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Emerald-Mask's Profile:

Name: (dramatic) I shall never tell! JK! ...HAH JK ABOUT JK!!! Just call me baby!! ... that's what my baby calls me! Ok nvm just call me Mary, that's my name anyway xD

Age: 14... got a problem with that?

Gender: Female... duh!

Things I like: Mmm, anime, Teen Titans, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Supergals, Chrono Crusade, MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA, NARUTO, my friends, my best guy friend Jesse, MY BABY CHRIS!!!!!!! (Hugs Chris) OH I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris:...Lemme go!! NEVAH! Chris: K... w/e (Hugs back) HEHE! ...Oh... and Romance crud! I'm a sucker for Romances! That's pretty much the only thing I read... well... I read tragedy stories... and Humor... but not alot.

Things I Hate: ZUCCINNI! OH AND MAYONNAISE! I have no idea how to spell those disturbing foods. Oh, and leeks! Bleh! Miso... but in soup form only!

Another thing: I don't hate Conner anymore... he's only in none of my classes this year anyway. (He gives us good info on who everyone likes! Ku, ku, ku, I'm evil!)

Something Else: Screamo music scares me! (Sorry, had to get that out of my system...)


Oh and my boyfriend and I have been together 8 months... and we plan to turn that into forever... so if someone likes me... YOU'RE OUT OF LUCK. Thank you and have a nice day =)

Favorite Pairings:

Chris and Mary: Chwis is my baby!!! Foreber!!!

Mary: LOOKY CHRIS!! THAT'S US!!! (Points up)

Chris: Mary... we're not on a show...

Mary: (Stares down) B-but... bu-but... =(

Chris: Aww!! Ok (Hugs)


Chris: ...? 0.0 (Looks down at me)

Mary: 0.0 (...) =(

Robin & Starfire: Must I tell why?

Robin: What do you mean by, 'Must I tell why?'

Me: Cause it's obvious you two love each other!

Robin: Now wait a minute...

Starfire: Oh, Robin! I think it is wonderous!

Robin: O.o... I um... think it's wonderous too... Star... (Pulls on collar of cape and blushes)

Starfire: Oh that is wonderful.

Robin: Y-yea...

Me: See... Robin's just so stupid he doesn't know Starfire loves him!

Robin: I do too kno- Hey! I'm not stupid!

Me: -_- (Turns on Teen Titans and shows all episodes of Robin being stupid)

Robin: O_O Point taken.

Beast Boy & Raven: I do not know... but I like it.

Raven: No way! Now way am I going with this dufus!

Me: What's wrong with him?

Raven: Just look at him! (Points to Beast Boy picking his nose in the corner)

Me: Yea... of course! He's perfect for you!

Raven: ... O.o

Starfire & Red X: I like the whole... Hero/Villian thing

Red X: (Looks up at Starfire & Robin sign at top) Why are they first?

Me: Cause... you're awesome and all... but they're more specialer

Red X: Is that even a word?

Me: O_O That's none of your business...

Red X: I think it is my business since you're talking to me

Me: So? What's your point?

Red X: My point is that since you're talking to me you should tell me if it's a real word or not..

Me: I see...

Red X: Well, duh you see! Now is 'specialer' a real word or not!

Me: Oo... you said a fake word... I'm telling mommy! (Runs off under a table)

Red X: -_-

Cyborg & Bumble Bee: Cute

Me: They both love each other... end of story

Cyborg: Wait! I don't love Bumble Bee... I love my car! (Goes off and hugs his car)

Bumble Bee: O.O... did I just get dumped for a car?

Me: That's what it looks like.

Jinx & Kid Flash: He fast! And she well... she pink!

Beast Boy: So that's why Jinx is good now.

Raven: -_-

Beast Boy: I can't blame her! He's hot!

Raven: O_O What the heck did you say?

Beast Boy: O.OThere was someone else in the room?

Me: Haha! You just got embarressed to the highest level Beast Boy! And in front of Raven too!

Beast Boy: (Backs away) Raven! It's not what you think!

Raven: -_- What do I care?

Robin: Starfire... Starfire... where art thou Starfire... I do not love thee...

Me: (Whispering in Raven's ear) Since when is Robin into Shakespeare?

Kyo & Tohru: Whoot! She deserves to be with him not Yuki!

Kyo: Why am I with Tohru?

Me: Because it's obvios that you love her.

Kyo: It is not obvious!

Me: -_-... That's why you hugged her... saying... "I didn't think anyone would say that to me... not to me."

Kyo: O_O... well... I was just caught in the moment! XD (feels proud)

Me: That's why you were crying...

