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Name: Wishful Death

I'm short and Irish. I'm female. Amber colured eyes and reddish brown hair. It doesn't look as good as it sounds. I'm short tempered and I don't like flamers or stupid people... like tourist who step in front of your car when your trying to turn into a Casino in Las Vegas and stare at you dumbly when you honk or yell at them. I hate Yaoi and Yuri...no offense but its just not my thing.

I am all about Naruto! I love both the Anime and Manga. Its the most funnist, awesome Anime and Manga. I love a great story or book or Manga and spend many hours reading.

Favorite Pairings:


Saku/Gaara ...My favorite...I have a thing for redheads.

Saku/Naruto... I mean who doesn't love him?

Saku/Neji... Hes definately a fav pairing.. there doesn't seem to be many with him...

Saku/Itachi..._ Forbidden is the most fun!

Saku/Sasuke ... I hate him but I can't see him with anyone else...

Saku/Kakashi...He's older than her, but who cares? Hes hot...

Saku/Kiba... Not many in this direction but still a good pair. A little wild side is never bad.

Saku/Shikamaru... Hes smart and so is she... Nerds unite!

Saku/Shino..._ ... its shino and he kicks ass

Hinata/ Naruto- Thay are cute together!

Temari/Shikamaru- They are so cute together.

Ino/Shikamaru- They sorta belong huh?

Ino/Chouji... ...It happens

Tenten/Lee... I firmy believe these two go together.

Tsunade/Jiraiya... they do belong together! Hes a pervert and she a drunk! Its perfect


Sesshoumaru/Kagome... they were made for each other.


Outlaw Star:


Teen Titan:


Raven/Red X

Raven/ Beast Boy


I'll think of more pairings later... for other animes and mangas

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