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I love TFP.

I've been battling for a long time, debating with myself whether I should or shouldn't download this app. And I just want somewhere to write my stories, so yeah. Enjoy and follow me/my stories for excruciating long update gaps.

About me:

Can’t tell you guys anything about who I am or where I live (parents are strict when it comes to stranger danger) so, I'll just hit the highlights.

Favourite colour scheme : Black and Yellow (for now). I'm kinda going through a Bumblebee phase. How long will it last? We'll find out.

Favourite TV show : The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is literally the funniest TV personality I've ever seen (sorry, Homer Simpson).

Favourite animated TV show : Transformers Prime. I love the series and hated that it ended so soon. #LoveBumblebeeForever. Lol, kidding.

Favourite activity : It's kinda obvious. I have nothing else to do but write fanfiction all day (Thank the Universe that Fanfiction.Net is free).

Favourite book : Percy Jackson and the Olympians (If you haven't already read it and have a lot of free time, please read it).

Favourite mythological creature : Phoenix. I love the idea of emerging from the ashes as stronger than before.

Ok. It seems that I'm out of things to tell you abot myself that wouldn’t compromise my identity.

Oh, wait! I LOVE the Marvel movie franchise and the Luke Cage TV series (Season 2 soon, yay!). I honestly cannot wait for Avengers Infinity War to be out!!!

Thank you if you've taken the time to read everything about me :-)

XOXO GreyroseLegacy1

Disclaimer : All I own are my OC characters like Silver Sun (FYI, there will be WAY more OCs in the future. Still just deciding which stories to publish next). Any movie or animated TV series that I base my stories on are not mine.

Update 1: 07/05/18

Hey. What's up?

Regarding my OC's story, I want to basically make a profile for Silver Sun, telling you guys about her personality. So here it is.

Designation : Silver Sun.

Nicknames : Sil, Silver, Sunny (Wheeljack’s idea), Sis (but only by Arcee).

Birthday : On human calendar, 4th of May.

Age : 22 orns.

Function : Medical Officer. Basically the nicer version of Ratchet that doesn't throw wrenches at people.

Disguise : Silver Yamaha YFR with yellow streaks.

Family (known) : Arcee (sister).

Allegiance : Autobot.

Motivation : She wants to be part of the cause to bring peace to Cybertron and ensure her sister's safety.

Personality : Mature, loyal, brave, selfless, caring, good-natured. Naive, absent-minded, quiet, can't fight, rash decision-maker.

Likes : Her sister, Bumblebee, the colour of silver, sunsets and sunrises, Team Prime.

Dislikes : Airachnid, Megatron, Decepticons in general, violence, arguments, when others aren't as forgiving or accepting as she is, her powers.

Current location : Omega outpost 7, Jasper, Nevada, USA, Earth.

Quote : 'Hey, if rash decisions hadn't gotten us offlined by then, that must've meant fate was on our side.'

Enjoy chapter five! Also, please review if you get the oppurtunity.

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Akuma: The Feared Hero reviews
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