Kyo: I was not crying!

Me: Oh... well then I hate tears dripping from my eyes too!

Kyo: Why I outta...

Me: Leeks.

Kyo: O_O... (runs off.)

Chrono & Rosette: Uhh... cute couple=)

Aion: Mary Magdalene is mine!

Me: Shut up Aion. We all know you're cool but... Chrono is more special.

Aion: No! That's not true!

Me: Sure...

Aion: I'm the one that kissed her... twice...

Me: So...? Rosette loves Chrono.

Aion: You can't prove that.

Me: -_- (Turns on Chrono Crusade and ties Aion to a chair.)

Asuna & Negi: Best pairing in Negima!

Asuna: (Looking up at all of the Pairings before them) Who are these jokers?

Me: Um, I don't know...

Asuna: (Runs over to me grabs me by the collar and lifts me up in the air) Oh, really! I know you know who they are, now tell me!

Me: (Scared to death) I don't know! Put me down!

Asuna: I'll put you down when you tell me!

Me: Don't hurt me!

Asuna: Tell me!

Me: ...Pairings! From other shows! You happy?

Asuna: (Thiks for a second) No.

Me: ...I'm dead. CHWIS HELP ME!!!

Chris: (Stops and looks) GASPS MY BABY!!!! (Runs towards me) MAAARRRRRYYYYYY (Hits wall)

Me: ...Chwis...=(

Konoka & Setsuna: May be slash, but it's cute.

Konoka: You hear that Set-chan? We're cute! (Hugs Setsuna)

Me: Ain't that adorable?

Setsuna: No! It's not what it looks like!

Me: Sure...

Setsuna: Really! Believe me!

Sasuke & Sakura: Awesome

Sasuke: You will die.

Me: What'd I do?

Sasuke: She's annoying!

Me: Well, I can't help it if you're cute together!

Sasuke: (Looking for a come-back) Well... shut up!

Naruto & Hinata: Complete and total opposites... In other words... meant to be, I mean, Hinata already likes Naruto...

Hinata: (Blushing like mad) Oh, um, oh...

Me: Just admit it Hinata! He loooooooooves you!

Hinata: Well, um, N-Naruto... could... he could...

Me: (Gets bored and walks off)

Naruto & Sakura: I LOVE THIS PARING!!!!

Naruto: Hey! I thought I was with Hinata!

Sakura: And I thought I was with Sasuke!

Me: All's fair in um, something and war... um... oh well!

Naruto: ...

Sakura: (Fuming at me)

Me: (Gets scared) Um, bye!

Pairings I Do Not Like... But Understand Completely

Raven & Robin: Sorry but I see brother sister thing going on there... some others may not but I do

Raven: Why am I paired with him?

Me: Who... Robin?

Raven: No... Beast Boy.

Me: I thought wewent overthis topic.

Robin: I do not like Starfire!

Me: Random much, Robin?

Beast Boy & Starfire: Too much alike

Starfire: Friend Beast Boy!

Beast Boy: (shivering and hiding under a table.)

Me: (appearing out of no where) Well... aren't we mean?

Beast Boy: AHHHHHHHHH! (Jumps out from under table and gets hugged by Starfire.)

Starfire: Friend! I have found you!

Robin: I do not like- (Looks up at Beast Boy & Starfire sign. Gets really mad.) BEAST BOY!

Beast Boy: (Starfire stopped huging him and he looks over to the very angry Robin coming after him.) What did I do!

Robin: (Growls and punches him in the face.)

Me:O_O Uh... before this gets too violent... let's go the next scene.

Cyborg & Raven: Eh... I have nothing against this pairing

Raven: Why?

Me: Why what?

Raven: Why are you putting me through this torture?

Me: X D Cause it's fun!

Raven: (Attacks me)

Slashes: Mm... tough... I understand this completely... I know where people get it from so... I'm sorry if you like this kind of stuff but... I don't.

Beast Boy: What does 'slashes' mean?

Raven: You don't want to know.

Beast Boy: Please I wanna know! Tell me! Tell me!

Raven: I don't want to... you should know this stuff.

Beast Boy: O.O... Oh... is it when two people love each other very much and-

Raven: NO!

Beast Boy: Then what is it?

Raven: (Smacks forehead with hand)

Robin: (Appears outof no where)I love Starfire! Wait I mean... uh...

Everyone in the univers, Me: FINALLY!

DO NOT be mad if you like any of these pairings I'm not trying to be mean... I just said that I don't like those but I understand where the heck they come from!

Favorite Characters:


Chris: Mary, I'm not a character in a show.

