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Hey everyone


Please take note that i was once nin 11-18 i just changed my name for security purposes...

Just cause my name is different now doesn't mean I am... I'm totally the same person, sorry about that too... Please do not give up on me... I'm sorry that I am not sorry that I am:

I'm insane!! No, no, just crazy actually. I know that i am an odd writer and most of the time, my stories don't make sense. If you guys don't like my stories, just deal with it and go away. You're crushing a kid's dream here. God. If a story is bad, at least don't say anything. Or way to go to make yet another adolescent feel bad. There's just not enough of them in the world huh?? Maybe they'll feel that suicide is the answer right?? So that leads to them killing themselves with you as the source, which means that you just murdered someone. Nice. How heartless. Before you put someone down, think about it. Or maybe just go to jail in advanced, at least you'll get used to staying there for HOW long...Well, I'm just kidding. I know that it is a little obvious that I do not handle criticism well. I'm really sorry. I'm trying. Trying REAL hard.


I'm 13. Stupid youth. Can't get anything right. I'm human too. Which just makes everything all the more difficult. I am biologically programmed to make mistakes.

I kind of really like to write and read even if people don't like my stories or something. Actually, I write stories for MY own pleasure, no one else's. I like swimming - especially boating out on the open sea.

I guess I sort of have mood swings.

I want to write when I grow up and when I finally care that I make spelling and grammar mistakes.

I HATE : FLAMMERS (is that how to spell it?) who innocent people out there (not that i am innocent either, more of in between?). Flammers... YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I WILL DO TO YOU WHEN I FIND OUT YOU'VE VICTIMIZED SOMEONE growls

I like crazy people like me who just wanna have fun without really hurting others in the process and who do what they really want to do even if other people think what they wrote was complete dirt.

But if you aren't the kind of person like the bad one i listed up there... I like you.



Draco/ Pansy (this is the real couple JK Rowling made and I like it and I'm sticking to it)

Draco/ Ginny (but omg they're like 2nd cousins but Purebloods marry their cousins to stay pure so... whatever) I LOVE THIS ONE THE MOST!!

Hermione/ draco ( they only look ok in the movie but not really)

Harry/ Ginny

Blaise/ Ginny Is my second preferred

Ron/ Hermione

Pansy/ blaise not really...

Edward/ Bella




Gay and lez couples... Its just WRONG!!

But hey anyone has the freedom to write since its just fiction so i don't really mind.

anyways thanks... xoxo


how i read:

i dont really care if a story has some mistakes because i only care about the content and creativity. and it just shows that the writer is human. if you're perfect then...uh, well... that's weird...

Anyway, people keep telling me that practice makes perfect but a wise friend once told me that no one was perfect. So, why practice??

heheh...just kidding... I really love you all...



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