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*Update: As of 3/11/12…I'm still alive and planning on updating. Just extremely busy. But I haven't quit, so *yay*

Back in the Phandom. Awesome.

About Me:

First and foremost, I'm a writer. This means I'm about as sane as the picture to your left. Luckily, a vivid imagination comes with borderline nuttiness...Okay, in all seriousness I'm just sarcastic, hence the reason for my snarky!Danny stories. I am quite fond of them.

My favorite television show ever is Danny Phantom. I first watched DP when I was twelve years old and on a vacation in a desert. It was MM and I thought it was cool but at the time I remember telling my brother, "It has too much action." Heh. We were both embarrassed to admit how much we liked the show so we always panicked when the one of us caught the other watching it. I started writing fanfiction when I was fourteen and discovered FFnet when I was fifteen (joined a couple days before "Reality Trip" premiered, just to show you how long I've been around). I've always loved DxS and always will. The scenes between them were one of the few parts of Phantom Planet that I liked (the rest was too cliched and extremely childish, in my opinion…they could have done so much better, sadly). Oh, while I'm at it, I might as well voice my number one issue with PP…I know she thought he was dead and all (well, he's a ghost, what do you expect?), but Jazz telling her parents his secret was not only a cop-out (Danny never had to tell them himself), but completely out of character for her. Why bother with the whole "It's your secret" in TUE (which is my favorite scene in the entire series) if she's going to turn around and blow cover in the end? Sigh. I guess that's why I write fanfiction. The idea is absolutely superb…on par with even the best comics, I believe…but they just gave up on it towards the end in favor of making it "funny" (to a child, I guess) than intelligent (they're not mutually exclusive, Nick!). I guess I grow more jaded the older I get and most definitely found PP to be perfect when I was fourteen, but exploring my ideas is way more fun now. I only watch the show for those funny moments that NEVER get old (Micro Management never fails to entertain me, even after seeing it 10,000 times), mindlessly surfing for fanfic ideas, or hearing the characters voices (weird? Perhaps, but I just really like hearing the actors xD)…I swear, Youngblood is the only reason I can stand watching any of the Twilight movies…I love dubbing Jacob's voice with the voice Taylor used for Youngblood :D

So. My writing preferences vary. I've come to really like writing from Danny's POV, especially snarky!Danny. Oneshots are fun because I don't have to spend hours poring over plot ideas and writing several chapters. I use these types of stories as quick writing practice (like pop quizzes, I guess you could say). I don't write or read angst (unless it's REALLY good, and there are a few I've found that were simply amazing). I love writing humor, but don't find many other stories funny so reading humor garners a "meh" from me. I've also given up on reading romance-- fiction and fanfiction. I have ridiculous standards when it comes to believability, so I am inevitably disappointed every time. Damn.

I hate the use of OC's, so you won't really find any in my stories. I also strongly believe in keeping the characters true to their canon personalities in the show, so most of what you read from me will probably seem like it really could have happened in the show (that's what people tell me anyway).

In real life, I am a college student and freelance writer. I'm working on my own original fiction in my spare time (what little is left of it) and because that's more in the research & character development phase, I'm using fanfiction to keep up on my writing skills. I am a movies addict, and my favorite films are "The Prestige" (Christopher Nolan is my hero) and "Sweeney Todd." I also like most superhero movies, hence the obsession with DP. My fave tv shows aside from DP are The Walking Dead and the Colbert Report.


Hard to Be a Halfa

Sort of on hiatus while I finish up my lengthier, linearly-told stories...I loved "Micro Management" and "Identity Crisis" and I suppose this story is my combination of the two. It's not told in linear progression, stuff just sort of happens.

We're Not Together

A -completely- random idea I had that was initially meant to be a oneshot but I had too much fun with the rough draft that I turned it into a story. Danny Phantom hugging Jazz with their parents watching. So, it's obviously set after TUE but before PP. We're in uncharted territory now! (no idea where the plot is going, but my stories tend to be more interesting when they're not ridiculously planned out all in advance anyway).


I LOVE writing this story. It's loosely based off of the television show, "The Walking Dead," but all of the characters are DP (no OC's either, eww). Basically, like Rick Grimes from TWD, Danny wakes up after being in a coma to a world overrun by zombies (which I will refer to as "Walkers" in this story). It will get pretty gross in some spots and heart-wrenching in others, because I want to try new writing techniques that I don't normally use in my other stories. I believe the writing is much better in this story than any other multi-chapter story I have so far because I spend a lot more time editing this one (hence the reasons updates may take a bit longer…going for quality over quantity) and I have written countless college-level essays by now, whereas I was still floundering in high school when I started most of my other long stories xD If you like excitement and emotional rollercoasters, then this is a story you gotta read ;)

Family Adjustments

Post-PP Fenton family stories. Because there aren't enough on this site. Quick and fun to write :)

A Little Push

Maddie had a psychotic breakdown after watching her family die in a tragic accident. Now she's convinced that the redressed Tuck-Bot & Goth-Bot are Danny and Jazz and Auto-Jack is really her husband. Only when the elusive Danny Phantom returns does she have a shot at regaining her sanity. Inspired by Shutter Island and the Joker from the Batman comics/movies. I've been told it's creepy and quite honestly, I creep myself out while writing it o_O


The Halloween Crises

Written and completed when I was still a somewhat immature writer, however I do enjoy the ending very much so I can't diss my four-years-younger self too much. DxS for sure, and somewhat similar to my other completed story...

