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Alias: TeiEX Thyferra (ChiEkku)

Breed: Dragon/Echidna Hybrid

Age: Unspecified

Gender: Male

Personality: Warm to friends, yet cold to enemies. Eager to give, yet skeptical and wary.

Affinity: 水和

Resonating Music Genres: Techno, Classical, Ambient

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Interests: Romance, Action, Comedy, and Tragedy - The Four Elements of Literature.

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Hello, fellow Avatar fans:

Quite a while ago I became a die-hard Kataang fan, and am currently writing my own fanfiction. For those of you who don't know what Kataang is, it's the paired word meaning Katara and Aang should end up together (and that's how the series ended! Hell yea!). If you didn't know that...um...where have you been? Kidding aside, I'm happy to make your aquaintence, and welcome to my bio.

Yes, as you probably guessed, I've been writing a story. It's been posted at long last, so please read and review it. I started writing it over a year ago, but then got distracted and such. You all know how it is...school, grades, college coming around the corner, your first job...of course, now being in college, I find free time as a luxury. Still, I'm pleased to see there are a few of you out there who think my idea is somewhat interesting, so I'll do my best to re-edit and release the rest of what I have as soon as time permits (in my opinion, I like the second part a lot better, so I hope not to dissapoint). In essence, the tale exposes Katara and Aang's inner feelings towards each other, but it unfortunately brings out their "darker natures" when provoked. It takes a different path than that of Season 3, providing an alternate continuation of the series, kind of like an "alternate reality" so to speak. Around the time of Fall/Winter of '06, I found I had a lot of free time, as well as emotional frustration, and began writing down pages and pages of notes and parts of the script, eventually fusing all my thoughts together into one, unified story. For the sake of a past friend, I will not disclose details or names (you probably would be bored with the details, anyway).

Here's a little something I made while I was bored one day, long ago. I'm not much of an artist, so I simply took art from other Avatar sources specifically the first DVD and weaved them together. I don't think it's very good, but I like to think of it as the "cover" picture to my first chapter of this story. The art matches the type of environment that the Aang gang is traveling in, if any of you like visuals. I'll be posting the other chapter pictures as well, and anything else I feel like sharing. I can't read or write Chinese, so please pardon my horrible mistakes, no doubt ._.;; Still, hope you find the bit of imagery pleasant.

Chapter 1 -

Update 8/27: My apologies to my readers; college has been taking up a large portion of my time. Please do know, however, this story has not died. I will update it as soon as possible.

Update 11/29: Yeah...college...one of these days I'll get around to it.

Update 12/17/08: Okay, seriously now, my semster is almost over and I will do some more writing over break! Bug me, too, 'cause I really should. I have 80 some odd pages of story written down, I just have to edit it all and post it. Sorry for the huge delay! I'm not dead.

~updated 12/17/08 6:52 AM

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