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Name: Wouldn’t you like to know? -winks- -thinks about it- Actually, no, you probably wouldn‘t…

Age: 180 and still going strong. ;)

Eye colour: Hm, is it weird that two people had an argument over my eye colour once?

Hair: Mine.

Height: Mwuhahaaahaaaa…vertically challenged, I think. I’m not sure. I don’t much care either way-I’m as tall as I want to be, and that’s good enough for me! Besides, I like calling myself a short-ass. Mweeee-heee!

Loves: Lots and lots of things! Everything! Well, not everything…but…good stuff, yeah! Like gardening, animals, reading, making things, painting, writing, drawing, learning new things, and, of course, my family and being with them (and by ‘family’ I mean all pets and family pets as well). I love my family so much :love:

Erm, music (all kinds), films, plants, Sunset, Sunrise, Spring (all seasons, actually…), flowers, watching snow fall, hearing a thunderstorm, rain (especially summer rain), the warmth of sunshine, breathing in the fresh smell of summer, being cold outside and getting into the warmth of home, the feeling of Christmas and family, laughing, talking to people I don’t know and learning about them, getting lost in a story, and sitting in the garden during the summer in the evening, just watching the light fade and simply looking at all of the life going on around me.

:sighs dreamily:

So, yes, anyway, before I get lost in dreams and memories, I love animals, I love plants, I love the environment, I love people who care about the environment and animals, I love people who recycle, I love people who are trying to make a difference about global warming by doing the little things-turning the tv/computer/appliance off completely and not leaving it on standby, turning the appliance off at the wall when you’ve finished using it, turning lights off when you’re not in the room…it all adds up if everyone does it. I love people who use energy-saving light bulbs. I love people who walk/cycle/use public transport/skate/ roller blade etc instead of taking a car. I love people who car-share, instead of two people taking two separate cars, they go together in one car (and get more people to go with them if they need to go to that same place!) I love people who use solar panels/wind turbines etc. I love people who campaign for wildlife and the environment (peacefully, of course), I love people who make stuff out of junk instead of buying new stuff. I love people who do everything they can to help the environment and animals. I love people who help those in need. I love those…who care. :)

Fic Info:

I removed my HP OneShot ‘Kodou’, just in case anyone was wondering where it had disappeared to (though I doubt anyone noticed-it didn’t have any reviews, lol) It obviously wasn’t enjoyed, so I thought I may as well scrap it. I had a lot of doubts about posting it in the first place, and I feel better having gotten rid of it. :)

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