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Welcome to the joint collaboration account of Gladrial and RisqueSno! For those of you who don't know, our specialty is Batman fanfiction with an extreme emphasis on Joker/Harley Quinn and the Gotham Rogues in general. Or whatever the hell else we feel like.

Our Process

Each fic starts out as an idea, presented by RisqueSno in the form of some comedic presentation to Gladrial, who molds the thought into something grand and delightful. After several outlining sessions and much name-calling, Gladrial begins work on the actual writing portion. She then produces a chapter made from her own blood, sweat and tears, which RisqueSno rips to shreds during the beta session.

Eventually, after many a beratement of sentence structure, the story is presented to you, our dear readers, in the hope that you will review with even a meager "omglolz yuo guys r gr8t!11."

By having two authors, you will receive the best of both worlds: RisqueSno's comedic story outlines and touch for classy smut; Gladrial's award winning dialogue and unhampered writing style. Not only that, but are you aware just how many beta sessions the completed fic goes through before posting? Let's just say it's far too many. Even if you may not think so. Promise.

One of our unique characteristics is that we try to blend the worlds of the animated universe and the comics, giving us a lovely amount of freedom and access to more characters and ideas. Playing fast and loose with the timeline is our main foray, but we do it with an extreme amount of reverence and Gladrial has the largest comic collection RisqueSno has ever heard of.

A personal note from Gladrial and RisqueSno: If your JHQ is turning out FLUFFY, then you're doing it WRONG. This isn't because we're against having your own interpretation of the characters, but rather because we're extremely for sticking with what canon provides. And yes, our JHQ is sometimes a little fluffy if you look at it a certain way, but it's not fluffy in the general sense. I mean, you really can't describe fluff as 'he decided not to stab any of her vital organs today.' In some of our stories he isn't extraordinarily abusive, so would the definition of JHQ fluff be lack of abuse? We don't know if that qualifies. ...The fact that we'd even consider it fluffy for a moment makes us rather twisted.

Bad Thing - Images of Harley's apartment

Fanart provided by Blithefool of deviantart: Chapter 1 Chapter 3

Current Projects

(Note: Almost all of our WIPs are tagged by short, descriptive titles prior to completion.)

Eavesdropping- The Joker and Harley Quinn are just trying to have a quiet evening at home, doing normal things. Watching classic Looney Tunes shorts, eating sub-par Chinese takeout, and cleaning their expansive collection of firearms. But then the couple in the next apartment start causing a racket...

Partyfic- Harvey needs a date and Renee doesn't know it but she's available! Now if he could just get her to stop yelling at him...

Paging Dr.Leland- Harley will do anything it takes to get her therapist Joan Leland back to Arkham. Even going across the country! ...With the Riddler, whose presence has nothing at all to do with trying to get in her pants. Nope.

Henchwench Applications

A multi-fandom, multi-universe job search.

Applicant's Name: Paige a.k.a. RisqueSno

Personality: Unfailingly cheerful, Eternally optimistic, Quick witted, Extremely loyal, Friendly to a fault, Very bouncy, Easygoing type of gal

Qualifications/Past Experience: Survived regular public high school math classes, Loyal high-ranking henchwoman to meglomanical virus dictator for 3 years (Non-Romantic), Geeky fangirl since the age of 10 (Star Wars started it)

Special Skills: Spinning around really fast and knocking into things, Shopping spree ability, Specialized fangirl glomp, Pinches hard, Great hair, Trained in over 42 different forms of sarcasm and parody, Sugary baked goods a specialty, Classy smut writing, and the astoundingly crippling talent to remember the most useless fictional information with such a limited range of appropriateness

Weaknesses: Severe claustrophobia, Extreme paranoia, Distracted by shiny things, Hits like a girl, Stumbles into everything, Easily confused, Really very silly

Personal Preferences in Employer: Intelligent, Clever ideas, Sharp wit. Spandex wearers need not contact. Killing of children and animals severely frowned upon. Gimmicks welcomed and identity, costume etc. will be tailored to fit.

Goals: To hang on the arm of a powerful criminal genius and look sexy. To be a trusted confidant and assist him in his heists/world conquest. If that doesn't pan out I'll settle for being a loving suburban housewife who happens to provide pandering smut for the geek communities.

Applicant's Name: Amanda a.k.a. Gladrial10

Personality: Happy-go-lucky, Laid back kinda gal, Loyal to the end, Procrastinator extraordinaire, Finds joy in the small (and often stupid) things in life

Qualifications/Past Experience: Completely devoted fangirl for the past fifteen years, Know my fandoms inside and out, Practically limitless resources, Comic guru

Special Skills: Dialogue writing is my specialty, Easily becomes all-obsessed, Performs well under pressure, Great in the kitchen, Fantastic and diverse taste in music

Weaknesses: Puts things off until last minute, Loses track of time when engrossed in something, Will talk about things you don’t care about endlessly unless stopped, Owns the most ridiculous DVD collection known to man (Is that a weakness or a strength?), Frightened of bugs and needles

Personal Preferences in Employer: Good sense of humor, Know what you want and don’t mind stepping on toes to get it, Ego factor a plus, Gimmicks are okay

Goals: To hang on the arm of an even more powerful criminal genius and look even sexier. And if I can’t get that, I’ll take being one of DC’s head writers.

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