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Mkay. So this is where I'm supposed to put all this personal crap, huh? Well, I'm not gonna, and you can get over it.

But why? you ask.

Well.. let me think about this. There are online predators.. everywhere. And right now.. (well I don't think I'll ever) I don't really think I want to be

A) Raped

B) Stalked

C) Murdered

D) Mugged/Robbed

Hey. I'm V.Sweetie. Commonly known as TwilightDamsel on the Lex. I got spunk. you don't like it? Don't leave me a nasty ass comment I might have to rebuke you for. 'Kay? great.


Violet: I cannot forget our trip to the gulf. i am so excited. only a few more years! thank you for all of your support, and you have been wonderful. i think you are possibly one of the best things to hit me smack dab in the face. it's been a whole year and two months on the Lex. and i love the mess outta you.

Jacob: AGH. you are hilarious. even though we only met like... a few days ago, i think you are an awesome person and i am so glad that we DID meet on the CC. W O N D E R T W I N S. youaremytwininboyform. and i love it. :

Taryn: What to say besides the fact that you are so freaking sweet. I am so happy to have met you and learned that you live right next to me! i really like the fact that you aren't like half of the other Twilight fans; obnoxiously in love with Edward. [not that that is a bad thing. :) anywho. you are awesome and it's wonderful.


shut up and read!

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