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Raux's Profile, betch!

You better damn believe it!


Also known as:




La-La (Nickname from Robin)

'Kayt' (Nickname from Andy)

'That girl who draws in my class and gets upset when you ask her if what she's drawing is from Yu-gi-oh'

'Cool Freshman' (I'm kinda gonna miss this one XDD)

'Holy crap, did you draw that?'

Has got:

Way too many wristbands (All of which are Naruto related besides one that says w00t! XD)

a very sick sense of humor

A lovely bunch of coconuts

lackeys 8D

a name that is close to Larxene's:


Replace the U with an E at the end

add an X after the R


That pisses her off to no end.

Initials that spell out LAF (Laugh)

(Is that supposed to be some sort of Freaking JOKE!)

This pisses her off as well

an obsession with having to have a sketchpad wherever she goes

annoying parents

A very low tolerance of bullshit

too much time on her hands

Needs to:

stop procrastinating her summer reading (XD AGAIN)

get a life (I'm alive aren't I?)

stop drawing (HA! Make me!)

Let everyone know that Zexion's right eye is the one that's covered (Not the friggin left!)

Stop calling inanimate objects gay (sad, but true)

Stop swearing (ehehehehehe...)

learn how to play the piano with left hand

kick the crap out of Andy


Really freaking sadistic

Really freaking lazy

contradicting at times and tends to choose right 8D

Hyperactive, weird (and proud of it), short tempered, easily bored

Self-Proclaimed Number 1 NonRabid Axel Fangirl

He just kicks ass!

Also a fan of Zexion (Mind games own),

Demyx (Everyone's favorite giddy, hyperactive bard),

and Marluxia (Who is not gay even if i joke about it)

A Non-Rabid Sasuke Fangirl

An Albel Nox Fangirl

A member of the 'Farleen's voice blew me Eardrums out' club (LIKE DYING CATS WITH LUNGS FILLED WITH HELIUM. UGH.)

Self Proclaimed Number One Sympathiser of Nero

I feel so sorry for him. Hojo made his brother kill him.

Self Proclaimed Number one Non-rabid Soren and Reyson Fangirl

These two are way too pretty.

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance:

Soren (He OWNS so bad! All time favorite Character of this game! I dun care that he's a Branded (no one really does, everyone's equal, right?), he's still awesome!)

Reyson (This guy is seriously too pretty. Resist urge to poke in wonder. Pretty hair. Pretty wings. Def of pretty. He beats Mar in the pretty factor! The fat blad man wanted to do evil things to poor Rey :hugs Reyson!:)

Shinon (Only one who does the spinny arrow of doom in this game. Love his stuck up attitde too.)

Stefan (I don' know why, I just like him.)

Kieran ((Kieran: That's Crimean Royal Knight Fifth Platoon Captain Kieran!) Shut up. Annoying idiot grew on me. How the hell does Oscar DEAL WITH HIM!)

Lethe (Cats OWN. She totally kicks ass)

Volke (I love the line 'You've got to the count of five to come out before I start throwing sharp objects... one... two... four...' you forgot three, Volke xD)

Ranulf (Dude, I want to hug Ranulf so bad! He's a blue kitty with a green and purple eye xD)

Kingdom Hearts:

Axel (What's more to say? AXEL!)

Demyx (Not an idiot, CHILDISH. He's still funny. x3 Run, Run away! Only one that i could imagine using more hairgel than Cloud (Besides Axel and Weiss)),

Marluxia (He grew on me. Gotta love him...)

Zexion (HAIL THE EMO! Hugs Zexion)

Riku (X3 being in the realm of Darkness so long obviously makes you hair double in length. He still rules though)

Tales of Symphonia:

Kratos (He rules. Plain and simple. XD Damn now i'm gonna think of that what is judgement thing from ytmnd!)

Yggdrasil (Still laughing because at frist glace I mistook his name for "Eggdressing". That's a sign to stop playing after 12 pm and get closer to the small TV XD)

Sheena (Ninja. Need I say more? She changed my favorite color to Lavender X3)

Zelos (How this stuck up idiot grew on me I'll never know. Meh you gotta love him... I guess... Change your outfit so it has more white in the coat, pleeeease, Zelos? It'll look more dashing if you do!)

