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Godess Gunapi here! So just cause i'm the raka godess of war, volcanoes and flowing lava doesn't mean that i can't be romantic. I like to explore stories about different characters in Tamora's worlds; some of whom haven't been born yet. My favourite country is the Copper isle (living on the largest island in the world i can understand how they feel) and The raka royal court. i often wonder what it would be like if we let the Jaguar godess out of her den... anyway, i hope you like my stories!

So as a University student (of Adelaide uni btw) it's hard to find time to go out and get drunk (a requirement if you're an aussie) let alone write stories about characters who have a way more interesting life than i do (politics is rrrreeaaaalllyyy boring sometimes) so forgive me if it takes a while for me to update...

Other interests:

Athough i'm a Tamora pierce nut i also read other books too. Most of my sex scenes are inspired by Keri Arthur. She is an australian author who writes about a half vampire half were named Riley Jenson; A hot bitch (literally... cause she's a werewolf) with wooden high heels as her weapons of choice and a plethora of bad guys who need an asswhooping. Oh, and did i mention she lives in melbourne? I would like to get around to writing some stories about her life as a Directorate officer (think cia for non-humans) but i don't know when i'll get around to it... have to kill off some of my other characters first.

Another great author is Cassandra Clare. Her book, City of Bones (the frist in what i hope to be a long series of novels) is set in New York city. and with the amount of demons, vampires, werewolves, fairies, warlocks and nephilim runing around that place, i think they should reconsider the title of "safest large city in the world". Blood & gore, love & romance... what more could you want?

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