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Why are you reading this?
Perhaps you are curious about my history or that dreadful thing we refer to as 'real life.' Many apologies, but I don't think that even with special assistance from the nurses that occasionally let me outside to breathe fresh air, my life wouldn't provide anywhere near the kind of entertainment that a fic can provoke. If you must know, I am a college graduate and of the female gender. I have a dog. My dog is brain damaged.

So umm... what do I write?
I write whatever comes to me. Specifically, I cannot tell you exactly what that would be. There are some days when I can hit things on the head and others where I falter a bit. (Or am just completely screwed over.) I am a fan of reading (and in the process of writing) BtVS Fics. I applaud the writers on my favorite author lists, for they make me glad. Don't wait for a rainy day, read their fics today! O_O

Can I contact you?
Please do. Responses depend on how I'm feeling. Just drop me a message and see if I reply! MUAHAH. No really, though, if it's important or questionworthy, by all means... contact me.

Okay, well... about you please?
I spend my days locked in a cell that is precisely... oh gosh, I cannot remember the exact lengths. Probably 15 x 15 or so. I accomplished a zoolgy major at some random college in the United States. Well, okay it's not so random, but since I don't want to be hunted down, I believe I shall fearfully omit that information that will prove useless to you anyway.

I watch Buffy. I watch Angel. I do not watch TV. I have started a few other series with a friend, and if they prove intriguing, you may see other fanfiction.

I am online quite a bit, usually chatting with pals of mine and working on stories etc. I have never attempted to write fanfiction to, well, you know- post it. I have only just begun now, so please bear with my amateurness.

Well, if you do _ pairings, I refuse to read it!
My pairings in fics 'happen.' I wouldn't do anything completely out of whack... If you don't like what happens, just don't read it. Open-mindedness is a key factor to both reading and writing fictions. (In aspects of reading/writing:) I support most pairings, and support (but only write fem) slash.

Well, who do you LIKE pairing? A-and who are your fav charries?
Heh. My 2 favorite pairings are Buffy/Angel and Willow/Spike... with that said, I'm sure a few people already ran away. My favorite characters would have to be Angel(us), Willow, Faith, and... on good days- Wesley. Bet y'all didn't know that!

Food of choice?
As a lactose intolerant occupant of the popular cheese state, I muchly enjoy the cheddar cheese and the pain that comes along with it. I am a heavy drinker of the product calling itself Pepsi and a heavy supporter of chocolate- especially Hohos.

Do you have a job?
Yes, one I am quite happy with at that. I am overworked... underpaid, and I love it.

Thousand Foot Krutch is my fav band if you must know. I listen to all sorts of... rock and stuff. The Veronicas are really good in my eyes because half their songs fit me well- almost too well, actually. Gosh, you must be bored to be reading this o_0

What are YOU doing right now?
Me? -shifty eyes- Well nothing of your concern -blink- creepy... stalkerish-like crazyperson! You umm.. you lost me at hello.

How often do you write?
I am going to try to make it into more of a cool... habit thingy. Right now it's basically whenever I have time between work, friends, and my general life happenings. Danielle usually forces me to write chapters, so you can thank her for her persistence.

A little note:
Any of my stories of BtVS do and will never include Kennedy (with the exception of something I am planning in Unbidden... -smirk-). I despise her with an unhealthy passion. I also do not like Riley, but he may pop in occasionally for the sake of our own entertainment. Kennedy will not. She is non-existent.

In-Progress: (The month spoken about is August 2011)
Sometimes my intentions to finish a fic In-progress are questioned. Events happened in my life that caused me to stop writing & the inspiration never returned. ... ... UNTIL NOW!

I popped this up so you have some sort of an idea on my plans to continue:

Fangs of Retribution- Ups and downs with this one. Will be continued... no doubt- eventually. MANY apologies for all who have been waiting forever! All I gotta say is... get ready for turbulence... oh, and Giles 'n Wes don't particularly like each other, yeah?

Unbidden- My current obsession. Will be updated. Actually working on it now.

Planned/Coming soon (Failed trailer):
OMG Javy is doing a post (well... post and during) NFA too! OHNOES:

Unbidden- (Sequel to SiA) Just because he Shanshus doesn't mean the demon disappears... Unless, of course, well... that lies to be discovered. Passion. It lies in all of us. Sleeping... waiting... And though unwanted... unbidden... it will stir... open its jaws, and howl. -Angelus

"As a human you cannot save her."
"And what, as a demon I can?" He growled back angrily in protest.
"As a champion you will." "Your rash decision will cost her more than life itself."
"It will cost her her sanity."


BETA SEARCH- Hey all. I currently don't have a beta for my FoR story (so thrash and criticize my mistakes all you want, it may help lol) and I don't need one for FoR yet... I have 2 of the best betas around for my SiA and U stories (ilu guys) BUT I need one more for Unbidden. If you have extensive knowledge of the AtS 5, then please contact me if you're interested in being a... well, kinda a half-beta. I'll need to explain to you if ya contact me :) Thanks.

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After learning of the plans that the Circle of Black Thorn had in mind, Buffy became slightly disturbed that Angel was a part of it all. Mishaps, enemies, old friends, angst and pain await the readers of this untimely tale. To be post Chosen: NFA beginnin
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