Yuan (FWOOSH went the cape XD does anyone else want to yank on his hair?)

Tales of the Abyss:

Jade (is the overall coolest, most disinterested, sarcastic thirty year old man you'll ever meet)

Peony (What can I say? He's a hot emperor with a sense of humor, no organizational skills, and a love for Rabbit-Pig crossbred animals)

Dist (Someday I'll steal that floating chair of doom from him. DDD )

Final Fantasy 7:

Cloud (It's kinda hard to play a game when you don't like the main character, you know? I don't like him as much as Vinny, though.)

Vincent: (How can't you love Vinny? XD)

Reno (He's funny. And in Advent Children he hits Rude with his electric baton/stick thingy, lands on top of him, and crushes his glasses. XD what a friend)

Cait Sith (Because All other people hate him that i know of. RAH Annoyance! XD)

Final Fantasy 7~ Dirge of Cerberus:

Nero (Poor guy. All he wanted was to bring back his brother.)

Weiss (This dude has a Level 10 bed head you know xD. Tis a shame he got taken over by asshead. Stupid Hojo.)

Tales of Phantasia:

Chester: 8D I loves me some Chester! Freaking arrow of doom! Plus he's totally HOT.

Klarth: Same story, love the hat. Summoners are awesome.


Coming Soon

The Idiot Adventures of Jade and Dist

What's a Necromancer to do when he's put in charge of his moronic childhood-'friend' by our beloved Emporeor Peony with nothing to do but loaf around? Annoy him at him own level of idiot of course!

Ongoing Fics

Boredom With a Capital B

"Shall we go laugh at the poor bastard whom he decided to harass now?"

"Hell yeah!"

Axel and Roxas are on the bring of being bored to death. Demyx on the other hand, is bored no matter what he does. Mass chaos man, mass chaos. And extremely pissed off memebers of Organization XIII! Not a fucking A/R, A/D, or D/R.


"Goody goody gumdrops!" -Fighter, 8-bit Theater

Dot dot dot- Me

God Dammit! Axel is not anorexic, you retard, He's svelte!-Me Again, yelling at a kid on my bus

"O RLY?"

"Ya RLY!"


"STFU n00b" -Alex and Mike

"Zexion is so cute in his rubber rain boots!" -Michelle

Axel... reminds me of Moombas... He's cute like one too.-Me (I LOVE Axel)

"Take a hike, take two, they're free."-Michelle

I know Mar's not gay, I love the guy, and that's just me picking on him. It's like Chris calling Demyx "Water Wuss" when Demyx is his favorite character, it's a simple nickname!-Me

'Everything's said as everything goes, and of it's point nobodies only know'... where the Christ did THAT come from?-Me

Which part of "DOT DOT DOT" don't you get!-Me

"What the hell is it with CloudLeon pairings, dammit! For the love of hell, they aren't even from the same Final Fantasy game and only have been seen in KH2 during the 1000 heartless battle and in the market!... okay that last part sounded wrong for some reason... BAD THOUGHTS!"-Brennan

And Martel said, let Yuan's cape go FWOOSH!-Me

"Nice use of Duct tape. I'll have to beat you at it." Damon (THIS KID IS SO FUCKING WEIRD!)

"Got it memorized?"-Axel

I can imitate a rabid fangirl! Watch! Ahem. "ZOMGZ IT'S AXEL!"... yeah.-Me

I need to stop calling inanmate objects gay...- Me

I need to stop calling inanimate objects stupid-ass as well.-Me again

Oh my god not the hug!-Me

I AM The Pirate Princess!-Robin (Meo)

"For the last time, gay is not an insult!" -Meo

So long little racer dudes.- me pushing toy cars off of my desk.

Capture the football'll be fun!

Yeah, it'll be fun. All up until somebody runs into a tree.- Tanner and Me on "Capture The football"

"SEE! It's Raux! She's always there! She always stops the perfect throws!

You're kidding me!

To tell you the truth i'm not even trying. I suck at football.

I seriously think you should reconsider that statment, Laur. That's the third time you've foiled their play.

