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The distant rumblings of an angry sky rolled over the sleepy town of Vangon. Artus Gehn crouched on the edge of the roof on the Johnson Office Building, the tallest building in town with four stories. Illuminated in the light of the full moon as it broke through the cloud cover, Artus Gehn looked like a gargoyle from a gothic church. His face was pale and scarred, with sunken cheeks and dark eyes that seemed to burn with an inner fire as he surveyed the horizon.

A flicker of lightning drew his gaze to his left. Lightning flashed again, closer this time. Gehn smiled, a humorless grin that seemed to mock the night around him. This sleepy town was in for a surprise, sneered Gehn to himself glancing briefly at the houses around him. There would be trouble before long and this town would be in the middle of it.

Gehn rose to his feet, his tall form heavily wrapped in a black cloak whose edges seemed to fade into the darkness as though longing to return to shadow. After years of tracking them, Gehn had finally discovered their plans. They were headed for Vangon and Gehn was going to be there when they arrived. The war was beginning.

The moon slipped behind a cloud as Gehn moved nimbly to the corner of the building and leapt down to the darkened street below. Artus Gehn slipped into the shadows and was gone, one with the darkness around him once more.

So, yeah. I am distrustful of the internet and all the strange people who find shelter and comfort in the twisted realms of the Web, so I will not be displaying any personal information on this site. Stinks for you, stalkers! -- That message not directed at any who come to the site simply because they wish to know about my work as a writer. May fortune smile upon those of innocent mind and clear conscience.

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