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Author has written 3 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Legend of Zelda, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

lets see where should I start? I guess my name, age, and sex would be a good place to start, eh? (Note: Updated on January 13th)

name: josh

age: 18

sex: male

likes: videogames (I like every genra except shooting games), fanfiction, country music, trading card games (pokemon, yugioh, and magic the gathering), being with my friends and family, walker texas ranger (that show is funny...), sonic x, more as I can think of them...

dislikes: shooting games with out starfox in its name, xbox/xbox 360 (sorry but I don't see the big deal about the xbox or the xbox 360. so they have the best graphics. big deal), people talking down about nintendo products (especially the gamecube because its a good system), bullies, any genra of music other than country,more things to come if I think of them.

top 5 favorite video game series: sonic, zelda, pokemon, Phoenix Wright, super smash bros.

top 5 favorite sonic characters: sonic (duhh!), tails, amy (she's funny... especially in sonic x), knuckles, Cream (She's cute...)

favorite type of fanfiction: romance/humor. I don't know why but I'm drawn to those type of fanfiction. at the moment I only read sonic, Phoenix Wright, and zelda fanfiction and I usually end up picking out the stories with romance in them. i know i'm weird.

Video game pairings that I support:

Phoenix Wright:

Phoenixmaya- They make for a cute couple

EdgeworthxFranziska- They seem to fit pretty well together


SonicxAmy- If it weren't for Sega, I'm pretty sure that this would have been an official pairing by now.

KnucklesxRouge- Love/hate relati win

TailsxCream- can anyone say, "Cutness overload"?

TailsxCosmo- Poor Tails...


LinkxMidna- They fit so well together and the end of Twilight Princess made me sad :(

LinkxZelda- These to fit pretty well together too

top 5 favorite country songs: the thunder roles (the long version) by garth brooks, friends in low places (the long version) by garth brooks, More Than a Memory by garth brooks, Online by Brad Paisley (I think thats how you spell his name...), and American Soldier

favorite walker texas ranger quotes: there's 4 that I can think of at the moment.

quote 1.

warden: "so (looks at walker who is suposed to be some mass murderer named the ice man because he's undercover and the warden doesn't know yet) i'm just curious. how did you kill all those people?"

walker: "1 at a time."

quote 2.

walker: "what are you reading trivet?"

trivet: tells walker the name of the book(sorry I can't remember what the book is called )

walker: "who is it written by?"

trivet: "chuck norris"

walker: "never heard of him (remember that walker is played by chuck norris)"


walker: "6 time..."

quote 3 (note. in this quote walker had been tied up by his wrists on a stake and just got it untied and is now waiting for the other guy who's there to taunt him to drop his guard. he had been hanging there for at least 2 days with no food or water.)

guy who's name I can't remember: "hey half breed (walker is half cherokee.) lookin a little dry 'round the gills. I bet you'd like some of this nice refreshing water wouldn't ya?" (takes sip of bottle of water)

walker: (kicks the guy while he's not looking and knocks him out and takes bottle of water and drinks just about the whole thing in 1 gulp) "don't mind if I do..."

quote 4 (since i can't remember the guy in this quote he'll just be known as the bad guy of the episode. the one that usally gets his/her but kicked in every episode by someone in this case and most cases its walker)

bad guy of the episode: "how's your arm? (they both have a knife and a small ax and are fighting and while they were fighting walker got cut in his arm.the bad guy also got cut in the ribs)"

walker: "i'll live. how's your rib?"

bad guy of the episode: "just a scratch. this 1 is really gonna hurt"

walker: "what are you gonna do? talk me to death?"

more quotes as I think of them.

my made up fan characters (I've seend the abreviation oc used on this site a lot so I'm guessing that that stands for fan character or something like that...): how could I forget about my made up characters? I have 4 of them

character #1.

name: Blade

species: hedgehog

sex: male

age: 14 (I created him a year ago...)

appearance: his quills stand up like shadow'shis fur color is red with a black stripe on his for head (basically as faras his fur goes he looks like shadow except his fur color is red and black instead of black and red...) his eye color is emerald green. he wears (yes he wears clothes) a blue t-shirt and black pants with flames on them. he also has a sword and a sheath for it is tied behind his back.. just like all the sonic characters he also wears gloves (once I find the picture for him and I figure out how to get it on here I'll put it up ok?)

abilities: survival skills(explained a little later), sword fighting skills (he doesn't have a sword with him for nothing!), he is a black belt in martial arts (I just added that now), he can create an invisible sheild (I was flipping through the channels on my t.v. while I was adding info to blade and I came upon an advertisement for power rangers spd where they were showing off the blue rangers special ability to create invisible sheilds and decided that that was actually a cool ability and once I got over the fear of that being a sign of the oppocolipse i added the ability to blade's growing list of abilities), the ability to see someones past through a simple touch with his hand (some what based off of rouges from the x-men ability to take someones powers), a"ghost form" (instead of giving blade chaos powers or a super form I gave blade a ghost form based off of danny phantoms ghost form. I'm still playing around with the idea and I don't want blade to have any control over it), and all of sonic's non chaos or super related powers (as in he has a super sonic spin jump attack and a spin dash.) also he is slightly slower than sonic and because he doesn't have special friction less shoes like sonic he can't maintain his top speed for too long.

weaknesses: sometimes to confident, can die if he stays in his ghost form to long (remember he doesn't have any control over this form... I'll explain more about this when I think of it...), has a strong hatred for robots and eggman (this is what leads to the death of his mom and dad.) a little shy at times (especially around girls)

back ground info: to make a long story short blade grew up in a very pore family. at the age of 6 his mom and dad got so pore that they couldn't take care of blade properly any more so he eventually had to leave bringing with him his sword that his dad gave him (which he taught blade how to use it... lets just say that when it came to fighting with a sword blade was a fast learner.) and some survival skills that his mom and dad taught him. for some reason dr. eggman had his eyes on blade and occasionally attacked him which only aided to his skills. at the age of 8 blade went home to see how his mom and dad were doingonly to find 2 robot versions of them there. without thinking blade destroyed the 2 robots only to find out that they were his mom and dad. this forced blade to leave and he eventually ran into amy who had once again been rejected by sonic. blade gained a huge crush on amy at that time and befriended her. angered by the fact that sonic did this to her (making her cry that is) on a reagular basis blade approached sonic and made him spill his beans about why he hurt amy (blade threatened sonic with his sword...) after sonic explained to blade what was going on blade (through fits of laughter) decided to befriend him (and give up his crush on amy) blade has befriended everyone except shadow and rouge and is currnatly aiding them in the on going war against eggman for more than1 reason.(although he's friends with sonic and the gang he hasn't told anybody about his mom and dad and avoids the subject)

personality: blade is pretty laid back and is for the most part a nice person. he's very nice and is also shy some times. he has a very strong sperit. blade is also very sarcastic and is sometimes a smart allic. although blade isn't a genious he isn't dumb either. he is also pretty mature for his age.

likes: fighting, reading, being with friends, being sarcastic, relaxing, listening to country music (as you can tell blade is some what based off of me)

dislkes: eggman, robots, bullies, people hurting his friends, being called a kid.

I'll put the rest of my characters in my profile tomarow... i mean later on today (its midnight so sue me.)

NOTE: if anyone wants to use any of my characters in a story all I want in return is that you put somewhere in your story that I own them. other wise go right ahead and stick them in your story. I'd actually be honered if someone put them in their story...

I think I'm done ranting on about nothing for the time being..

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