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Author has written 11 stories for Code Lyoko, Steins;Gate/シュタインズ ゲート, Land of the Lustrous/宝石の国, Hunger Games, and Jormungand/ヨルムンガンド.

Greetings visitors, followers and friends! Checking in today (7/24/2021) as I have just uploaded a new oneshot fic for the anime Jormungand! Please feel free to give it a read!

Welcome to my collection of multi-faceted biographies of the favorite characters of my favorite anime fandoms. I write fanfiction to satisfy wandering thoughts, feelings, and ponderances, and I am obsessed with exploring alternate plot-paths that stray from canon source material, while staying relative to the original work and being sprinkled with hints of realism that keep them theoretically tethered to our own reality. I am very fond of strong female characters, alternate romantic pairings of interest, and generally anything of intellectual depth and complexity that gets the gears turning in my mind, and as an extent, the mind of potential readers of my work. However, I am not afraid to delve into fantasy, comedy, and the fuzzy realm of romance and the physical contact that results. This tends to offset the otherwise thoughtful, serious nature of my work, and in many instances, these aspects on opposing sides of the spectrum end up in the same story - Often to quite interesting effect.

You may notice that characters involved in my writing are given extensive regard to bodily mannerisms and motions when conversing between each other. I feel giving them a reliably regular sense of life and movement avoids turning conversational scenes into voids of otherwise static inaction so commonly present throughout the world of anime.

To those of you who frequent my work new and old, thank you for your ongoing patronage of your own volition. It is beyond inspiring to receive reception of any manner to any of my stories, and simply knowing the fruits of my labor are loved and enjoyed is enough to continue my work far into the future.

To those of you who are new, I again welcome you to my profile, and my literary resume of fandom-and-character devotion, below. I hope you enjoy any of the stories you happen to investigate!

Username: Czar Betchimov

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Locale: Colorado, USA

Passions: Trains, Steins;Gate, Houseki no Kuni, Jormungand Black Rock Shooter, Mirror's Edge, Code Lyoko, Hunger Games, and a bunch of other random things I encounter and come to enjoy.

Favorite Genres: Romance, Action/Adventure, Tragedy/Dystopian fun stuff... And whatever else happens to suit my fancy. I've also realized lately that I'm a sort of feminist at heart, as I've come to enjoy strong female characters in varying forms of media and storytelling. Womanly motivations and pursuits, and internal perspectives and dialogue of plot events and experiences are infinitely more interesting than the boring and cliché ones of males like myself, and are great fun to read and write about, and even better to experience emotions over.

Trains have been a lifelong interest of mine, and from a historical and technological standpoint, they are absolutely fascinating, emotion-stirring, loud, massive and incomparably presence-demanding. Railways have existed for nearly two hundred years, and are an irreplaceably essential aspect of our world's logistic transportation network. If you like all of the modern conveniences you have, and even the city or town you live in, there's a pretty high chance that a train has brought it into your life in some manner. That being said, my interest in trains and railways naturally causes me to sneak them into my writing work whenever appropriate, and I often research the rail system and rolling stock that characters will interact with and ride upon, for the sake of authenticity to the real world.

Steins;Gate has become what Hunger Games became after ten years of being solely invested in Code Lyoko - My creative jet fuel. Introduced to me as one of my first heavy-hitting anime, I rapidly became obsessed with the premise of accidentally created time travel, (and the potential for alternate timelines!) and per the usual, I've become very devoted to specific characters within. As of recently, (past two-ish years) I've taken the plunge and bought and read (played?) the Visual Novel, as well as the one for Steins;Gate 0, and I HIGHLY recommend both to those who haven't seen or read it yet. The detail, depth, artwork, soundtrack, and fantastic dialogue and humor present in the VN, far surpasses the anime in caliber, but it is thanks to the anime that I discovered probably one of the most enjoyable games/stories I've ever had the fortune to experience.

Houseki no Kuni is the result of errant browsing of anime fanart on Pinterest - And is currently my #2 favorite anime and the focus of my story Integrity which has since blossomed into lustrous awesomeness. HnK/Land of the Lustrous tells a rather fascinating future tale about beautiful, immortal gem humanoids that are trapped on a singular continent, attempting to find purpose for their mysterious existences, while also trying to remain intact under the regular threat of moon-hailing visitors... The interactions of the lady-like gems among each other are much like a boarding school, and the varying personalities provoke both humor and drama, with many contending with their own various flaws as reflections of their real-life mineral counterparts. Also, several gems in particular are pretty darn gorgeous and adorable.

Jormungand is a bundle of arms-dealing and bullet-flying mayhem that I found long after watching and enjoying the similar and awesome series of Black Lagoon, and the violence and repercussions of arms dealing and mercenary combat have been much too awesome to forget. Took a while, but I have finally written a fanfic for the series to satisfy my ponderance of why the heck HCLI is never shown moving container freight by train... And by golly, now they have!

Black Rock Shooter is what happens when one finally decides to investigate an odd sounding, interesting looking and short-length (eight episodes!) anime. What resulted was a slight obsession with an ass-kicking alt-universe female persona that wields a variety of badass weaponry and bad-ass-er combat agility - All to deal with the emotions of her real middle-school self as Mato Kuroi. Looks way cooler than it sounds, and is more emotional than you'd probably expect.

Mirror's Edge is an interesting story - I only found the game nearly a decade after it was released, mostly thanks to a song remix on YouTube with people referencing M-E. In the same manner as Steins;Gate however, investigating it relatively late blossomed into an obsession with the premise, artwork, music, and the ass-kicking parkour ninja Faith Connors as the main character. I haven't played Catalyst, and frankly don't see reason to in the near future.

