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Disclaimer: We don't own Naruto.

(Temari): ...which stinks!

(Tenten): If we did own Naruto, Temari would make it so the Sand Sibs were in every episode, and I would make it so Lee and Tenten would get married.

(Temari): (singing) You like Lee...

(Tenten): And you like Shikamaru!

(Temari): I do not! He's three years younger than me!

(Tenten): (whispering) Denial...

(Temari): What was that?

(Tenten): Nothing!

(Both): Hello, all! From your friends Tenten and Temari.

(Tenten): Yes we know in the priliminary exams it seemed like we hated each other, but we just didn't want anyone to know we were friends! I mean how weird is it that your friend is from a village that's trying to destory yours?

(Temari): Heh, heh. Sorry about that, by the way.

(Tenten): Aw, that's okay.

(Temari): We both like to write funny stories about "what ifs". You'll be reading them pretty soon. Very funny stuff! We came up with them at four in the morning, in fact!

(Both): ...Well, we'll be seeing ya!

(Naruto): Believe it!

(Both): Naruto, what're you doing here?

(Naruto): I'm the main character! I'm everywhere!

(Temari): Hahaha. Well, okay.

(All): Well, we'll be seeing ya!

(Tenten): Read our stories!

(Temari): Review our stories!

(Naruto): And bring me ramen!

(Please note that it wasn't actually Tenten, Temari and Naruto writing all of this but rather two girls whose favorite female characters are Tenten and Temari. There was no guy who had Naruto as a favorite male character when they wrote this; they just threw him in there... but you probably already figured all of this out, huh?)


Stories I Made (in order from when I made them):

1. The "Kankuro Falls" Series (In Order: "Love," "Potato Chips," "Doggie Doo," "Dresses," "Snow.")

2. "The Seven Greatest Days of My Youth" (I also plan to make more LeeTen fics if I can.)

3. "Shino's Beautiful Eyes" (First story I've ever written for Shino and why he wears shades all the time. It's funny.)

4. "The Adventures of Tenten and Temari" (I wrote this with Temari, it's about Tenten pulling a prank on Temari. It's really funny.)

5. "If Guy-Sensei Was Hokage" (I wrote this with Temari, it's about Guy telling Lee what he would do if he were hokage. It's one of the funniest one we've made so far!)

6. "What Is Love?" (A Sandsib fic about their tough childhood. Most of it is sad but it'll have a happy ending. It's something different from what I normally do.)

7. "What Did You Just Say? Things You Really Didn't Need To Know About the Sand Sibs" (I wrote this with Temari and I must say that it is one of the funniest we have made. Prepare to laugh.)

8. "Naruto! Stuck In A Forest" (Originally I wasn't going to post this but then I decided to because it's humorous and I heart humor. :-) Yay!)

9. "Gaara, You're Purple" (I wrote this with Temari and we had a lot of fun. It's so funny-- Read it!)

Reasons I Got the Nickname Tenten:

1. Tenten's my favorite female character in the show.

2. I would LOVE to be on her squad! Guy-sensei (second-favorite male character) is the! Best! Sensei! EVUR! Plus I'd LOVE to be Rock Lee's teammate (favorite character), and Neji's too (third-favorite male character).

3. I have GREAT aim.

4. I think Chienese culture is neat. In fact, I have more Chienese decorations in my room than Japanese.

5. Her style (hair & clothes) rocks.

6. I'm always there to lend a helping hand.

7. I'd love to help Neji with his Byakugan training. That would be so cool.

8. I have a pair of pants that are like Tenten's when she was thirteen.

How I'm Like Other Young Kunoichi:

Sakura- I'm afraid to just shout out how I feel, I sort of have an "inner-me". And I have long hair (I'm always afraid to get it cut because it took about three years to grow out this far), and her hair used to be long like mine is now... only not pink.

