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Author has written 3 stories for Whisper of the Heart, and Inuyasha.

Hi peoples, and welcome to Cold Static's profile page thingy (I like technical terms!)

NOTE: CODE LYOKO IS BACK! (or was it always on Sat. and no-one bothered to tell me?)

ANOTHER NOTE: Yes, I am the one to turn to if Solar Beam isn't updating at the speed which you want. I am the almighty reminder!

YET ANOTHER NOTE: I will be updating my fav. fic (My inspiration) soon. I had a lack of it (haha).

A FINAL NOTE: my cat says- "hi" (typed by my cat- with my help)

These are a few of my favorite things: brown paper packages tied up in string! JK umm... Anime, horses, horse-back riding, shopping, hanging with friends, the guy I am currently obsesed with- you know who you are, and poking people

Dislikes: people who poke me back, and falling off a horse, leaving the guy I like behind.

Favorite animes (in no order): Eureka 7, InuYasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Samuri 7, Kiddy Grade, Ghost in the Shell, Miyazaki and Studio Ghibi (sp?) movies, Zach Bell, Bleach, Trinity Blood and various other random titles.

Favorite manga: (in no order): More Starlight For Your Heart, Fruits Basket, Bleach, MAR, Kare Kano (a little), and To Heart (sometimes)


Inuyasha: Kagome/Sesshomaru; Kagome/InuYasha; Sango/Miroku: Kagome/ Koga

Full Metal Alchemist: Winry/Ed, Rai/Roy

Naruto: Naruto/Hinatra; Saske/Sakura

Samuri 7: Kirara/ Katshiro

Ghost in the Shell: Major/ Kuyzo

Wisper of the Heart: Sugimura/ Yuko; Seiji/ Shizuku

Code Lyoko: Yumi/ Ulrich; Alieda/ Jeremy

Avatar: Katara/Zuco; Ang/ Toph

Bleach: Ichigo/ Rukia, Ichigo/ Orihime

Xiao Lin Showdown: Kimiko/ Riamundo

Danny Phantom: Danny/Sam

American Dragon: Jake/Rose

Obon: Molly/(the prince dude); Molly/Jake (isn't he the gunner dude?)

More Starlight: Akane/Aogi

Fruits Basket: Haru/ Rin; Tohru/Kyo...all you yuki/tohru fans have a big shock coming up starting at the end of Vol. 14

MAR: Dorothy/Ginta, Princess Snow/Ginta, Koyuki/Ginta (princess snow and koyuki have some sort of bond! I know it! I wonder if it will turn out like a InuYasha-Kagome-Kikyo type thing)

Eureka 7: Renton/Eureka; Dominic/ A... (the pink-haired one whose name escapes me)

Zach Bell: I do have a fav. pairing, but they were in 2 episodes and I can't spell the mamodos name, and can't remember the human's

Other T.V shows: Code lyoko (French anime!), Avatar: the last airbender (American anime!), Xiao Lin Showdown, Danny Phantom, Ned's Declassified School survival guide,American Dragon (sometimes, the new season looks weird- drawing wise-), Obon Star Racers, and anything else decent that I happen to see.

Insiders: MAHAHAHAHAHA! (wait there's a "u" there); I don't need $200, I've got a quarter and a button!; Run away!; HAPPY BIRTHDAY!; RANDOMNESS!; the person you once knew as--is now under my control, I shall now conquer the world. Thank you.; Bobby is REAL!; sniff sniff I hear a phone; Man eating mushrooms; You made me tear; GASP!; Jeremy must die ~ I have more, but I can't think of them right now... maybe later...

(MY) Euro Trip Insiders: Teddy Bear; Maria; Nazi; Ernest; Spawn of Hitler; I LOVE ICE CREAM; I like ALL kinds of ice cream; bow down to my awesomeness; I kinnda want to stick it in my pants; This summer I got beat up with a thermometer by a crazy lady because I tried to steal her baby in a salt-water pool in France; there's a mouse on my seat; Dat Phan; Naughty Naughty Kool-Aid; Gay pidgeon dude; Billy; say it, sayit,...SQUEAK; he came in and workedon my air-conditioner, he's really good with his tools; an old man sitting on a vespa with an acordian on his lap infront of the Collesium...only in Rome, Stephen is Emo; Bow down to the King; Thats your horiscope for today

! To my readers (I have readers! I feel special!)! Fan Fic has an error that will not allow me to post ANYTHING! tear


Cold Static

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