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I'm still not dead!!! Just posted chapters 4 and 5 of Fate or Love? REVISITED. I'm editing more than the grammar now; I'm also trying to make personalities more in character and accommodate the events of 358/2 Days. It's a beast, but I'm already editing stuff anyway, right? =)


Fate or Love? As you can see, I've got a series going, but it's unfinished. For a long time, I lost my will to write, so it kind of died. While I can honestly say I want to finish the story, I can't promise that I will; that depends on a series of circumstances I just can't predict.

Fate or Love? REVISITED My pet project. I'm in college now and focusing on writing my own material, but I decided to edit the chapters I've already posted in FoL to make them sound a little more intelligent. I'm also updating everything to accommodate the events of 358/2 Days. Mostly, I'm doing this as an exercise in editing and to satisfy my writing OCD; but I do plan to "finish" in the sense of editing everything I already posted in FoL and putting it here.

IF I write new chapters, they will appear in REVISITED and I will post a notification in the original Fate or Love.

Guest Review Responses (I'll have to delete these every few chapters for space reasons)

Q and A

1: Will Cloud be in it?

Most likely.

2: Will Saix be in it?


3: When will u update?

When I'm happy enough with what I've written to share it with others. No sooner, no later.

4: Will she be with Axel?

I've opened up a poll to determine that.

5: Will there be a sequel?

There will be a sequel. A planned sequel, which is only a sequal to make the passing of time less confusing, but a sequel.

6: Do U like Axel or Zexion. Which 1?

Lol. Good question. I'm actually not sure. (That's how Avalon's similar to me.) When I started writing this story, I planned on it being Avalon/Axel. But I tend to write as I go, and a different plot started to develop. Now, I really can't see this story without the Zexion/Avalon romance. And I DON'T KNOW HOW TO END IT!

7: How many chapters are there?

A lot. This particular PART of the story will end in a few chapters (depends on how long they are), but then there be a continuation series, which will be long.

8: Will there be other series w/ Avalon and Zexion and Axel?

Well, that continuation series I mentioned earlier. If anyone would like something else, tell me. I'd kind of like to do a short series. Like romance/humor.

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