Hinata- I'm the shyest person in the world when I'm around people who don't know me that well. And sometimes I blush a lot. :-P

Temari- My hair looks like hers when I don't straighten it. :-)

How I'm Like Young Shinobi Boys (but I'm a GIRL):

Rock Lee- I work hard and never give up, especially on my Naruto video games. And I have no ninjutsu or genjutsu. Hahaha. And I think if I were in a story I might be the comic-relief character, too.

Naruto- I've been obsessed with ramen since kindgergarten. I eat ramen for lunch almost every day in the summertime. I really, really love ramen. And I can be goofy a lot, and I tend to get hyper & excited, especially after a good dose of sugar.

Kiba- I love dogs & Akamaru's so cute! And my kitty (her name is Midnight) reminds me of how close Kiba and Akamaru are to each other because Middy and I are so close.

Shikamaru- I'm lazy but smart. Not as smart as him though, of course.

Choji- I like to eat! Yum! But I don't eat as much as him. If I did... yikes. That would sure put the junk in your trunk!

Reasons Why I Think Rock Lee and Tenten Make A GREAT Match (obviously I'm a LeeTen fan):

1. Did you not SEE the episode where Tenten's blushing and smiling at Lee while he's training? (Actually I didn't, but I saw that part on Youtube.)

2. During the preliminaries in the Chunin exam, the person Lee cheered for most was Tenten. Even in Sakura's fight he didn't once shout out a "GO SAKURA!"

3. Did you not SEE how worked up he got when Temari insulted Tenten? WHOA! That's the angriest I've ever SEEN Lee!

4. I just thought this up (warning: may confuse you): Lee's team is basically an older more mature version of Naruto's team.
Lee would be Naruto, the guy with a huge dream and nothing can stand in his way to make it come true;
Neji would be Sasuke, the guy everyone admires and knows no one stands a chance against him;
And Tenten is Sakura, the girl who isn't as admired as the others on her team.
Everyone also has the same relationship! Tenten (currently) can't stop admiring Neji and loves training with him but he doesn't admire her as much (just like Sakura and Sasuke);
Lee is always challenging Neji and knows if he tries hard enough he can beat him (just like Naruto and Sasuke);
And Tenten is always there to get Lee's head back in the game (just like Sakura and Naruto).
My point is this: If Lee (currently) likes Sakura, and Tenten is basically another version of Sakura, then Tenten's definetely Lee's type. I think he's either hiding his feelings or he's going to like her pretty soon!

5. Lee's so gentle and Tenten isn't (remember in the Forest of Death, the way she woke him back up was to keep shaking him). Opposites attract, right?

6. Right now they're best friends (at least I think they are), and some of the cutest love stories are when best friends' feelings for one another change.

7. She's the girl that understands him the most, and I think he understands her a great deal too.

My Top 15 Favorite Characters (in order) (really hard to decide from 6-15; I love so many characters):

(Last Updated: 2/1/08)

1. Rock Lee

2. Tenten

3. Might Guy

4. Neji

5. Gaara, Kankuro & Temari (I like all three of them the same and can't put them in any order.)

6. Shikamaru

7. Kiba

8. Naruto

9. Kakashi

10. Hinata

11. Iruka

12. Kimimaro

13. Anko

14. Sakura

15. Chouji

Characters I Dislike (in order):

Sasuke (not so much anymore, but he's such a hothead and he puts everyone down all the time! Plus he copied Lee's jutsu and got credit for it that one time and that makes me so mad), Kabuto (traitor!), Orochimaru (shudder), Ino and Kin

My Favorite Pairings (and why):

LeexTenten: Well... (-points to list I made above-) Plus I think Tenten is the girl who understands him the most; she's known him for such a long time. And they're pretty much oppisites which is sort of funny, and I can just see them together. Wouldn't it be sweet?

KibaxHinata: My second-favorite pairing. Hinata likes Naruto, so obviously she likes hyperactive guys who are really outgoing. Kiba is exactly that, and he's always there for her. Even though Hinata may not like him that way right now I'm pretty sure Kiba has a soft spot for her.

