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Iz Teh Grammer QUEEN!
yah, that's me, well, I'm alright with grammar as such, but spelling... it just kills me.

If you're reading this, be prepared to learn at least a little about me on this seriously non fancy page.
and I shall warn you now: It could cause your brain to bleed.
Have a nice day.

About Me:

Name Rin

Age Old enough.

Residence Australia. In the most stereotypical bush town ever.

Hobbies Mostly watching anime, reading manga and fan fiction, and occasional drawing. Oh yeah, I write, sometimes.

About fics:

Please reffer to my PPP

Finding it loves way: Basically I forgot how I was going to write the ending . XD Opps. So if you were reading it and actually liked it (never!) The jist of the ending is -somehow- Fel get's shot by them bad... people... yah know, but they still manage to get away. She urges Ed to use the last of her strength to use her as a gateway back to his world, and he does, ending up back in Resembool happy as Larry.

Investigating Sin: I was never really good with crime fiction sorta fics, so I gave up here too + I know I didn't get far, but that shows you how little knack I had for it. Jist of the ending is the whole scenario was planned by the houmunculi from the begining to get to Ed, the characters of Liza and Tony being decoys (Liza being Envy). Ed has numerous dreams that try to reveal Tony as the culprit, but these are again decoys put in by the homunculous Deceit, who is in the end revealed to be Effie.

Jews can't date Hot Chicks: Was only ever a one shot rambling that came into my head one day. I don't take it very seriously, so try not to analyse it too deeply XD

Trapped: Oh yes, I swing that way XD Style is Love. Ahem. but yes. Once again, I didn't take this very seriously, don't go into it too deeply, I obviously didn't, I know a lot doesn't make sense, and is sometimes a bit too coincidental, was just something for fun. It is now finished, and complettely submitted. I have no plans for a sequel, but if an idea strikes, there is the possibility.

Mirrored: I wrote this whole this in 3 days XD Less maybe. I've always liked Takouji, and this was just my little experiment to see if I could write it myself. I've also more recently exposed myself to AU fics, so this was also my experiment to see if I could possibly write about them, forgetting the digital world complettely . was hard. basically this fic was an experiment to learn by doing. Is finished.

Change of Scene: I just liked the idea of it, I found it cute :P a big PPP refference. Is now fully submitted, I find it better as it goes along, gets a bit more of that Takouji feel towards the end. I used this as another experiment I guess.

Malchik Gay: Always has, always will be a one shot song fic. I don't plan for any sequels or other chapters. I might revise it, it seems a bit sloppy, but we'll see. It's a personal fave of mine. probably because I love that song to bits.

My PPP - Personal Plot Policy

You see, I don't really have much confidence in my writing ability, I never feel like I get across what I want to say. So for that, I have my personal plot policy, because even thought I'm not a good writer, I know the feeling of reading a fic, and going "OMG, I love this story, but I would have done this here, and maybe changed that one scene..."
So here it is, my PPP:

1) Any persons that is a member of FanFiction.net may use my plots or story lines if they wish to 2) Use of my original characters is prohibited
3) If you plan on using one of my plots for your story, you must credit me if you give a briefing on your fic in your profile, and at the start of the first chapter.
4) If you do use one of my plots, you must link me to your fic upon submission to any website.
5) copy-pasting slabs of my fics is prohibited, because you have not made it your own, however, re-use of any small amounts of dialouge or perhaps a particular line is fine.

I re-assure you, I do this, because I cannot write, but I would really like to see my ideas come to life. So please, feel free to take my stories and make them better! Please! You have my complette permission, it is not stealing! It might seem a bit pathetic of me, not bothering to better myself, but writing isn't something I really plan to follow up on much, I don't want to waste too much of my time on a closet hobby.

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