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Hey, its momentarything here. so let me run down a list of things i love that would help you on

I love Veronica Mars, West Wing, 24, HP, CCS, Grey's Anatomy, and Law and Order SVU and CI. I love the Gilmores and I think the Supernatural boys are hot stuff. But nobody says hot stuff anymore so ignore that.

I think Jason Dohring and Kristen Bell are just adorable. They are amazing actors. Me likey the boy especially. And in my world, Logan and Veronica are eternally in LoVe and doing hot stuff behind closed doors. Oh, there it is that ridiculous expression again. God forbid!

More dynamic duos:

Logan/Barak. There are a lot of people who hate Logan and hate Barak. I love them together. They've got good chemistry. I mean, he asked her up to his apartment already. How much farther does Dick Wolf have to go to just stick them in the bed?

Alex/Bobby aka Goren/Eames. Me love them. They are the epitomy of unrequited looooove. Dick Wolf needs to get his arse up and start some relationship of some sort bc they are too perfect to be ignored.

Sakura/ Syaoran. You can't not love these guys. It isn't even possible. They are too wonderful to exist. 'Nuf said.

MerDer. Yeah definitely. Patrick Dempsey is the sexiest man alive to me. Even if he did only make 2nd sexiest, it was bc of grave grave oversight of his delicious hair and eyes. They just looked at the headshots upside down. I forgive them, I really do. Oh and how much do I want Ellen Pompeo's amazing figure? She's like a frikking tall tiny hourglass. MerDers are actually satisfying to write. I may write many of them in the near future.

Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. Yeah.

Alex/Izzie. Even Denny can't take my heart like these guys do. That might be because other people see denny and say, aww cute dying guy! I see Denny and think, Sam and Dean's long-lost hairy daddy on Supernatural! Who abandoned his children and has yellow teeth!

LoVe LOGAN VERONICA IN DA HOUSE! Sorry. That wasn't me. It was one of the voices in my head. Don't where it came from. It's the same one that squealed in 2.17 when they danced. Itruns loose sometimes. Hey, go back into my head where you came from! And make sure the other voices keep their voices down!

Josh and Donna. An eternal couple. It pains me to override Veronica and Logan but my happiest moment of TV history was when they kissed. They are the ultimate squeeness of squeeing. And the voices just went nuts.

Tomoyo/Eriol. They're cool. Too cool. Heartbreaking and a very smiling so much you want to cry kind of happiness. They are meant to be.

Rory/Dean, Rory/Jess, Rory/Logan. I like em all. Not picky. Glad Logan is so adorabible though.

Lorelai/Christopher. No offense, but Scott Patterson and Luke are both dicks. They need to get kicked off of the show. Lorelai and Chris have this cuteness and chemistry that Lauren and Scott wouldn't dare to have. Its always a real problem when the actors don't dig making out. Just ask Ang Lee. Hard to make the boys get down when its not the boys they're after.

Me/ My boyfriend Jay. I 3 you Jay. For putting up with me and the voices. They are a package deal. What I like most are the earrings that you bought me. You know you are loved when the boy buys you silver this gorgeous.


I want to shoutout to the wonderful Bradley Whitford. Oh Bradley. And while we're at it, lets shout one spot to the right at your Studio 60 partner Matthew Perry. Shame he's not picked up yet. I'll pick him up. He's so awesome. I'd marry him even if it was illegal and I was like five. He's gotten cute since he got off of the drugs.

To Janel moloney and Kristen Bell, the most beautiful blondes in the world. You define gorgeous. I wish I woke up tomorrow morning and looked like one of you. Any one.

To John Spencer who has passed on and to Jamey Sheridan who has left Law and Order. The world will never forget yee, Captain! and god in season one you were the sexiest over-forty alive. Probably dead even with Clooney.

that's pretty much it, g2g write my 35 page term paper tonight. wish me luck!

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