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Hello! Pheleon here.

So, I've been doing some cleaning, it would seem. For those of you who used to know me as Eleirah, I apologize, but I don't regret it. I still have everything saved in my Word files, naturally, but I won't be posting them again. This is a new start for me, and - well - let's face it. I hadn't updated in almost forever. It wasn't likely to happen again. I've mostly lost interest in my old fandoms, and I've rediscovered new ones. So again, my apologies, but it was for the best.

Now that that's cleared up.

So, I'm Pheleon. I'm not sure what the name means - I probably saw it somewhere and just remembered it. I'm heading off to university this year, but I'll keep plowing through my fanfiction. NaNoWriMo's still planned, though I might have to abandon that this year for school. But as this is mostly irrelevant to Fanfiction, I believe I shall go on to more related topics.

My fandom interests are a bit fickle, as they wax and wane with almost as much regularity as the moon. (As illustrated by my utter lack of interest in, almost bordering on hatred of, the Narutoverse, which I at one point loved.) The most stable one seems to be Harry Potter. I've grown up with these iconic books, and while the story may be over, and the ending may not be to my liking, the fanfiction always marches onward. Yu-Gi-Oh! has also had a resurgence in my favourites. I watched it as a child, and now so many years later, I'm still watching it. XD Hetalia - Axis Powers and Black Butler have carved a niche in my fandom, though I rarely watch either of them anymore. I finally finished Durarara!, and am desperately wishing for more. As well, I just found a new manga, Afterschool Charisma, which is completely kick ass, even though I have no idea what the title has to do with the actual story.

Also - Firefly. Go watch it. It's beyond awesome.

In terms of my updates - I promise nothing to my readers, other than that I will not leave you hanging for months on end with no word. If something is preventing me from updating, I will post it here, so if you want to know why I haven't got a new chapter up - check this profile, please.

I'm a firm believer in not posting a huge rambling thing on this page, so that's what I'll leave you with for now. I hope you enjoy what I've written, limited though the genres are.

If you read, please remember to review!

~ Pheleon

To the readers of Soluble: Guess who's finally done all her term papers and finals, and has two weeks vacation before it all starts again? Yes, I'm back, and now I actually have time to work on the next chapter! I'm spending today getting all of my gift wrapping out of the way, but I plan on starting later this evening!

Last Updated: December 19th, 2011

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