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Hello, I am Hetalia1776! If you guess from my name, then you will most get that I am in love with Hetalia which is an anime about the wonderful (full of wonder) countries of the world--but personified as humans!

On here I will be putting up a character list for each story I am doing, each character on these lists will be updated as the story progresses so make sure to check on them. New characters will also be added when they appear. Only check the list when you are confused on what the ever living fuck is going on.

The Sands (DISCONTINUED) (do note that not everything coincides with the actual ARK lore, I am adding my own things in here that will not appear in the game)

Ar Ramlah: An Arabic looking woman with an unknown past, and a connection to the mysterious roars coming the canyons to the west. Her true name remains a mystery. Knows about the Guardians of the Sands, and was there during the Great War which came many years after the five houses united as one kingdom. Is the apparent Princess of the Sands. Name used to be Tomesha.

John: Not much to be said other than he has the hots for his golden haired guide and he can't remember Jack shit about his past except he knows the names of dinosaurs. Archeologist in his past life, died in a strange fire while he was exploring a place not even the natives of that land wanting to go near it.

Emanuel: A nice merchant in his forties who acts more like an old, nice granfather for the mideval times. Knows about the kingdom of wyvern riders, and has a friend who has met the owner of the mysterious roars. Despite what he says about not being evolved with wyverns and their riders he says to have fought with them. Apparently he can never be found except when he wants to be. Was, actually, a part of the war and helped the Guardians.

Mysterious POV: None is known other than this male has a strong connection with a female and maybe the war.

Anders: A lovely, albeit dirty friend of Ar Ramlah who knows of her past. Works at the guard-post in town occasionally.

Yet another Mysterious voice: Has a thing against the bible and gave John a choice between two paths he could take in his second chance at life.

Elizabeth: prefers to be called Lizzy. She is a rebel with a nasty temper and gains courage from her pain. She prefers the current monarchy to burn in hell.

Kisosen: He's a wyvern with a fiery temper if rubbed the wrong way. A possible connection with the mysterious voice?

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