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Ok, I am not going to say much about me, cuz this isn't the place for that (that’s why there is Myspace).

My name is Francisco. I love Videogames. So I decided to go to the next step and write stories about them. I am new writing Fanfics, so please, be a bit nice when rating my fics. (If I ever finish the ones that I start)

My favorite games are: Final Fantasy7, Resident Evil (Zero, 1, 2, 3, 4, CVX, Survivor), Zelda (OoT, MM, WW) Ace Combat (4, 5), Metal Gear (1, 2, 3) and Metroid (All of them, from Nes, SNes, DS andGame Cube), Halo (1, 2). I probably forgot to mention some of them, but I will remember later.

Current Projects: "Metroid: The Armageddon" (This is my very first project)

A Future Far, Far Away:

Now working
"Metroid: The Armageddon": The pirates are back and Samus is once again called into action by the Galactic Federation. But this time, she won’t be able to do this by her self. With the help of some new hunters, an old friend and an unexpected ally, they will try to stop Ridley and his powerful pirate army from taking over the universe. Today they fight for freedom or total tyranny.
-If we are to die by their hands, we shall die fighting and we shall kill many before we die.

Haven’t started yet
"The Legend of Zelda:
untitled story (possibly: Counter Life): A seal containing all of the worlds dark powers is broken. Hyrule is being consume by war and Link must lead them into victory. He will travel to a world of pure evil to fight against enemies beyond our imagination. The whole world depends on him.
"Resident Evil: untitled story: Raccoon city is being attacked by flesh eating zombies and a boy must try to find a way out of this hell he once called home. He gets a call from his father and he now need to find his sister who is in extreme danger and ended up finding something about his father will change his life for ever.
"Ace Combat: untitled story: The world is at war now; Allie forces are quickly losing territory; having not other option, the call a group of rookie’s pilots to help stop the now advancing army of Eukrecia. They will have to fight against the most powerful and skilled soldiers to save the nearly defeated ally forces.

Special Thanks to: (if you helped me in anyway, I will write your name here)
I would like to thank:
Black Light Princes because she was the one that gave me the courage to start writing my ideas in a piece of paper. She is also helping me to write my story "Metroid: The Armageddon".

COMING SOON: Metroid: The Armageddon

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