Mary: But your my favoritest person eber though=( I want everyone to know!!

Chris: Aww, ok baby (kisses)

Mary: hehe!

Teen Titans:


Starfire: Fav... Or... Ite? Mm... another delectable dish I must try!

Me: Uh... and I even wonder why she's my favorite.

Starfire: Where!


Me: Jerk!

Robin: What the heck!

Me: You pompus fool!

Robin: Ok?

Me: You are a jerk!

Robin: I know that!


Robin: And why am I your second favorite again?

Me: ...

Beast Boy

Beast Boy: You know... I hate the color green.

Me: Beast Boy... you are green.

Beast Boy: I am! (runs off to wash his hands)

Me: Crazy.


Me: Raven... can't we talk about this?

Red X

Red X: Why am I your least favorite... and why am I not with cutie?

Me: Because even though you got the hots for her... she goes with Robin... end of story.

Red X: That's not a happy ending.

Fruits Basket:


Kyo: I thought you didn't like me.

Me: What gave you that idea?

Kyo: When you were harrassing me the last time I talked to you.

Me: Quiet... don't make me get Kagura over here.

Kyo: (Puts tape on his mouth)


Tohru: Yay! I'm your second favorite! Would you like some leeks?

Me: You've got to be joking.


Shigure: Kyo's a stalker! Kyo's a stalker!

Me: O_O Whoa... I better tell Tohru!!

Chrono Crusade:


Rosette: Is there any food any where?

Me: Ask Tohru.

Rosette: Really? What does she got?

Me: Leeks.

Rosette: (totally grossed out) Never mind.


Me: Chrono you look pretty with it! Come out!

Chrono: NO!

Me: Please... Rosette would be happy...

Chrono: (walks out wearing a pink dress)

Me: (falls on the floor laughing)


Aion: Torture! She loves me I tell you... me!

Me: Sure...

Father Remington

Me: You're an angel right?

Father Remington: Yes.

Me: Dude... can you fly?

Father Remington: Why do you ask?

Me: No reason... (pushes him off a cliff)

Mahou Sensei Negima:


Me: (Running away)

Asuna: (Running after shaking her fist at me) I'm not done with you, yet!



Negi: I'm sorry but Emerald-Mask could not be in this skit, for she is currently being chased around by an angry Asuna-san... sorry for the inconvinence (Don't ask me how to spell that) Instead of her ranting in this skit, you will get to enjoy the lovely singing of Class Rep-san

Ayaka: (Takes a deep breath) I-

Me: (Runs in front of her) Hi! I'm here! Don't sing Ayaka!

Ayake: But you know nothing of my singing skills!

Me: (Whispering to Asuna, who is next to me) I know enough so I know you can't sing...

Asuna: (snickers)(Looks at me)(Gets mad)(Starts chasing me around again)

Me: Sorry!


Yue: I don't feel like talking, but... does anyone have any tomatoe milk?

Asuna, Me (Stopped running), Negi, Ayaka, and the rest of the class: (Backs away slpwly disgusted)

Yue: Never mind.



Sakura: I'm still mad at you!

Me: (Runs past)(Yelling at her from behind) Sorry! But you're next in line!


Sasuke: I'm mad at you too!

Me: (Runs past him)GET IN LINE


Gaara: Who likes my eyeliner... ya gotta like my eyeliner.

Older sister: (Walks in) No, its a little too much.

Gaara: (Gets mad) What do you know! You're the one who looks like a clown!

Older Sister: (Walks away)

Gaara: (Throwing his fist at her) This is not over! You hear me! Not over!

Older Sister: (Waves her hand behind her) Alrighty, then.

Kakashi Sensei

Me: Aren't I awesome for liking you?

Kakashi: (Sarcastic) Yea, you're the greatest.

Me: (Not knowing he was sarcastic) I know!

Kakashi: (Rolls his eye)

Favorite Quotes With Me and My Friends

Chris: "I love you, baby." Me: "I love you too, baby." . FAVORITE QUOTE OF ALL TIME DUDE!

Me: "You like Rosette don't you Jesse?" Jesse: "I like her big guns."

Friend: "You like Mr. Lelesi don't you Mary?." Me (corny like): "Yea." (sarcastically of course)

Friend: "Mr. Lelesi has something in common with Wal-Mart... he likes to get men's pants half of!"

Me: "Don't ever scratch a bug bite, I bleeded." (That happened to me recently)

Conner(A different Conner then the one I hate): "Serve like your life depended on it!" Little Sister: (serves ball and misses bad) Conner: "Oooo, you're dead."

