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Author has written 5 stories for Batman, Superman, Silent Hill, and Star Wars.

UPDATE 28/02/13

After over 6 years Batman / Silent Hill: Shadow in the Mist is FINALLY complete. I hope you enjoy the conclusion. I've given so much to this story over the years I've finished with an afterword. Excuse this self indulgent flourish but I wanted to close with a few reflections on the story and the events that influenced my writing.

UPDATE 31/07/12

Shadow In The Mist, Robin Returns, Superman : The Fallen and Force Shadow now all have covers. I'm sure to anyone with any degree of technical proficiency they suck but I'm pretty proud of them, especially the Shadow in the Mist cover which I feel strikes the exact tone I was trying to get with that story. Speaking of which Chapter 15 is now live. Only two chapters before Bruce's vacation in Silent Hill ends... One way or another.

UPDATE 30/07/12

I've been negligent of my writing in general but particularly of my fan fic. Life has a habit of getting in the way especially as one gets older and responsibilities mount up. The summer holidays are here now though and I'll hopefully be doing a lot more creative writing along with marking and lesson planning.

Please Note

I'm currently focusing all my attention on finishing off Shadow in The Mist, Robin Returns and Superman : The Fallen. Everything else is pretty much on hiatus for the moment.

I'm also doing some very very rough work on a few new projects which I'm keeping to myself at the minute but I will tell you that one of them is a sequel to Robin Returns.

Who am I?

Good question. I'll have to get back to you on that.

What do I do?


Drama Teacher




I've done all of the above professionally.

Yeah, yeah but what do you do on FF.net?

I mostly write superhero stuff. Batman and Superman are my favourites with Daredevil a close second.

For those of you with darker inclinations you may enjoy my Silent Hill story The Mirror In The Basement and my Batman / Silent Hill crossover Shadow In The Mist seems popular.

I am also a massive film enthusiast, keen gamer, a fan of all things animated and a massive fan of literature in all its forms.

I've read some excellent stuff on here and left reviews wherever possible.

I'd really appreciate any honest feedback left by people who read my stuff. Pull no punches ;)

Do you have a blog, in which I can read incoherent ramblings about your day-to day life?

As a matter of fact I do, yes! It's called Huge Throbbing Pens

I really like crudely drawn web comics featuring superheroes acting ludicrously. Can you help me out here?

Oh, go on then! Visit Supersillyous Comics.

What are you reading at the moment?

Currently... The Forever War Trilogy by Joe Haldeman which is taking me forever to read but a hugely enjoyable experience nontheless.


As much as I can of China Mieville's work. I'm undergoing a rather massive man crush on him at the minute. If you haven't had the pleasure may I reccommend you start with Pedido Street Station. Oh, and I'm also reading a lot of H.P Lovecraft... the crazy racist!

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