KankuroxTenten: I've written a series about these two. I'm not really sure if they would end up together for real because I don't think they've ever met, but they'd be cute together. And I love writing the "Kankuro Falls" series.

NarutoxSakura: First off I always find it fun to watch Naruto make attempts to impress or get close to Sakura. And another thing is that he cares for her, and after Sakura started to understand and care for Naruto little by little all I could think was, "Aww."

ShikamaruxTemari: I just think these two fit together like puzzle pieces. And they're both geniuses! I think their personalities match perfectly. And they're just so cute together!

Pairings I Think Are Okay (and why):

ChoujixIno: It would be hilarious if it happened for one thing, and he said she was pretty once. I think they'd be cute.

ShikamaruxIno: Well if he and Temari don't fall in love and get married then this is the next best thing. Shikamaru and Ino's jutsu are a lot alike, too. But I see them more as friends now.

NarutoxHinata: If NarutoxSakura and KibaxHinata don't happen then I'd definetely want Naruto to be with Hinata. He cares for her and she obviously cares for him a whole lot, and they're complete opposites. And don't tell me that Hinata doesn't deserve him because she totally does.

GaaraxSakura: Gaara needs to be with someone, right? I think this pairing would be kind of cute, I mean if Sakura doesn't end up with Naruto.

NejixTenten: If Tenten doesn't end up with Lee or Kankuro then she should totally be with Neji. Tenten seems like his type and there are a lot of fics out there about these two. But Neji has to be a little nicer to her because in a recent episode I watched he greeted her by saying, "What do you want, Tenten?"

KurenaixAsuma: Aww. I see them together all the time. They're too cute.

Pairings I Despise (and why):

LeexSakura: I don't really think she'll ever think of him as more than a friend. I do like Sakura, but I don't think she and Lee go together. I see them more as good friends.

SasukexSakura: Sasuke doesn't deserve somebody like Sakura. He's too poo-ish.

NejixHinata: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay. These two are already related! I sure wouldn't want to marry my cousin. (-twitches at the thought-)

MxM or FxF (I don't dislike people who like it or are, but I don't support it.)

My Favorite Bonds & Friendships In Naruto That I Think Are Beautiful:

(No Order.)

Gaara, Kankuro and Temari (family love, yay!)

Neji and Hinata (family love again, yay!)

Tenten and Temari :-) Luv u, Temari!

Guy-Sensei and Lee

Zabuza and Haku

Iruka and Naruto

Lee and Gaara, especially after reading Temari's "Leaf and Sand"

Shikamaru and Choji

Kakashi and Guy

Naruto and Sasuke

Kiba and Akamaru

My Ninja Way On Fanfiction (2007) -Unsuccessful, only 4 pages of romance and friendship fics together, and 3 pages of romance only fics-

LeexTenten isn't a popular pairing, and so far there are only 3 pages of LeexTenten fics. (-cries-) So... my goal is for there to be at least 10 pages of LeexTenten fics by the end of 2007! Join me, LeexTenten fans! Join me! (-laughs evilly-)

My Ninja Way On Fanfiction (2008):

To create at least one story for each of these pairings: (the pairing will have an exclamation point (!) at the end when I have successfully created a story for it)

1. LeexTenten (!)

2. KankuroxTenten (!)

3. ShikamaruxTemari

4. KibaxHinata

5. NarutoxSakura

6. NejixTenten

7. NarutoxHinata

It'll be a challenge, but I'll give it a try!

More Info About Me:

I like to dance. Sometimes I wish life could be like the 50s, 60s or 80s when everybody danced all the time (haha wouldn't it be so much fun if life were a musical?). I wish everyone would dance more instead of just stand there at school dances. It's a great way to express your happiness, or expressing that you just ate a bunch of chocolate chip graham crackers.

