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*Smiles and waves enthusiastically* Look who crawled their way out of adulthood! I tried to come back, I really did! But no one seemed to be reading the story I posted, which, in all honesty, left me feeling kinda…put out. Then adulthood came back, grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me back to it’s evil lair kicking and screaming. What is this evil lair you ask? Oh, well it consists of ‘working for a living’, ‘paying bills’, ‘buying a house’, and gasp ‘make your own doctor’s appointments’. *Shudders*

I can’t escape! But I can be sneaky! I took a laundry job on the weekends at a nursing home and I work full time too. Yes, I work two days a week and have full time. How? I work sixteen hour days! Ugh!! But with five days to work on my writings, both original and fanfiction, I have decided to come back! But I must give credit where credit is due; the boyfriend, Joe, persuaded me to come back after my bout with some minor depression and anxiety. Joe will be my editor, even though he works five days a week. He has agreed to help me edit on Fridays and Saturdays, bless him.

*Looks at stories and grimaces* Uhhh…*sweeps stories under a rug and pours bleach over updated dates* Everyone was sixteen once! As embarrassing and poorly written as A Beautiful Nightmare was, I did get a good laugh form it. At least its better that the story I wrote when I was TWELVE and then had the balls to post on here, I was a ballsy twelve-year-old. I found some hand written copies of it. *Shudders* Know what I called it? We’re Mary-Sues! Woo-Hoo! Ghastly! I burned the copies. Literally set them on fire. DISGUSTING!!

As for the revamp, it got away from me, the other two stories on here will be deleted, sorry to disappoint. Though I may or may not come back to them, for any and all interested. A Beautiful Nightmare will stay up for nostalgia purposes and the revamp will be, well, revamped. And updated. Yes, I will actually update it, and editing the first posted chapters. But be warned there will be more, a lot more, Guthlaf/Tabby, as I’m trying my hand at some serious romance stuff in my original works. The story won’t have any sex scenes in it, though I may or may not be above hinting at it. Who knows? We’ll see where my creativity takes me.

In other news I have two new stories that I will be posting and working on. One of them I was urged to post by Joe just for giggles.

FAIR WARNING: One of the new stories (or both) will be dealing with dark/adult themes, which may not be suitable for some readers, and I caution you to read at your own risk. The chapter preceding those with the dark/adult themes will have a notice and warning, and the chapters containing the themes will have another warning. This will probably cause the ratings to go up, so bear that in mind. Caution should be taken, but I hope it does not deter you from enjoying the stories.

Anyways, thanks for reading this (if you have) and hopefully I will see you reading my stories. Enjoy!

-Extinction of the Gummy Bears.


Authoress: I seem to have a thing for post-war Middle-earth, specifically Gondor. I'm such a weirdo... should be fun, maybe. I also seem to have a thing for 'girl in ME' stories, so, if that tickles your fancy read on, if not, sorry to disappoint.

Stories For Practice:

The Road Goes Ever On and On: 10th(plus) walker. Posted for a few months and then taken down, originally written for a friend and subsequently never worked on it again. May or may not make a reappearance. My group of friends are thrust into the War of the Ring in varying places, traitors, temptation and moral values abound. Follows a lot of people, and I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

Please read the following, and know that I am not trying to be mean or demean somebody:

Dear Reviewers and Readers:

Not to sound mean or rude, but this is a fanfiction that is purely for fun and for me to work on my character development. But I have been spending some time reading other stories and reading reviews of them, and I would just like to say that there are some things that I don’t like seeing in reviews: telling me how much you want a language barrier. Great, if you want that, go find a story with it, because this story will not have it. Tenth walkers/self inserts are terrible and overdone. Great, you were warned what it was in the summery, so if you don’t like it don’t read it; because I know that they are. This is a story for fun and for me to work on my writing with something I am comfortable with at the moment. I want feedback on the writing, not the backdrop. The backdrop happens to be Middle-earth, and if things aren’t accurate, please, by all means, let me know. But the language barrier, don’t tell me about it, because I don’t want to hear it, my original stories do not concern one, therefore I am not going to write about one here. And for those of you who have followed my previous works and could review without signing in, well that is no longer an option. If you are going to criticize the work, you’re going to sign in so we can discuss what was wrong. Don’t hide behind a computer screen if you have something to say about it. If you’re going to have ‘balls’ enough to make an anonymous review telling me it sucks and I suck, have the balls to log in so I can confront you. If you’re going to criticize the work constructively, great, go for it, but logging in will enable me to be able to ask for any clarification that may or may not be needed, not to attack you for criticism. I don’t want to attack you for what I’m asking for. It’s purely for clarification on anything that may have been misunderstood, or to get any opinions or ideas from reviewers. But don’t do play the “Tenth walkers/self inserts are overdone, don’t attack me its constructive criticism” card, because as I already acknowledged: I KNOW!! This is for practicing purposes ONLY and for fun. Like I mentioned, I’m trying to focus on character development, but if you see anything else that needs work, great tell me, I want to know, but don’t tell me how much it’s overdone. Please.

So please, don't waste my time or your time with the needless rants on what MY story should have, and how overdone the backdrop/early plot is done. I have not read a story where it concerns so many people being pulled into the world, nor the moral values being so explored as I plan on doing, nor the temptations that may become present or any adult themes that may arise. But please let me know how I can make the story better. I want to hear that, but well, you know what I don't want to hear, because I have heard it all before. Despite the 'people falling into Middle-earth' being overdone, people still read these stories. And if you don't like it, don't read, because it's in the summary, and you have been warned.

Please remember, I am not trying to be rude or mean or put people down for what they enjoy reading, but please, if you don't like the premise of the story, don't waste your time reading it and then typing out how you feel about it. It's a waste of your time and mine, so spend your time reading what you enjoy, and lets not be hateful to those who choose write something overdone, because, people still read these kinds of stories. Respect that.

Thank you for reading, if you have. -Extinction of the Gummy Bears.

Stories For Fun:

A Beautiful Nightmare: Staying put because of nostalgia purposes, and let's face it I'm ridiculously proud of the nutty little thing. In all my years I haven't written a more popular story. LET ME HAVE MY PETTY FANCIES!!

My Little Fighter: A story I had originally posted on a very old account that I have since been locked out of for quite sometime. I can not longer access the e-mail account set up for that account (hobbitlass09) I will remove the story from that account when I have decided to post it over here. Revisions are being made, and I do have high hopes for the story. Should be fun. About post-war Gondor focusing on Aragorn's youngest daughter. A young boy comes into the city of Minas-Tirith and disrupts the royal family.

The New Shadow: Newish story I recently found lurking in my documents. Not quite up to snuff yet, but will be posted shortly. About a girl who walks into post-war Gondor due to trouble the orcs are causing. Loosely based on a prospective sequal Tolkien was working on about orc occultists. Titled under the same name, (do a google search if you don't believe me.) Again it is loosely based on the small summary given.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Removed for not being worked on and the original documents got deleted have been recovered recently. Will be under construction and may or may not be reposted. People have been disappearing from all over the world, and when Marie finds herself in a small village of people who have come from Earth, just like her, she begins to try to adjust to a new life. When the leader of the village calls a council Marie finds herself thrown into a world of growing orcs, and digs her hole deeper by joining the small militia.

Eldarion's Story: Yet to have a real title. Deals with post war middle-earth and a curious young lady who has been living in the borders of the Shire. Under construction may be posted if I feel so inclined. (Originally titled Castle Man and taken down back in the 2010/2011 era.) Yet to have a decent plot.

Ficy-poo: Endearly named because I was goofing off. Joe thinks it's fun and should be posted. May or may not oblige him. Depends if a real, adult title comes to mind. Fun idea on what would Joe and I do if the Fellowship showed up on our door-step. Yet to have a decent plot. More or less just a goofing off story.

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