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I see that you've found your way to my page, hmm? Well, hi. Im Kitty.

Alright, so it was ...well, a long time ago that I created this account and never once used it.

It was also a REALLY ling time ago (Probably the same amount of time that this account has been up for) that my best friend and I came together to create G-WEAPON. It went on for quite a while, and I tell you, its LONG. Like... insanely so. But there are also TONS of little editors notes that we wrote back and forth while writing this story, so it will take me a LONG time to edit them all out. Be patient please. The time will come soon for you to read its hotness. lol.

It WASN'T that long ago that I began to create The Hidden. That was.. during first smemster exams actually, 2008. and I dont have any of that pre-written, its all just comming from nowhere.

A bit about G-WEAPON (while you wait for more chapters)

This fic is a Gundam SEED fic, with a few loveable OCs added in (They will be explaned as you get further on, dont worry. their not just...THERE). All the characters that you know already (And love) will also be introduced to them as they come in, no former relationships there. But they are, however, OCs.

There are a few random parings, most of them from the show (we all know the Murrue/Mwu, Kira/Flay ..umm.. Oh my, I can't think of any others. Although I do think that I mix them up a little bit. (There MAY be a slight mention of asukira but im not SURE) And a few of the OC's get a bit friendly with the original cast. I'm pretty sure that this is mostly yaoi/yuri free, but again, im not sure.

I fear that I have lost the original word file (yes, just one) that this unedited story was contained in. Also, no longer being in gradeschool, I realize that that writing was less than desirable. If I do find that file, I'll still post it...(perhaps grudgningly) if nothing more than to just get it save somewhere online. Sorry!

A bit about The Hidden

well, its an asukira fic to say the least. There may be other abstract pairings in there every now and then, but it is an asukira story to begin with, so its mainly about my two fav boys. It was mostly inspired from a roleplay I have with one of my friends, and by the lack of inspiration to study for biology and history.

Before-ish the story:
After the war, Athrun and Kira return to the earth, where they are both to attempt living normal lives. They have been discharged from the military and, since Athrun has no where to go for a while, he stays with Kira. Eventualy, he gets to buy his own house (With money that was left to him from his now dead parents) and his own life begins. Although not wihtout Kira. Kira and Athrun are technicaly a couple, as they both confessed feelings towards each other on the last day of the war, but they have to hide it from everyone else (including Kira's parents) for fear of discrimination.
Hopefully nothing goes wrong in their relationship...

I might add on some side stories that are either the scenes that have to be rated a little bit higher (Ie Lemons), or just some things from other peoples perspectives.

A bit about Reflection Of Nothing

So, I decided to do a little yuri fic to sort of satisfy my craving to roleplay lacus and cagalli together. As you can see, it is a lacus and cagalli fic, so ya. Their in it. Ahah.
I dont think that i'll be able to write a lot on it, but that feeling might be completely wrong, and I might write a lot on it.
right now, its set in almost the same timeline as The Hidden is- after the war is over.
Lacus is still singing, but lives in a little Town with everyone else. she ususaly goes out in semi-diguise, but in the first chapter, shes not really. She also goes to school regularily, with the rest of our beloved main cast.
Cagalli, on the other hand, has not reveiled herself as the 'princess of Orb' as of yet to her nation, and has instead secretly found someone else to do that job for her while she attends school with Lacus.
it will be said in future chapters, but they live together in a cute little appartment with one of lacus' agents/manager/bodygurad who is like.. 27.
hope you like it

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