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Just because I'm psychotic doesn't mean I don't need attention(specifically sensual attention,...very sensual)!

haha,...not jokking

okay I am (well duh insane)...talking to myself?

me: "I believe I am."

me: "I believe you're right!"

My stories are stupid so you don't have to read them (my profile's soo much cooler anyway XD )

I am 14, a freshman, and (very R-rated) I have diabolical (I don't care if that's not how YOU would spell it)mood swings. I've killed all of my friends except Mike and have taken him as a love slave. ~shines with glee~ He's locked in my closet right now! Oh, and Shelby's alive too, I just couldn't bear to kill my first.

me: "First what?"

me: "None of your buisness!"

me: "I have a right to know what you do when I'm not paying attention!"

me: "Sure then why don't you tell me what happen down in mexico!... I'm waiting..."

me: "I, uh... ~sighs~ okay you can have this one."

me: ~evil laugh~ ~meeps when realizing what hapeened in mexico had to be worse if she won't tell~ ~gets in fetile position and rocks back and forth~ ~

...told you I was crazy in the head but no...

I love the hermione/ginny stories along with: slim jims, denim, dr. pepper, voldka and masturbating (ha! caught you on those two didn't I! ... I'm only sort-of that psychotic), animals (not like that) ~reaches for dorito that fell on the floor~ rpg's like morrowind, wolves, dark green, and my high vocabulary, "Fuck!" ~dropped dorito again~

I'm always depressed or insane (usually both).

I should be sane right now because it's "that time of the month" and for me it's all reversed and I turn normal...BUT NOT THIS TIME!


I am single so if any guys/gals still want to hook up after reading my insanity go for it! I swear I won't kill you.

I think I've written enough so I'll just let you ponder on your mortaliy/morality (or both; you die young or old, happy or sad, and you can still be a Pss-As either way)


Dark Blue Violet; the psycho

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