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Sad news, my writing is on hold for now due to RL "stuff". This is very disheartening but I am sincerely hoping that I'll be able to get back to finishing my stories as soon as everything calms down. My apologies to all.

My Profile - Updated 12/21/06

Name: zky-zephyr (not my real name)

Fave Animes: In no particular order - If it's not on the list I probably don't like it for one reason or another, I'm quite picky with my anime.

Azumanga Daioh, Last Exile, Scrapped Princess, Gunslinger Girl, Naruto, Mai HiME, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach (season 2 sucked), Kannazuki no Miko (hate the mechs though), Maria-sama ga Miteru (I think the manga is better), Trigun, Fist of the Northstar, Noir, Dirty Pair, Robotech (the American one, yeah I know it's not 'real' anime), Hellsing (although I haven't finished it yet), GTO, Mai Otome

Fave Shoujo-ai Anime/Manga!

Azumanga Daioh, My HiME, Kannazuki no Miko, Maria-sama ga Miteru, Noir, Mai Otome, Strawberry Panic, Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito, Strawberry Shake, Simoun, Iono the Fanatics

Fave Authors: There isn't enough room to list all the books I like:

Madeleine L'Engle, Barry Hughart, Bryce Courtenay, Laurie R. King, Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Jane Austen, Dean Koontz, Orson Scott Card, Arthur Conan Doyle, Mark Frost, Anne McCaffrey, Brian Jacques, Terry Brooks, Robert Asprin, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Dostoyevsky, Voltaire

Story Notes for Last Chance: Updated 12/10/06

(o.O) NO longer Spoiler F-R-E-E, meh-uh-oh!

This story started as a Tomo/Yomi story but slowly evolved into what you are reading now. I was interested in thinking about how the girls would grow up and what they would do if they were faced with the possibility of losing each other.

I set the story 8 years after high school graduation. I wanted them out of college (except for Chiyo who's a nerd, lol) and somewhat established in their chosen professions.

I decided to approach this from a realistic point of view.

This story is not meant to be a comedic piece hence the reason that it's listed under Drama/Romance. For this, I apologize to all the Osaka fans.

Shoujo-ai: This story is shoujo-ai because I want it to be. If you don't know what shoujo-ai is, you should seriously go and look it up but not in a dictionary...try the internet instead.

Chiyo's 6 doctorates according to zky-zephyr: Genetics, Virology (inside joke), Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemical Engineering, and Neuroscience. To find degrees for Chiyo, I looked at Harvard, MIT, Stanford and UC Berkeley.

Names I considered for Chiyo's dad: Akito, Dai, Danjuro, Goemon, Heizo, Hiroharu, Hideki, Kansuke, Kakuei, Kagetoki, Naizen, Nichiren, Ryosei (runner-up to Heikichi), Taheiji -- yes, I picked some of the names because I thought they sounded funny

Writing this story has been a real challenge. I miss all the time I had to write and percolate over story ideas that I had over summer. Alack and alas, real life comes barging in and learning how to juggle my time became an issue. However, I've taken it as a learning experience and I think I'm really close to getting the 'time' issue solved as far as this fanfic is concerned. I didn't like thinking that it would take me a year to finish this story so I have resolved myself to what I think is a reasonable writing schedule.

I had not originally planned on having Tomo show up at the hospital until much, much closer to the end of the story. I was really going to drag out their reunion, however, there are some plot 'things' that need to occur which require the help of Tomo. Luckily, it is completely believable to write Tomo willingly hurting herself to be with Yomi.

Part of the reason it took me so long to update with Chapter 11 is that I lost track of the current 'conversations'; especially the one between Ayumu and Kagura. I finally got it all straightened out in my head and was able to update, yay!

Story Notes for Nyamo the Player: Last updated 7/22/06 (spoiler f-r-e-e)

This story is the direct result of me thinking too much about the possible shoujo-ai pairings in Azumanga Daioh. AD Fans are very dedicated to their favorite pairings but I think they are also quite accepting of any well-written story that breaks the accepted canon or introduces OCs. Well, at least, that is my impression from reading the many reviews that have been left in this fandom. I think the other writers who write for multiple fandoms would probably agree that the AD area is a nice place to be.

Story Notes for Denied: Last updated 8/10/06

I find some of the stories with boys flirting with the Azu-gang amusing. This is my own take on how the girls would take advances from the opposite sex. It was also a lot of fun to think about the possibility of Osaka, Kagura and Tomo having a three-way relationship, if ya know what I mean (snicker). The addition of NyamoXYukari was also fun to write. The only sad part is the fact that Chiyo isn't gonna get any lovin', ah well.

Story Ideas: Last Update: 12/21/06


I really like all the canon pairings so I would write stories for any of them except for Kaorin. I strongly dislike Kaorin so there is only a very, very small chance that I would ever write a story with her in it as a main character. My apologies to all Kaorin-lovers.

Stories which focus on just one pair that aren't canon: Yomi/Sakaki, Yomi/Kagura, Yomi/Nyamo, Chiyo/Kagura, Tomo/Sakaki, Osaka/Yomi...hmm, i think i might have a thingy for yomi. A side note, I seem to have discovered a severe inability to not be able to write a story with only 2 characters. I keep writing for all six, lol. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Love triangels can be f-u-n: two other characters fighting over Chiyo, Kagura or Yukari

I'm always a big, big fan of anybody who can mix it all up and surprise the heck out of people as to the end pairings.

The girls aren't lesbian stories: Yeah, I would write these but I prefer shoujo-ai. Well-written OCs are fine by me.


An anonymous person mentioned writing one of these in a review for Last Chance and it is a great idea. I've managed to think of a very basic story plot to get started on an Azumanga Daioh epic but it will probably not get 'published' until I'm done with Last Chance and Denied. This is a great challenge and I think it would be a lot of fun to write. Let's see, not to give anything away because I like surprises...but so far this story has been set in an 'Alternate Universe' and, of course, will be Shoujo Ai.


Eventually, I'd like to write stories for the following animes: Mai HiME, Noir, Maria-sama ga miteru

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