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Lets see here, I like fantasy and Sci Fi stories the best (thats what I specalise in) hence my addiction to RPGs. Currently I'm only working on the one fic, as my old FFTA one's gone on haitus for a while untill I get Tof revamped. Which'll take forever.

Well, I've started on redoing the first few arcs and I'll probably save most of the rest for a later time.

Anyway, I always tend to include mild swearing and gore (unless I am in a really bad mood in which case you can expect curses and limbs flying everywhere) because I feel that most fanfics are either too mild or go way over the top. And, I am british so expect me to use the word 'arse' most of the time instead of 'ass' and the occasional use of the word 'wanker' which doesn't seem to exist in American English.

(In my dad's words, "a country of wankers with no word for it." He's ex-military, so he's sorta got a rather negetive opinion of the US... Likes the Germans. You can always count on him and one of his German friends to insult the US from two different angles. It's amusing to watch, especially when a bar fight breaks out and Jock (a scottish Royal Marine) gets involved.)

I don't like people who overuse 'chat-speak', I like literate people. I will tolerate so much 'chat-speak' but when it becomes annoying I tend to flip out and go crazy. Same thing with 'L337'

I should probably also put that I am accident prone as hell, I can barely go a single day without getting injured one way or the other. Recently two of the fingers on my left hand became numb, eventually losing all feeling together, as a result of all the exams I was doing... So the hospital decided to defribilate my hand, that hurt. Still a little numb, but a lot better than it was.

Onto the story itself, the main reason you're here.

I consider my Pokemon fanfic to be part of a network. A group of three stories all linked. While ToF is definatly the biggest, it is by no means the oldest. Anomaly, by Dark Magician Girl Aeris, is older then ToF by at least a few years. Although the version here is version three, apparently. Then we have Hoenn Chronicles, by Rizu Komesu, which is set a fair distance away from the location of Anomaly and ToF. We regually include references to each others characters, usually via the enigmatic Mew but occasionally others. Reading all three is probably a good idea if you want to understand everything like our little inside jokes. Or you could not bother. I honestly don't care, it's your choice.

At time of writing, ToF's on chapter 186... with 304779 words, which made it the second largest fic in the Pokemon section. Well, it was untill someone else updated, but it'll get that title back soon enough. Anyway, I'm actually slightly weirded out by just how well it's turned out. We're approaching 1000 reviews, not bad for something I did because I got bored and felt like writing a piss take. I even picked up fans, which is really something I could never have seen happening. (Although, chances are, if you are reading this then you are probably one of said fans. Sucks to be you.)

Anyhoo, one fan (at least I think it's the same person, it's the same username but that means bugger all on the internet) has even drawn fanart. So, I figure, other fans might want to see. I like fanart, it's always quite nice to see something you've started to get gifts like that. Reviews give me the same warm and fuzzy feeling, presuming they are nice and not done by complete idiots.

Before I get distracted with another random rant, onto the fanart. Both of these seem to have been done by the same person. Luna C Tsukario, you deserve a medal for managing to pull off Flame's default 'pissed off' look.

A paper doodle with Flame (complete with rock) along with Mew (looking about to throw out some silly remark or insult) as well as Squirt being an idiot and Pika just being Pika.

Now this I just came across after Luna's first attempt to send a link of the fanart above (that failed thanks to fanfiction's PM system being an arse and mutilating most links) I just googled the username and up popped this oekaki. A quick look through showed up this, a coloured 'doodlething' of our favorite Charmander being a grumpy git. I love the head part so much that I am seriously considering using it as a profile picture or something.

If you want to do fanart, Make sure to send it my way so I can make sure other people get to see your creative genius. Word of warning, the PM system mauls links so you have to break it into small chunks using spaces to get it through (so "www.google.com" would become "www .google. com" for example) If you would rather I didn't show others then make sure you tell me that, my normal insinct is to show of the fact that I have fanart.

If you want to ask first, or want to verify any little details or whatever then do feel free to drop me a line or an email or something. I'm nice enough to my fans, especially ones that go out of their way to show their appreciation. I'll show mine back by not stopping... I'll probably die of old age before I reach this stories conclusion, I have way too many story-arcs planned.

I'm going to stop now before I say something stupid or pass out on the keyboard. Both seem likely.

Buwaro - over and out.

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