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Author has written 15 stories for Beyblade, Final Fantasy VII, Gundam Wing/AC, One Piece, Losers, Star Trek: 2009, Avengers, Marvel, and Power Rangers.

Hiya, I'm Cuppa. She/Her. Nice to meet you. I'm not on here much except to lurk, and if I ever was going to continue anything, I probably won't for a while.

To that end, Burn is officially discontinued. There might be some day that I pick it up. But I probably won't.

I'm a big fan of run-on sentences. I can't help it. Caution for poor attempts at humor throughout... like. Most? Of my stories?

To everyone that follows or favorites or especially reviews any of my stories: Thank you.

The Art of Cohesion: Is a series of moments more than it is an actual story that show learning moments from either of the Bradley's, or Shane, and is mostly intended to be a super sappy kind of angsty look at learning moments on how they come together. So. Pacing is.. you know. Iffy. (Sorry about that.) It is nearly completed in its entirety, so that's fun! Mostly I'm just debating on an epilogue at the moment. And I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Rebel Paisley for inspiring and encouraging me to write for the fandom at all.

-Updated 5/17/2016


This is a long list but a few fandoms that I still haunt semi-regularly are Gundam Wing, Beyblade, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto (specifically Kakashi fics), and Daredevil and Batfam oriented DC things - specifically, anything relating to Terry McGinnis or Jason Todd. I have completely fallen into the pit that is Power Rangers everything. Oops.

...there's much more...

Favorite Characters:

I have a lot so I won't list them, but if I ever learn to write regularly I'm sure you'll all get a feel for them soon enough.

Notes: I am going to try and not put Author's Notes for anything within my stories anymore, in compliance with Fanfiction's posting policies. So any questions I receive a lot of things that get too long-winded will hopefully be answered here. Perhaps. (I'll be honest, I don't expect to fill this section of my profile up much either.)

Red vs Blue (Conversations from the blue team):

Church: "Here, let me see the sniper rifle. I'll check for myself."

Tucker: "Do you even know how to use that thing?"

Church: "Do I know how to use - of course I know how to use it. Don't, uh-... hey where's the- uhm. Hey how do I make it do the thing? The... the- the thing. Where everything gets closer? Where everything gets closer and bigger? How do I do the closer, bigger thing? With it?"

Tucker: "You mean zoom?"

Church: "Zoom! Yeah, that's it. Zoom. What-do-are you saying-do I say zoom? Zoom. Zoom! Rifle."

Tucker: "Press the black button."

Church: "Oh." -zooms-

Tucker: "..."

Church: "Shut up."

Tucker: "Hey, I didn't say a word, dude."

Church: "What the hell is 'alone time?'"

Tucker: "Hey! It's one of the rules of the cliff, dude. What happens in Alone Time stays in Alone Time."

Church: "What do you do during Alone Time, Caboose?"

Caboose: "Oh, I do the same stuff I do during together time. Only half."

Church: "...What?"

Tucker: "Another benefit of Alone Time? Not listening to him for a few minutes."

Other Quotes:

"My main point of this story is, uh, these aren't my power rangers until you have a green power ranger with a dagger flute thing that summons a dinosaur." (Green ranger's dagger flute theme plays) - Philip DeFranco, about the Reboot

"It's been boiled for safety." - Good Mythical Morning, about various questionable things that the hosts must then consume

"If you get bit by a snake you have to keep the snake." - Gavin Free

"Anytime it's this tight I have a question." - Philip DeFranco

"This is going to sound weird - those dicks tasted way better than these boobs." - Philip DeFranco

"There is no room for jealousy. You are my rangers! You are my team. You will just have to trust in that. Trust in yourselves." - Creuger

"Heroes come in all colors." - Jack Landors

"We are rangers, Sir! Our strength is in our team, not as individuals, Sir!" - Sky Tate

"One in every seventeen jars has a human in it." - Rhett

"I'm not the main protagonist of some sports anime where I have some sort of dormant hidden talent that can only be awakened through a 24-episode arc." - Domics

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Not One Will Know of the War reviews
Leanne Omino might have only come to remind Blake how to use his double-pointed stick, but she has more than one little brother in Blue Bay Harbor. Hunter's thrilled to see her. The fact that he's not even sarcastic about it is actually kind of the problem.
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One Piece - Rated: T - English - Humor/Crime - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,723 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 38 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 3/27/2010 - Published: 8/18/2009 - Smoker, Ace
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