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Psycho-Miko22 here whats up?

Well My nickname is Dizzie :D

Im 16 years old and the youngest in my grade :/

Im a Junior in High School.

I love writing stories.

And To those who are reading "Sisters, Best friends, Forever?"

If I take forever to update I am Sorry! D: But my High school is a High Academic school and that means a lot of homework and other junk. Its hard. So I should be updating over the weekends when i have time or over break! So Calm down :D Im working on getting new chapters to you! :E

Hey I am sorry if there is another show you like and is not on my Favorite list its just that I LOVE INUYASHA!It is my Favorite show so... yeah! Don't Kill me :3 thank you =D

its my first time writing a fan fiction so i started a new story called "sisters, best friends forever?", its about a high school cheerleader, Kikyo, and a high school jock, Inuyasha, who a the cutest couple in school. but one day Kikyo's Half sister(who is a goth/punk in many ways)Kagome,comes back to Tokyo from New york city with her dad. kikyo and kagome are complete opposites but they have all of their mother's traits. both have different dads. but in the day inuyasha is a jock, but at night he in a punk rocker. he hides his punk sides from kikyo only so he can go out with the hottest girl in school but when kagome comes he starts to develop feelings for her. But Kagome holds Secrets about her self. Plus to mention her awful past. Will Inuyasha be able to get through to her? Can he heal her aching heart and show her that its ok to be who she is? Can Kagome learn to let go of those grudges and learn to love Inuyasha?

I HAVE A NEW STORY IT CALLED "Can an assassin learn to love?". It's about this guy named Miroku who lives in an apartment with his roommate Inuyasha. Inuyasha was dating a girl named kinky-ho...I mean kikyo. kikyo breaks up with inuyasha one day and confesses that she has fallen in love with a gang leader named Naraku and is pregnant with Naraku's child. so she leave with Naraku. Inuyasha is all depressed after that incident. Miroku tells Inuyasha that the next day they need to go to pick up his cousin/Kagome, her kid/Shippo, and her best friend/Sango. but when they pick them up at the airport Inuyasha sees kagome and starts to feel comfortable around her and what he doesn't know is that his roommate, his RM cousin, her kid, and her best friend are all apart from a gang Called the shards. they have there code names and all but Kagome is the leader of squad A (the top rank squad) . the 4 were taught in the training academy that to fall in love s a sign of weakness and that they must never fall in love. So while inu is out doing a task, the 4 start doing what they do best. Can Inuyasha admit to his feelings and tell Kagome and get her to become his girl? or will she turn him down? or what if he does get turned down than can Inuyasha teach her to love?

Anyways those of you who are reading my stories Please Review Cause A lot of people review and tell me that is Great but my friends read it and say Its AWESOME! so THANK YOU guys you Rock. And Kikyo Haters message me soon cause in more future stories there will be KIKYO BASHING.

So thanks for reading my stories!

With Love,


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Blooming Love by Fuyunoshi reviews
Four girls are transferring to Shikon High, a jerk, pervert, slut, player, goth and punk infested school. Five people were different from the others...Pairings:InuKag MirSan KouAya SessRin Rated for future violence. And now swears.
Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 7 - Words: 7,159 - Reviews: 42 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 3/29/2006 - Published: 8/16/2005 - Inuyasha, Kagome H.
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sisters, bestfriends forever? reviews
kikyo and inyasha are the hottest couple in shikon high till kikyo's half sister kagome returns with her father from New York. Kagome is the punk/Skater queen taking over the school. kikbash. Includes the whole inu gang. InuKag romance
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Can an Assasain Learn to Love? reviews
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