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Author has written 4 stories for Teen Titans.

Name: Sara

Age: 15

Why I'm here: to read and write about the best cartoon ever, TT

Bio: I'm totally random. Like seriously I can just come up with things to talk about that are completely out of the conversation that I'm in. If I get obsessed with something, I dont just get obsessed. I take obsession to the next level. Example: I have chased the JB tourbus down the street screaming 'KEVIN! OH MY GOD KEVIN!! AHHHH!! I LOVE YOU! AHHHHHHHHH!! KEVIIINNNNNNNNN!!" and also crying my eyes out. My crush on him is enrmous even though I'm in a relationship. I can make people laugh really easy, I just cant do it in writting, so dont expect a comedy. I'm a super fast typer and I dont go over my work really well, so I make alot of typos. Plus I think apostraphies or whatever theyre called (these thingies: ' ') are overrated. But I'm working on that! I love swimming but I always get water stuck in my ear for like three days afterwards, no exageration.

Random facts about me

I'm wicked tall (5'8) and only an inch shorter than my boyfriend (5'9)

I have two cats, one that sleeps on the foot of my bed every night.

My favorite song of all time is tied between 'Please Be Mine' and 'Pushing Me Away', both by the Jonas Brothers

I still watch cartoons. (I'm 15)

My favorite subject is English

Sometimes I IM my friends while I'm on the phone with them

As I'm writting this I'm not supposed to be on the computer.

My opinions:

Teen Titans


BBRae: they are just so darn cute together!! Like you cant even deny it! I just think they are amazingly cute, plus they balance each other out; her seriosuness in exchange for his totall goofiness. plus dont even say you didnt feel a connection in like the beast episode and stuff. i mean come on people

RobStar: i always liked them together and now they are together so yup :) lol theyre just cutee

Pairs I dont like

BBTerra: What can I say? I just hate the girl. No offense to Terra Supporters, Im just a hater. They let her in, she ditched them and broke BB's heart, then she came back and tried to kill them, then she killed Slade for her own gain (cuz seriously, its die or kill the dude, it wasnt for the Titans), and I just do not like the girl. Plus BB is supposed to be with Raven, so yeah.

RobRae: just grosses me out. It's like kissing your brother. I mean, I dont mind it a whole bunch. Like, I cannot get through a BBTerra story, but if it's well written I'll read a RobRae. In fact one of my fave FanFiction authors is an only RobRae writer.

CyRae: EW. Just ew. like seriously! just... ewww

Fave Titan characters (in order from fave to least fave)

Raven: I always end upliking the darker one of the group. It's just a natural impulse for me. She's always been my favorite. I also think its awesome that the girl who plays her also plays Bubbles on the power puff girls (i mean seriously... the two most different voices in the world!)

Beast Boy: hes hilarious. he just is and I always crack up when he talks.

Starfire: shes cute in a non lesbian way. her being so naive and so happy all the time and her complete ignorance of anything custom to earthlings is funny.

Robin: used to be my fave but he got way overdone in the series, got me kind of sick of him. although I still think hes awesomer than batman. and come on, the new batman movie doesnt even have robin in it!! you cant have batman without robin. you just cant.

Cyborg: hes funny and stuff but he's just not my fave. i also am kind of scared of robots, and hes half robot, so yeah.

The most powerful (greatest to least)

Raven: she can do so much stuff its not even funny. she can walk through walls, blow things up with her mind, fly, read minds, go into someone elses body, lift stuff with her mind, sense stuff like if someones around, transport herself and others, make BB change form involuntarily, and much more. seriously, shes just amazingly powerful

Starfire: I mostly think shes powerful becase if you didnt know who she was, would you seriously expect that skinny little thing to be able to lift things that way like a million pounds? plus she was shoot lasers from her eyes and hands, and she can fly.

Beast Boy: he can change into any animal in existance, or ones that ever existed. just any animal! so basically he can fly, breath underwater, see in the dark, smell stuff from a mile away, and turn into really big stuff ike T-Rex's. can you say awesome?

It's almost a tie between Robin and Cyborg. Robin has major fighting skizzles and all those weapons, but he doesnt really have any powers or anything, so that brings him down. and sure, Cyborg can turn his arm into a laser cannon, but if he runs out of baterry, hes dead. thats a major problem.

My fave stories:

Tamed-Wind Lane- its just awesome! its totally unique in plot, and she/he's (i dont really know lol) is an amazing writer! one of the best, hands down.


Updates on my stories, what I'm doing with them, what I'm doing that might prevent me from updating, etc.

The Pendant: yes I'm going to finish it! Updated last night and I'm trying to update again, but I really want to word this next chapter right and its hard. So dont worry it will most likely be up, but later today!

My stories

My own reviews on my stories

The Pendant: I've written one or two chapter stories before, but neither time did I actually think out the plot, I just got an idea, wrote two chapter, and lost the idea. In one of them I just kind of rambled on, making it a totally pointless story with a name that didnt fit, with the other I just quit. But this one I have thought out completely! I am totally happy with the reviews I'm getting and I'm also really excited with whats going to happen soon!

Glisten of her stare: Cheesy fluffy poem, not really that great but its okay... I just wrote it in like thirty seconds and all it really took was a bunch of words that rhyme with 'stare'.

2 weeks ago: anyone whose read it knows its like a paragraph long, and at some point I'm going to try and fix that and make it longer and better. but it's my first sad story and I honestly like it! I made myself cry thinking it up, lol

Perfectly innocent: i had fun writting in that sort of darkish perxspective. it was a little tough to word it without getting confusing, but im proud of it!

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