Temari is one of my bestest friends ever. We make a great team and I luv her lots. :-) Luv u, Temari!

I like to write stories and read stories and laugh until I explode. But my favorite thing to do is hang out with my buddies and eat lots of pudding.

Sometimes I get just a smidge hyper when I write Author Notes in stories that Temari and I write together.

I was in the school play this year and I was in the school play last year too! The high school plays here are so much fun. Even though I'm a chorus member (which I was last year and very proud of it; this year I'm a dancer! Which is like chorus but I dance more. Yay!) I still have the time of my life. When I think of freshman year I always think about last year's play and how much fun I had with everyone.

I WENT TO FRANCE (April 2-12, 2008)! It was the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! I went to the top of La Tour Eiffel and I got to eat dinner on the first floor! I took a boat tour of the Seine River and I went inside Notre Dame! I saw the Palace of Justice in Metz, and in Paris I went inside and to the top of L'Arc De Triomphe, and to the Luxemburg (sp) Garden! I stayed with the best French host family ever, and I bought lots of stuff in Paris and Metz and went to great restaurants! (And I ate les esgargots and ratatouille also!) And the Eiffel Tower at night is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen in my life. But the Catacombs were closed the day we were there and I really wanted to go inside! But it was still the best week ever. J'aime France beaucoup!!

STORIES COMING SOON FROM TENTEN (but I can only tell you a little bit!):

-OneShot: A happy story about how I'd like the anime/manga to end.

-OneShot: A romance story of how Tenten writes a letter to Lee.

-A possible ShikamaruxTemari story (they always appear as "side-couples" in my stories and I think they deserve a love story all their own).

-A possible NejixTenten story (I'm beginning to like this couple more).

-Another possible LeexTenten story. They're still one of my favorite couples.

-Oneshot or Story, haven't decided yet: Something really funny and out-of-the-ordinary happens to Lee.


My Favorite Stories (no order):

"Spiran Adventure" by Sugar-high Strawberry

"They Are Who They Are" by 2littleredpandas

The "Gaara Gets..." series by Dilly-Oh

"Gaara Discovers..." series by Dilly-Oh

Stories I Made (in order from when I made them):

1. "Change of Heart"

2. "A Konoha Spring Catastrophe?"

3. "Desert in the Rain" (poem)

4. "A Love Stronger Than Hate"

5. "The Adventures of Tenten and Temari" (I wrote this with Tenten.)

6. "If Guy-Sensei Was Hokage" (I wrote this with Tenten as well.)

7. "Point of Order! Gaara Learns How to Play Mao"

8. "Leaf and Sand" (A friendship story.)

9. "What Did You Just Say? Things You Really Didn't Need to Know About the Sand Sibs" (I wrote this with Tenten and we think it's hilarious!)

10. "Gaara, You're Purple" I wrote this with Tenten and it is awesome! It is also pretty creative. :)

11. "Goodnight, Danna!" I wrote this about a year ago but just got around to posting it. It's my first Akatsuki story.

Reasons I am like Temari (why I got the nickname Temari):

1. Temari is my favorite female character in the show.

2. My two favorite male characters (besides Naruto, of course) are Gaara and Kankuro, and I would like to be on their team.

3. I love the desert and I think the sand village is awesome!

4. I watch out for my siblings in real life.

5. I like to wear my hair in four pigtails...

6. I love Japanese culture, and I think that Temari's fan is one of the coolest weapons/powers. I would love to wield a giant fan. (I actually have one, although I can't fight with it.)

7. I am somewhat of a strategist and think things through before acting.

8. I think it's awesome that Temari's squad members are actually her brothers. Sibling power! I am convinced that Gaara and Kankuro need Temari to keep them in check and take care of them.

