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Author has written 4 stories for X-Men: The Movie, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

Not much about me. I'm kind of boring. I'm sarcastic, I guess. If that's something. Bad sarcasm, like sarcasm that no one notices its so bad. Sometimes they notice. Meh. I love to write stories. I'll update however I can, because I just keep writing and can't stop. So even if a chapter doesn't get reviewed, I will still update just because I do not want this new chapter to die in the very corners of my computer. Yes, I'm kind like that.

My Likes:
Oooh, toughie. I love Avatar: The Last Airbender. That's where I go to read if I have nothing else to read. I am a major Zutara pairing, though I might look at some Tophaang or some Tuko (Toph/Zuko?) pairings. Depends, they have to be really good. Errm, let's see. I might read some Maximum Ride (Fang/Max, Max/Sam, Max/Iggy) fics, and some Fruits Baskets (Yuki/Tohru, Kyo/Tohru). Lately I have liked to read Inu Yasha stories, pairings such as Kagome and Sesshomeru (sp?). I might write some X-Men fics. Errm, nothing else.

My Hates:
Slash. I hate slash. Iam not a fan of the whole Kataang pairing, but I can deal with it. I just think that Katara could heal Zuko, and help him learn the great things in life. -shrug- It's possible, people, don't go hating. What else do I hate? Hmm...mostly slash. I also hate mary-sues, though I may be victim to creating some. Wow, that was easy. Mooooving on.

OC Pictures:
Yes, thanks to, I am able to make a visual picture of my OC characters for the readers! The following pictures are in the groups from the stories, so all characters are all together from each story (it makes it easier for me). Anyhoo, I have tried to make them as close to their descriptions as possible from when you first meet them. So like Danny is in the outfit you first meet her at the school. Kind of like that. Anyways,I hope you enjoy these little pictures!
'X-Men: Daughter of Darkness' OC Characters

Ghost Town: (updated) Winter break means more writing.
Harmonious Havoc: HA! In your face! I wrote a Taang! Now, what's on the agenda? I believe some Sokka/Ty Lee?
Forbidden Love: New story...New chapter on the way!
Daughter of Darkness: New chpater coming soon, it'll be a long one!

-Solar Beam

P.S. If you want me to update a story that I haven't updated yet, ask Cold Static to write me a note in my school planner. I seem to write more when she leaves those reminders. ;

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A series of oneshots, both songfic and just plain normal. All sorts of pairings. Currently taking requests. If you haven't noticed, I am terrible with this small summaries.[R&R]
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