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Thanks to certain members of the fanfiction community I have decided to stay on the site, and not give up my dream of writing. I will be back writing and posting stories soon. If you do not enjoy reading tenth walker stories, please do not read any of my stories. Fanfiction is a place where aspiring writers can come or bored writers can play around with their craft. It is not a place to judge a person for what they like to write. Fanfiction doesn't stay true to canon, and if you came here expecting anything else, get over yourself.

Story News:

A Beautiful Nightmare: I am (again) reworking A Beautiful Nightmare to be (Re-re)re-posted as I have better ideas for the story. As of yet, I do not know if the original will stick around for much longer. I feel like it can be reworked to sound better and have a fuller plot. (As long as I don't get too excited.) Have you ever gotten too excited for a new chapter that you didn't bother to edit it? Yeah that's what the original was...There will probably be a new title for the re(re-re)vamp of the story, but that has yet to be decided. Now posted! (Revamped: A Beautiful Nightmare)

The Road Goes Ever On and On: I will probably continue writing it, as it was a promised made to a friend as a gift for getting accepted into her first choice college. As she has now graduated with honors from said college (and is like three steps away from being the chef/baker she wants) it's the least I could do...Planned post date: 2/5/16

The New Shadow: was originally a 'girl falls in Middle-earth' post-war story, it is being reworked so it is no longer a 'girl in M/E'. (ONLY because I had a better idea! Not some BS C2.) It is based (and I stressed based) off of Tolkien's idea for a sequel to LoTR. Will be playing with adult themes in this story!

My Little Fighter: (new title to come) this is a story I started on a second account which I can no longer access. Centered around post-war Gondor and on Aragorn's children.

Second Chance: (new title to come) also originally posted on the old account I cannot access anymore. May or may not rework but it's in the cards. Based on an enslaved elf.

(Title to come): a fun little story I started as a joke where the Fellowship come to our world and my fiancé and I have to deal with them. Will probably post when I find a plot somewhere in there.

New C2: I have a new C2 up called Stories to Read With a Smoking Jacket, (I couldn't come up with something else). It's mostly for LoTR but I dabble in reading other fandoms so that may change. It is only for myself to throw some stories together that I like, and I am always open to suggestions. I may not read the stories right away, but I will get around to it. (When I get internet at my trailer.)

News in the 'exciting' life of the authoress: As I have decided to come back in a weird place in my life, I will not make any promises to updating on time. I am coming out of a bad place right now, my fiancé is going back to a low paying job to go back to school, we are planning a wedding, and looking for a house to buy. So if I am back to writing reliably and suddenly drop off the face of the earth again, it's probably one of the big things encountering problems (or I have Writer's Block). So sorry in advance, but I'll be back around. Stories will start coming towards the new year, that way if I can't find time to write, I may be able to find a few minutes to post a chapter, as I am trying to gather a backlog of chapters. Updates will come on Fridays starting on the first of the year.

Update: With work we are getting taken over by a new company so my schedule may or may not change, all I know is a pay raise is in the cards. With the time I have now, I am working on a back log of chapters. I am currently up to four completed chapters for ABN with the fifth nearly finished. TRGEOAO has eight completed chapters with a ninth being worked on. All will have to be re-edited again before being posted.

I will be trying to tone down the slap-stick humor and the cursing in my stories. But c'mon, don't tell me cursing is bad, evil, and makes you look less intelligent. See the following:

You're attacked by an orc:

You will most likely say:
A. "Fuck!"
B. "Holy Shit!"
C. "Shit!"
D. "What the fuck?!"
E. Some combination of the above.

You would not say:
A. "What the frick?"
B. "What the frick-frack snick-snack!"
C. "Oh my gosh!"
D. Ect.

And seriously you would NOT say:
A. "OMG!"
(How does one even pronounce that?[I know the acronym])

I also vow to always offer up constructive criticism when reviewing anything. I will not beat you down, bash you or your story, and I will not tell you how to write your story. (Suggestions only given upon request.) If I don't like your story, I won't read it simple as that. I wish a lot of people would extend the same courtesy to myself and others.

Anyway, that's all for now.

~Extinction of the Gummy Bears

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