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As you probably know, the author of Two Halves, Twice Shy, and Guilt Trip decided to stop writing fan fiction. Both Twice Shy and Guilt Trip were left unfinished. Despite Dame Wren's "displeasure" with her own work many of us think it is true gem of the fan fiction world. Since her work is so well loved I have decided to repost Twice Shy and Guilt Trip and may write a continuation of Twice Shy. If I do write a continuation, the updating may be slow, there may be major revisions after an update, and I may not even finish it. Nevertheless, I do not plan on embarrassing myself with bad writing.

Let me assure those of you who are worried about the quality of any potential continuation that I do have significant writing experience albeit in scientific literature. If I decide to write a continuation, it will be for practice in writing my own original fiction. Writing fan fiction is considerably easier than writing original fiction because another writer has already created a universe with a fully developed set of characters.

Dame Wren on Twice Shy (Desires and Intentions), the continuation by NaruHina26: "Please note, I am not condemning the person who wrote the continuation; I gave full permission to anyone who wanted to continue the story. He did nothing worse that what I myself did." Dame Wren

In her live journal, see below, Dame Wren outlined the general plot of Twice Shy, Guilt Trip, and Double Edged. I will try to stay true to her characters and the overall plot, but there may be major changes.

Dame Wren's Livejournal:

Two Halves:

I have written the fourth chapter to Twice Shy. I can definitely use feedback to decide whether I should continue. Are the characters consistent with the Anime and Dame Wren's modifications? How is the story flow? I don't have a beta, but you can copy the chapter and e-mail me your edits. If you do please use the track changes in feature in Microsoft word.


I apologize for the long wait, but my job has been very time consuming recently. I hope to have chapter 5 finished within two to three weeks.

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