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To all those reading this, I'd like to say a big happy hello, a hug with words maybe.

I don't really want to say much, but I know there are many on here who write fictions (Fanfics) about my work. That sound like a real stupid thing to say. So thanks to all who spend hours of there lives writing stories, it's appreciated, even if they prove to be terrible.

- To those who doubt, doubt the truth. How deep.

- Clerks II, out June 21st. Got an 8 minute long standing ovation, so can't be that bad. But hey, opinions are like shit, most stink.

- Was a personal blog I used to write my thoughts in, now is just used for advertising. No, I'm joking, or am I?

I'm not gonna write anything myself, it's not because I'm lazy or ever particularly busy, I just don't feel I - Need to.

Pre-June21st - Special screenings of Clerks II are starting to pop up all over the place and I'm beggining to feel there isn't much I can do before it comes out. So I may post a few reviews over the next couple of days.


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