Little Sister: "Ooo, you just got burned like a piece of burnt bacon!" Everyone else: (starts laughing histarically)

Sorry for being perverted with my favorite quotes but... we used to have a teacher... used to considering we got out of 7th grade thursday the 15th... but our teacher was... kinda... perverted... and looked like he had a thing for our other teacher Mr. Jonas... we were trying to make fun of them at a party so yea. But it was hilarious! We were just cracking up! Oh and the reason why my friend asked me if I liked him was because... he's mostly perverted to me. He pet my arm once... (shudder) it was frightening... he was trying to put a sticker on there... yea right.


Yea... nohting in here.


Shattered: What does it feel like to be lonely?


Framed: Reason: No point to it... and there is really no... plot to the story.

It's A Girl: Reason: It didn't turn out too well on my computer a little cheesy... no wait... very cheesy.

Falling: Reason: It was just a stupid poem

Accidents: Reason: I would have never gotten to writing it anyway.

Red Eyes: Eh, I'd never get to it, I don't really like Chrono Crusade anymore, yea it's a good show, but... eh, it can get boring.

Cancer Walk:I read it over, and, it was a little too cheesy and pretty dumb...

Stupid Memory Loss Crud: I didn't truly cancel it, I just found it would go better with Mahou Sensei Negima then Fruits Basket, I'm sorry, it's just, yea... easier to write it with that... yea...


Filling In The Gaps: Finished!


Whao... I learned how to not procrastinate... and it helps!


And another thing about Four Seasons is that there will only be Rob/Star pairing because if I write more pairings than one then I'll write more of one of them and not the other... so I'm sorry for the BB/Rae lovers out there who read Four Seasons! Thought once I'm done with Four Seasons there may be a sequal with BB/Rae... maybe... if I get enough reviews


I can't write long chapters... I don't know why... but I can't some may be long and some may be really short... so I'm sorry if people want a longer chapter I'll try but I can't promise you.


I'm pretty sure some people were wondering what the heck the name 'Emerald-Mask' means... if you weren't then... that's not my problem. But if you think about Robin's mask and then Starfire's eyes... you get the picture... you know... Emerald-Mask... uh... yea.


Eh, I mostly write Teen Titans stories and if I get a good idea for Chrono Crusade or Fruits Basket or even Inuyasha then I'll write about them... but you probably won't see that.


Well Inuyasha Rocker is my best friend and that Beautyqueen13 or what ever her name is, is my older sister... oh and Tempermental-RiceBall! I helped her come up with her name... mmm... I just found another friend...My Ghost Eyes I think her name was... I'm pretty sure... But if you see her story... be nice to her... she is utterly confused right now! Help her out! She has no idea... but she found me... I may be able to help her... anyway... just help her out if you find her profile.


Thank you to StarfireandFrizzBFFS for being so supportive of my stories if it wasn't for you... well... you wouldn't see any more of my stories on fanfiction...

And also to all who review my stories! Because just like StarfireandFrizzBFFS... you wouldn't see my penname anywhere!

And another question... what happened to you? StarfireandFrizzBFFS, I guess you don't like my stories anymore... oh, well.


If nothing lasts forever... will you be my nothing?-Love:Angel-Music-Baby

I love you so much, Mary-Chris D. My baby!!


: A good tribute for Edward

: A cute Rob/Star video

: BB/Rae video!

: A titans tribute

: Spoilers from the end of series!

: Sango tribute

: Ever seen Chrono Crusade? Well this video rox my sox!

: How 'bout DNAngel... well you have to watch this video even if you haven't

: Angsty Starfire/Robin tribute and the missing one is like a Starfire tribute but my computers being dumb and it won't let me tell you what it is!

: Again my computers being dumb and the breaking the habit one is a Inuyasha tribute and this one is a Four Seasons song music video... as you can see... I don't own Four Seasons... Lol! Four Seasons was the insperation for 'Four Seasons' and at the end of the story I will post the lyrics for the song for you in English and then earlier in the story there will be lyrics for it in Japanese.


http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=MagicalBells: There's my profile! On Youtube my name is MagicalBells (yea... made it up for Asuna and Negi...) At the moment I don't have any Teen Titans Videos up yet, but they will be up there soon! I mostly make videos for Negima and Naruto, so if you would be kind enough, (if anyone has a profile), to rate and comment on my videos (even if they like, are all pictures...)


This is a memo to all you Starfire haters out there. She is NOT truly happy inside! She has a horrible past! I will try to prove that in most of my stories.


98 percent of teenagers do or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy & paste this in your profile.


Ku, ku, ku


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