9. My younger brother's favorite character in Naruto is Kankuro.

My Top Favorite Guy Characters:

- Gaara

- Kankuro

- Rock Lee

- Naruto

- Iruka

- Kakashi

- Shikamaru

- Deidara

- Sasori

My Top Favorite Female Characters:

- Temari (of course)

- Hinata

- Tenten

- Sakura (especially after her character begins to become more mature)

- Anko

- Tsunade

Characters that I dislike:

Orochimaru (for obvious reasons; that guy freaks me out), Kabuto (my arch nemesis! He is a evil little traitor and he always makes me fall asleep in the video game, Ultimate Ninja!), Kin (she's arrogant and obnoxious), Sasuke (he makes me so mad! He thinks he's so cool, but he's not as great as everyone thinks. Plus, I really dislike him after what he did to Gaara! And he betrayed the Leaf Village and all of his friends by running off with the Sound Ninja Four to find Orochimaru), Itachi (I have one word to describe Itachi - EVIL! Oh, actually, here's another word: GIRLY!). Obviously, I don't like him very much, Jiraiya (he's okay sometimes, but he's so gross and selfish and he's very inconsiderate to Naruto).

My Favorite Pairings:

-Tenten x Lee

-Naruto x Hinata

-Sakura x Gaara

-Naruto x Sakura

-Kankuro x Tenten

-Kurenai x Asuma

-Shikamaru x Temari (okay, okay, so I know I used to despise this pairing. But I don't hate it so much anymore; in fact, I like it now. It's kinda, um... grown on me I guess. Now it is one of my very favorites!).


Pairings That I Think Are Okay:

Shikamaru x Ino, Chouji x Ino, Kakashi x Anko (kinda random but okay).

My Least Favorite Pairings:

Sakura x Sasuke (he doesn't deserve to be with anybody), Kabuto x anybody (ick!), Orochimaru x anybody (double ick!), Hinata x Neji (Hello! They're cousins!), and like Tentent said, MxM or FxF (I don't dislike people who like it or are, but I don't support it).

Stuff About Me in Real Life:

- I'm a Christian and I love my Savior Jesus Christ with all of my heart!

- Naruto is my favorite anime!

- I also love all of the Hayao Miyazaki movies.

- I was homeschooled for most of my life but now I go to public high school.

- In my free time I like to: write (obviously), read, hang out with my friends such as Tenten:) , do drama, do stuff outside, draw, and watch movies and anime.

- I love to travel and have been to many places around the world, including Australia and China. It is my dream to go to Japan someday.

- Tenten is my bestest friend and buddy and I have an absolutely wonderful time writing stories with her! We make the best team, I agree:)

My Favorite Friendships in Naruto (No Order)

(Tenten made a list like this, and I thought it was a great idea, so here's mine!)

Gaara, Kankuro and Temari (sibling power!!)

Lee and Gaara (I especially love how they went from foes to friends; I appreciate the forgiveness involved)

Neji and Hinata (after they overcome their previous problems)

Tenten and Temari (Luv u 2, Tenten!)

Lee, Tenten, and Neji

Guy-Sensei and Lee

Shikamaru and Choji

Kakashi and Guy

Naruto and Sasuke

Kiba and Akamaru

Sakura and Ino (even though they are also rivals; they're friends deep down)

As I have said in the Author's Notes in some of my stories, friendship stories are my very favorite kind.

Friendships are a gift, and I treasure each one in my own life


- Why Kankuro Wears Face Paint (I've been meaning to write this for a while).

- A Oneshot about how Kankuro and Gaara have to take over Temari's babysitting job while she's on a mission.

A story about Kankuro getting Malaria from a mosquito bite and the subsequent nightmares he gets from the antibiotic medicine he has to take. (I know it sounds kinda weird, but it will be based on some of my own experiences!)

- A Oneshot about when Kakashi and Guy Sensei first met as kids.

- A friendship/humor story about when Lee starts recieving strange prank phone calls in the middle of the night and how he recruits Gaara into helping him solve the mystery.

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