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7 2006

i need to get away from it all when i get off work. so i write. i know my stories are juvenille but i'm just starting, so have mercy and bare with me. i'm way more comfortable singing and playing my guitar...

i got and live a funny life so i sometimes incorporate my experiences in my stories... i also may not always go in a straight line but after several twists and turns (or after being caught/ getting into trouble) i get back on track. he, he, he...

i am young, spunky, great karaoke voice, i enjoy my line of work, i do pranks on my coworker- keeps them awake, and love to crack them up with jokes. my flaw? i cant master reading a map so most of the time when i drive, i end up "sight seeing." so i am always late at gatherings because i miss a turn here and there. i do have a compass but i dont even know which side the sun rises or sets. in short, i got no sense of direction. they've suggested a GPS. but then i'd loose discovering new places and adventures. plus, they're expensive!

i got a great sense of humor, tons of wise cracks, i'm so full of energy although i love slow dancing (hey, i'm a romantic...) i love taking pictures, i sketch alot, i love the ocean, and the feel of rain, climbing trees ( something about being on top...), anyway, I love my aucostic guitar. and i love my life!

and watching CSI vegas. i programmed my thursdays where i don't have school or work! (yes! i'm almost done with school! yahoo!) darn. that means i gotta find a full time job. zzzzzzzzzzzz. welcome to the rat race.

that's okay. as long as i got my laptop, my guitar and watch CSI- i'm good to go.

p.s. if i make any grammatical errors, it's purely mine. english is not my first language.


jan 2008

...my fault for not updating "CAT FIGHT". my reasons are the usual blah-blah-blah's in life: caught up in work, caught up in life, caught up in living. BUT it is NOWHERE near finished. I will update it, I PROMISE. I'm trying to catch up with life, work and living. I know it's taking awhile but I'm almost there.

and i ended a three year relationship. so my muse and inspiration is gone. i'll get by...

but i will update...SOON. Meaning anytime from now till...

so thanks for keeping up with me...

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