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Author has written 3 stories for Ring/Ringu, and Legend of Zelda.

I changed my pen name. It used to be fictionfreak93. Just so you know.

Hey peoplez. I've changed my profile so that it's more for my friends when we're IMing then on here. This is because there isn't enough room on the AIM profile to fit everything I have to say. I've kept the "important" stuff like Updates and Future Fics, but other than that this is more for my friends than my fans. Sorry if you actually cared about interests.


7/9/08- Created a poll. You can vote for the category my next fic will be under. Please vote, I'd like some opinions!

6/30/08- I have deleted my Naruto stories, War's Beginning and War's Cruelty. This is mostly because they didn't have many hits, and probably never would. I have them saved on Word, though, so maybe one day in the distant future I'll completely re-do it, but probably not...

2/5/08-A little earlier than expected, I've written a new story. It's a Legend of Zelda story called The New Ganondorf. Please read and review!

2/2/08-This really has absoloutly nothing to do with fan fiction, but I'm gonna say it anyway. Today was the Power of the Pen District Tournament in my area and out of approximately 134 eight graders who participated, I was in ninth place! Yay me! Anyway, in about a week or so I should have another story up, so keep your eyes open.

1/6/08-Completed War's Cruelty. Announced my little "author's vacation." Will not be writing on the site for at least a month.

1/2/08-Had a bit of trouble with War's Beginning and War's Cruelty. Changed it from twelve years in the future to twenty years in the future. Please tell me if something is wrong!

12/22/07-Started sequel to War's Beginning called War's Cruelty.

12/22/07-Finished Bittersweet Revenge.

9/5/07-Started sequel to Wanna Play A Game? entitled Bittersweet Revenge.

8/22/07-Finished War's Beginning.

8/13/07-Started new fiction under the Naruto category called War's Beginning.

5/19/07-Finished Wanna Play A Game?

6/20/06-Started first fiction titled Wanna Play A Game? under Ring/Ringu section.

Possible Future FanFics:
These are in no particular order. In fact, they may never appear outside of the swirling mess that is my mind. They're all probably just one story, no sequels, prequels, whatever. Except Naruto. I'm rewriting the two I already have before posting the third. I may rewrite the others later, but I think Naruto needs help the most. Anyway...

Anime/Manga: None

Books: A Series of Unfortunate Events, C.S. Lewis, Pendragon

Cartoons: None

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Games: Kingdom Hearts, Misc. Games (MySims),

Misc.: Wicked

Movies: The Ring, Pirates of the Caribbean

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To all my fans, thank you! I don't know why I thank you, but it seemed to be appropriate. So thanks!

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Look A Distraction

Get It? It's A Pun.

"Do You Like The Sound Of Chewing Gum?"



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"JENNAY!" (Jenny)
"Jennay, run down to the general store and get me somethin' for the supper!"
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"Forrest, I got the AIDS (and it's not yours)!"
All with a bad Southern accent.

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(hysterical laughter)

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Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame- "Says 'Do Not Touch.' What happens if you touch it?" (gets electrocuted) "Oh."

"That's what Jam said."

Ryan's Biography of My Life:

But the real story here is the story of Rich Overlord Sam, who has overcome so many tradegies and obstacles to become the best person in the entire world.

Born 1993 on a Tuesday, he was diagnosed with polio at age three. Though crippled, he vowed to recover and help the world. Soon, two years later, he invented the Wheelie, an invention that would shake the world with its magnificence. It saved his life and many others as well--but most importantly, his! Plus, it got rid of his cripple. At the age of 10, a terrible fire occured in Indianapolis. Thinking resourcefully and quickly, he grabbed a water gun, a sponge, and an unbaked blueberry muffin, and dashed into the blaze. Using only the aforementioned items, he doused the flames and baked his muffin to boot. He fed his muffin to a hungry child he saved. A week later, he ran for governor on the platform of "It's my city, too," and beat twelve nationally famous candidates to become the governor of Indiana. Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, Illinois, and Vancouver decided to break away from the United States and Canadia, respectively, and join the newly formed Democratic Republican Kingdom of Indohikentiganvilionoicouver.

He later knighted himself, but did so modestly.

At age 11, he was awarded Oscars for Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, Best Director, Best Producer, Best Writer, and Best Human for his 4.2 second mini-spiel cameo shot in the movie "What to do with this poem entitled, 'Ode to a small, green piece of putty I found under my armpit one Midsummer's Day.'" (R-rated for extreme violence and references to putty and armpits.)

At age 15, he recieved twelve full scholarships to a bunch of Ivy League Schools, and decided to attend Carnegie Mellon instead because he could develop "Carnegie Learning 2.0: Attack of the Evil Zombie Monster Constructions-Postulates-Quadrilateral-Geometrical-Theorems!" He later became a Rhodes Scholar and spent one year each at Oxford and Cambridge, where he was voted Prime Minister instead of Tony Blair. But graciously, he gave Tony Blair his trademark culinary sensation, a bluberry muffin.