Who's Clueless Now?

Oneshot. Danny's POV. OOC because Danny is never that snarky. Embarrassingly fun to write, I definitely want to explore more sarcastic-Danny stories now.

Nice Job, Danny

FINALLY. My first actual revelation story. I liked PP a lot, but it always nagged me what would have happened if Jazz hadn't revealed her brother's secret to her parents and he was finally prompted to tell them himself. This is my take on what might have happened if that were the case.

Go Ahead, Do Your Worst

Taken from Danny's line in "Eye for an Eye" this is another what if…? story based off of the episode. What if Danny had gotten stuck in the Plasmius form and hadn't been blown up with the limo? Kinda cheesy, but I had a lot of fun writing it.

Gone Fishing

This is that Maddie/Danny bonding story I've been wanting to write since "Maternal Instincts." Basically, Danny (as Fenton) and his mom get taken to Walker's prison (the new human containment unit) and have to try and escape. Will his secret be revealed? Idk, read it! ;)

Ghosts Are Like Onions

Another random idea that turned out to be a two-shot because I got distracted by how much fun Danny/Maddie banter is and went off on a tangent in the first chapter without explaining how ghosts are actually like onions. Inspired by the line from Shrek, "Ogres are like onions." I'm thinking of coming out with a sequel one-shot, titled "Onion Rings." Seriously. It shall be quite epic. Expect it before or around mid-October.

I Need a Hug

Danny has a bad day. A REALLY bad day. But someone makes it all better. I've been told it's hilarious and adorable.

Hearing Him Die

I wrote this after rewatching Mystery Meat. I'd always wondered how Sam and Tucker handled the original accident (they probably weren't the cool cucumbers they were in Memory Blank cause that was Round 2, really). So this is in Sam's POV for a change and actually darker than I was going for, but came out nicely at the end.

Overworked, But Unemployed

Random drabble idea I had for a slightly older Danny to try finding a job but getting rejected from nearly every place but one.

Going Home

This story has fanart! This lovely piece was created by Tails232323 (and linked with permission).

I love all my stories, but this one is my personal favorite. I had the idea fall into my head, and when I began typing it out, words just flowed onto the screen. It's eerie how the entire story seemed to seep from the inners of my subconscious (sounds cheesy, but I've never felt like that while writing a story before and I've been writing fanfiction for seven years). I'm fiercely attached to this story, even if it doesn't make me cry like it apparently does for other readers (kind of hard to get a strong emotional reaction from something you wrote). The title was originally going to be "Finding Peace" but somehow I think the title I went with was more suitable. I didn't edit it (surprisingly there were no grammatical or spelling errors when I completed it), so it's just pure, raw emotions throughout. I think this best exemplifies my abilities as a writer (I'm not saying that to be arrogant, I'm just saying that if you want to see what I'm capable of, then read this first because other stories I've written are fun and light hearted, but the writing is not at the level you'll see in this story). It's basically a strange concoction of adorableness and sadness. I was going to write a sequel for older Danny's tale, but I'm deciding against it since Clockwork is such an overused plot device in stories and I don't want to ruin the essence that made me fall in love with "Going Home." Instead, I'm thinking of writing a "spin-off" so to speak, where the younger Danny reaches age fourteen and thinks back to the time he met Danny Phantom several years ago. It will be a slightly AU version of the accident. If you are reading this profile (and the block of text above hasn't scared you away yet), I'd definitely recommend reading "Going Home."

Seven Years Later

Sequel to "Going Home." Not much to summarise here, I just wanted the sequel to encompass younger Danny's future because I wouldn't honestly know how to go about older Danny's future without defaulting to some cheesy, overly-used plot devices to give him a happier future instead of the one I left him with in GH. Sorry! ;)

Boys' Best Friends

A oneshot I wrote after a day at the park with my own dog. Nothing plot-worthy, just drabble-ish cuteness between Danny in ghost mode and Dash.

Bermuda Love Triangle

AU. I started writing this when I was 16 and now I'm practically the age I gave the trio in this story. You'll see the writing style dramatically improve after chapter 10 or 11, and chapter 12 is where the DxS stuff finally starts happening. Now, after four years, the story is complete =)


FF. net won't let me title it with just the .com so I had to spell it out. No relation to the actual site (seriously, Google it), but I came up with the name first. This will be 16 or 17 chapters long. Some DxS hints but not a romance story by any standards. My oldest DP story (started when I was 15 years old, I believe) is now complete! =D

Random DP stuff:

-An asteroid would not blow up the entire Earth as the "disasteroid" did in PP. If anything, impact (which we would have a bare minimum of four decades of warning for) would cause catastrophic tectonic plate fractures, which would directly cause massive earthquakes (which would trigger even bigger tsunami that would drown us all). For anyone that survives, the radiation in the atmosphere would kill us. Furthermore, even if we were dealing with a "disasteroid," sending nuclear missles to detonate the space object would be more harmful than useful, as the debris would rain all over the Earth after impact and probably still kill us anyway. I suck at science, so it just feels good remembering enough from the lecture to know how factually incorrect PP was on a scientific level.

-Mark Hamill, who voiced Undergrowth and Grey Delisle, who voices Sam, also collaborated together in Avatar, playing Firelord Ozai and Princess Azula, respectively. How ironic is it that Sam is considered Undergrowth's 'daughter' in DP (where dark-Sam sounds a lot like Azula)? Just a random fun fact.

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