cause our mascot is the billie goat)
Me: These pep rally's are like african tribal dances. Everyone's got there face painted, dancing and screaming random stuff...

Just me and my brilliance...
Me: -sniff sniff- OMG EWWW My Ramen stinks!!

One night me and my youth group went on a hay ride for halloween and got chased my a bunch of big dogs...
Dogs: -chasing after hay ride- BARK BARK
Everyone: Omg rabid dogs!! -hides in middle of flatbed trailer-
Me: -leans over side holding out hand- Come here sweet little puppies!
Jennifer: AMBER GET BACK HERE YOU IDIOT! -grabs back of my shirt and tugs me back-

That same hay ride...
-going past a field at night thats all misty and the full moon is up-
Jennifer: It's sooo creepy...
Drew: I'm scared...
Chad: You just have to be diffrent don't you?

More of my brilliance..
Me: I laugh in the face of danger hahah then I run away when it chases me with knives!

~~~~ If at first you don't succede, cheat!, repeat until caught, then lie!~~~~~

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