Really? Have you been keeping count?" -Castle (James), Mike (Different one), Me, and Sarah (I'm of course replacing my last name with my username. Dun want peoples stalking me and killing me. Then no more drawing or fanfiction. I'm not stupid)

"Why is the rum always gone:Gets up and staggers around obviously a tad drunk: Oh... THAT'S why." -Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest)

I seriously wish I could jump in this game and hug Soren.The little, pretty, angsty bastard.-Me Rambling about Soren (FE:PoR)

Wow. He's pretty. Really pretty.Why is he that pretty?-Me again rambling after seeing Reyson for the first time.

Does someone need a hug?

I'm just a freaking endless suply of energy today, aren't I? -Me

It isn't the apocalpyse until I have to listen to Sweet Caroline. :Sweet Caroline plays: Fuck. We're all screwed. Start digging your graves. -Me

The little people are taunting me with their pizza boxes... Dammit I should have had lunch... -Me

"Da da da daaaaaa, bitch!" - Me (on Legend of Zelda)

"Dance little, seal dudes, dance!" -Me (Playing NES Pinball on Animal Crossing)

"It's a FUCK! A fucking ugly duck!" -Me

The fat man wanted to do EVIL THINGS to Poor Reyson! The poor guy probably has mental scars after that encounter!- Me

"You've got until the count of five to come out before I start throwing sharp objects... one... two... four..." -Volke

Volke forgot three!-Me

'Dear Weiss. Powerful Weiss. The only one who ever loved me. And the only one I will ever love'... God I can smell the incest pairing already and let me tell you theres something even more scary than pairings usually are about this one.

The fact that it looks like it'd actually be a good pairing and that it's incredibly cute? Not to mention the fact that it's noticably slightly implied?

Exactly.- Me and Michelle

Dear Weiss. Powerful Weiss. The only one who ever loved me. And the only one I will ever love. -Nero (His lines inply more yaoi than Axel's do!)

Rosso's such a skank... she wears a bloody bath towel as a cape... -Me

...slashed, strangled, and slaughtered. beaten, stabbed, and curshed. Garroted and impaled. Shot and executed without mercy... -Weiss

I'll make it simple for you then, you're both bisexual, you just haven't found the person of the same sex that appeals to you. Now shut up and let me finish my nap! -Me (Do not wake me up when I'm taking a nap on the bus. Especially for ridiculous crap like love.)

Pretty pretty Cloud, is pretty pretty gay. -Michelle

No! Bad newbies! -Mr Wurster (My history teacher)

You know, you're lucky the little Larxy isn't awake at this hour in the morning or I'd have bitchslapped you by now.-Me

Gansta Milla!- Jared (About my Math teacher, Mr Miller)

Myyyyyyyy Chickens bring all the boys to they yard and they're like 'el pollo gordo!' Chyea right! El Pollo gordo!...- Mike (George) singing his parody on 'Milkshakes'

Oh yeah? Well I'll sit on you... game over. -Michelle

Holy shit, I just realized it's time to go. YAH! -Me.

My life is like a box made out of doors and all the handles and knobs are on the other side. I think that's about the most emo thing that's come out of my mouth as of late. -Me

Damn... you're making me want to go cry in the corner like a little emo child.-Me again (I'm such a drama queen sometimes)

I'm gonna take a nap now. Off with you...-Andy

This is where the term 'fucking brainless n00bs' comes from.-Michelle

He looks SO thrilled, wouldn't you say?-Michelle

Tell your cousin I'm going to go to her house and kidnap her.

Why don't you just wait until next time she visits to say hi?

Because blowing the front door in will be a lot more fun than going to your house and saying 'hi'.-Andy and me

~:Hall of Stupid Quotes:~

The stupid moments among the stupid

"How do you know I'm white? I could Have had a sex change!" -Matt Gemma

"Talk about tard with a capital 'H'" -Andy

Oh ma god like 'boo'-Keri

I only like girls of the opposite sex!- Gemma (You might have to think a few seconds to actually get this one)

Purple is a pretty number...-Me

Get the hell off! You're going to wet me--I mean get me wet! JUST GET OFF, MARK!.-Me again, screamin' at the little cousin XDD

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