At age 19, after receiving 42 different degrees including the newly founded Whaleology and Petuniaology, he decided to make the world go slower and thus let more people do more time and cost-efficient stuff. Thus, he began the "I'll be done in five minutes" world project. Eventually it didn't work, and in fact created an enormous gaping hole in the space-time continuum, but he was paid many billions of dollars anyway because: 1, he was the King-President-Prime Minister of the most powerful state-state in the world; 2, he ate Dick Cheney; 3, he stopped violence and brought world peace (for five days); 4, he made a flashy sign that said, "GREETINGS FROM EARTH!"; and 5, they didn't want him to stop making muffins. Hey, they were very good muffins.

Later on in life, the Rich Overlord succeeded in what he personally feels is his greatest achievement to date. He became the first man on Mars. Not wanting to pass up a valuable economic opportunity, he quickly founded the Mars Time-Share Foundation, where he sold pieces of Mars and eventually helped to establish several housing areas and real estate markets. For this monumental human accomplishment and subsequent billions of dollars earned, he was awarded the Rich People Award by one of his childhood idols Oprah and then gave away blueberry muffins. In a documentary some years later, the then ruined Oprah told us that people no longer attended her daytime talk show because they all wanted to go to Rich Overlord Sam's new show "What it feels like to be me! Even though, of course, you poor people will never feel it," where he gave away several free bluberry muffins.

Soon afterward, approaching his twenty-fifth birthday, the Rich Overlord extended his reputation of three-sty, as he calls it, of honesty, modesty, and pigsty. He humbly paid a trip to a nearby alien civilization, who yelled at him in German and told him to either leave or stay and allow the Earth to suffer extreme consequences as he relaxed and took a luxorious vacation in the beautiful and shiny capitol city on the alien planet. Being the great man he is, the Rich Overlord called up Earth, faxed over several billion blueberry muffins, and then chose to stay and relax and take a luxurious vacation in the beautiful and shiny capitol city on the alien planet. And if that weren't enough, he even graciously allowed the few people who might have grudges against him (namely Tony Blair, Oprah, a bunch of Ivy League Schools, Dick Cheney, Jon, and the guy who invented peanut butter) to join him in his vacation.

After the cold and bloody destruction of Earth, the Rich Overlord, ever the financial wizard, decided to put a ton of his money in plastic bags and leave them on the street while he traveled through time on his recently invented time machine.

On his adventures, the Rich Overlord witnessed many great things. For example, he gave fire to the ancient caveman by showing them the wonders of blowtorches. He helped create the Pyramids by sitting on a big, comfy rock doing nothing and yelling unconstructive criticism at the workers. He invented "barbarians" by teaching a group of otherwise harmless schoolteachers the magic of "rusty chainsaws." He even contributed to the creation of the Great Wall of China by standing on top of workers and saying things like, "You call this a wall? This is pathetic!" and "Yes, Attila, this is the hidden gate over here. Do you see where I'm pointing at? Right here," and also, "MY SHOE IS UNTIED! SOMEONE TIE IT!"

Later on his journey, he met great men like Bernard XXV, Leo X, and Pope Gerald the Great. Oh wait, those men aren't great. So that's what he did on his trips!

He was involved in many astonishing and historic events. For example, in Pompeii, that wasn't a volcano; that was the Rich Overlord testing his all-new Lighter Blowtorch 3000. The Titanic actually sunk when it hit the Rich Overlord's pile of gold. The Hidenburg crashed when the Rich Overlord was generously using the oil-and-oxygen-filled engine space to cook blueberry muffins with a blaze of unchecked fire. The Great Chicago Fire occured not because of a cow, but because the Rich Overlord was again generously showing the cow how blowtorches, oil, gasoline, gunpowder, and oxygen tanks work together. In San Francisco, what was taken to be an earthquake was actually the Rich Overlord testing the stability of the ground with a massive piledriver. Those "tornadoes" in Kansas were actually the Rich Overlord practicing for his baritone sax performance the next day. The black plague was the Rich Overlord's baritone sax performance the next day (which seems chronologically incorrect, but he's rich).

Some other excursions involved Al Capone, Santa and the North Pole, the Manhattan Project, the invention of Velcro for shoes instead of those stupid shoelaces, polio (which, ironically, is the disease that he was diagnosed with at three), Ireland, Krakatoa, the Beatles, certain devastating hurricanes and tsunamis, Frakenstein, and of course, Bristee's rather weird knowledge of personal information of other people.

But the Rich Overlord's favorite time voyage was the one involving global warming. On his way to the invention of socks, he stopped in 1800's England to spark the Industrial Revoloution. Just in case it wouldn't be warm enough, the Rich Overlord thoughtfully provided extra heat by turning up the sun, turning down the Ozone layer, and baking several blueberry muffins. Later in his journeys he would invent carbon dioxide to help speed up the process. Then, still unsatisfied with his generosity, he modestly invented Al Gore to explain what not to do about global warming.

Anyhowever, if you're still reading this you obviously don't have a life so go away. Get a life. Seriously, leave. This is the end.



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