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reality. the name is elissa. i'm nineteen, second year in college. i live in the us. i read and write on here. i'm pretty much awesome. i make graphics, draw a little, dance, play cello, and act crazy. love it. i also love taking photos, listening to my amazing zune, you got it. i tend to manage sports, rather than play them. my little brother actually calls me mione. he is harry, my mom is ron, and my sister is dumbledore. we're cool, no joke.

you can find me on myspace like everyone else. specify you're from here or i won't add you if you want me as a friend. if you want, you can instant message me on aim at its miss ez e. you can also talk to me on hpana, i'm &Mione; (& and ; included). just send a stalk my way. i usually hang in the r/hr appreciation thread.

all started on, actually. i got inspired to start writing on here after reading some incredible fred/angelina fics. i really love the ship, so i put my own spin on it and write my own stories. when i write, usually it's what i'm thinking. when the character says 'i don't know' it's usually a filler, meaning i'm drawing a blank before continuing a statement. my angelina is very much like me, in the mind at least. my thoughts then become hers.

ron and hermione, harry and ginny, fred and angelina (now george and angelina because i'm all canon), lupin and tonks, draco and pansy. i call it canon.

my fanfiction.
is now updated as of 07.12.08. in the thick of things and supreme ruler of the universe are still possibilities, but i'm working more on worthy of a good cliche.

in the thick of things.
after i finish that famous weasley charm iii i plan to write more series, still dealing with the twins and their crew. in the thick of things will feature the twins and their start at hogwarts from their point of views, leading in to that famous weasley charm. it should be exciting and i look forward to writing. as of now, it's just in the planning stage until i finish that weasley charm iii. after that, i'll start writing and you'll have an update from me with a new series. make sure you add me to your author alert list for guaranteed updates.

supreme ruler of the universe.
this going to be the title of a fanfic i'm doing about percy weasley. haha. there aren't a lot of percy fics out there, and i certainly wouldn't say that i am a fan, but it's going to be fun to write. so, i'm doing it. the story will be told from percy's viewpoint. i'm going to start writing this after i finish in the thick of things. both are still in the planning stages because i have yet to finish that famous weasley charm series yet. however, that series should be done in a month or so, then i will move on to my other projects, like this very interested one about percy.

(fred&angelina graphics as well as other ships, more updates, blog) (myspace, message with friend request)

i am not dead.
12/25/07. i've started on in the thick of things. if you read this before, you know i've started writing already, but i haven't gotten very far--because of, what else? school. it's dreadful. it's senior year, it's tough. i'm struggling. and fanfiction is not my first priority, though i get in moods where i just want to write--which should be coming more frequently. anyway, sorry it hasn't gotten out yet, but i want to get a substantial bit done before i post it. also, i was thinking of doing another fred/angelina fic, with angelina's pov, about another way things could have been--anyways, always thoughts. thanks guys for continuing to read and review. happy new year.

1/09/08. well, now that we know george and angelina get married and have babies--you guys know i love canon and what JK says--GOES. i'm going to write a story from Angelina's POV, i just think i do her best about hogwarts from the yule ball--when she hooked up with fred, all the way until fred's death, and after when she and george will get together. i feel like i can do this really well--i already have a feel for it and everything that's going to happen, it'll be like another TFWC but better, i think and more canon. so MAKE SURE YOU PM ME and tell me what you think, i'd really like to know and i'll start writing it ASAP! keep in mind--it is my senior year and i have five academic classes, but i think this could work.


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