Code Lyoko was the original reason I even started writing fanfiction. Odd and Aelita have been my OTP since the start of my writing over ten years ago. My collection of stories below is a testament to my fan devotion, with the first of the main series being revised at least five times since its publishing. One-shots and diverging/alternate universe stories are my specialty, and much of my current writing ability can be attributed to countless hours of writing, by hand and by keyboard, day and night, stories for Code Lyoko.

Hunger Games is another interesting case of unstoppable obsession, where I voraciously strived to know as much as possible about the world of Panem and all of the societal and political and economic stuff involved in Suzanne Collins' wildly popular dystopian work. As of recently I have rewritten a great deal of a story I once had uploaded, and it has since return to my collection of stories below.



Steel Serpent - My most recently completed oneshot, following Koko and her team on an adventure aboard an intermodal freight train. An absolutely boring four-day commute where nothing happens as they babysit a dozen containers full of missiles... And other hazardous goods... En route to a military base... Across the perfectly safe and welcoming lands of Saudi Arabia. :)

Hunger Games:

Fifty Seventh - Once the product of an attempted fandom crossover, and now standalone as a proper fic after being subject to a humongous overhaul, Fifty Seventh describes firsthand the horror and chaos of Panem's 57th Hunger Games, which I made a point of ensuring isn't a year referenced across the literature and movies, allowing me a great deal of creative free will. Eighteen year old Alyssa Rosseau, working and living between heavy industry and an apartment in the busy brick, concrete and steel of District Three, finds herself in the custody of the Capitol as the (un)lucky female name called for the District's pair of tributes. Blundering into celebrity treatment and then facing an immediately likely death afterward, against opponents capable of far more lethality than she could probably muster, Alyssa allies herself with her fellow boy Tribute Oliver, and both of them strive onward, hoping one of them makes it out of the arena in the end. (Complete and fully uploaded as of 8/5/2020!)

Houseki no Kuni:

Integrity - In search of additional agate in light of the mineral's successful integration into Phosphophyllite's bodily structure, the young gemstone and her elder and school doctor Rutile come across an unexpected element instead, bringing it back to the school to investigate its supposed properties. The events that follow tie the two gems into an cooperative adventure, effectively assisting each other with their own pursuits - To reasonably strengthen Phosphophyllite's physical structure, and to grant the gem doctor the inspiration and perseverance needed to resurrect her partner Padparadscha, lost to the flaws of her own faulty creation.


Alpha/Beta Urushibara-centric timeline:

#1 - Ulterior Requisite - An insight into how Okabe gives himself and Ruka a second chance at their date, to better his feelings regardless of any selfishness. The aftereffect however, becomes far more complex than originally intended as they are thrown into a brand new world line, contending with a variety of surprises, deepening feelings, and general uncertainty for the lab member's futures. (Complete as of 12/14/2016!) My first story of Steins;Gate, with the beginnings of my interest in shipping Okabe and Ruka.

#2 - Postliminary Recourse - Revision of Entropic Occurence - The resulting megaproject of revamping and squishing two complete stories and one unfinished one together, all occurring after U-R in varying years near and far. (Starring my own OC, and not related to Steins;Gate 0 whatsoever.) Starting off in late spring of the year 2036, post WW3, a young and energetic Amane Suzuha winds up in a Valkyrie convoy after nearly two years of dodging death and harassing SERN's sparse forces in a nearly-empty Yokohama. What follows is an adventure of deadly combat, personal intrigue, heart-tugging friendships, and head-spinning discoveries and revelations. Finding herself centric to a desperate plan far beyond the scope of the national revolution she considered herself part of, Suzuha soon discovers she may end up leaving behind her own past, for the sake of charting a new destiny for the countless lives lost to the global conflict she grew up among. (Complete as of 1/10/2019!)

#3 - Managerial Edification à la Nyan - Set four years after Ulterior Requisite (2014), and two years after the events of PR-REO (2012) and its resultant worldline. Facing the final project of her second year in pursuit of a degree in business management, twenty-one year old Urushibara Ruka finds herself asking for, and attaining supervision of Faris' ever-popular cafe MayQueen NyanNyan's, for the span of one week per her assignment. With limited experience and knowledge of the business as an occasional customer, Ruka quickly finds herself right in the middle of the cafe's head-spinning, multi-faceted nature; contending with a wide variety of expected tasks of management, as well as a series of embarrassing and unusual duties of french-maid-dressed customer service. Learning a great deal about the cafe, its staffing, and the sides of business normally unseen, Ruka dutifully documents and navigates through the daily experiences, assisted by Faris, Mayuri, and other employees of the establishment throughout the week, eventually realizing that her temporary position at the cafe, might not stay temporary after all... (In progress!)

Other worldlines!

Beta - Knight In White - An alternate timeline romp set half a year (February 2011) after the events of the anime and visual novel, where Faris' second D-mail to her father causes an unexpectedly significant change to the observed world line. With Valentine's Day only days away, Faris Nyannyan asks Hououin Kyouma to accompany her to a valentine's ball at the nearby UDX center, and Okabe, having come to terms with the new world timeline, accepts out of appreciation and respect for Rumiho's sacrificial bravery. The mayhem that follows is both adorable and romantic, as both teens contend with emotions and feelings coming to light after several fun hours spent together. (Complete as of 2/1/2018!)

Ωmega - Logic;Gate - Set far from the events of Steins;Gate and Zero, on January of 2012. With a second demonstration of Viktor Chondria University's artificial intelligence project 'Amadeus' at the Akihabara Tech Expo on the first month of 2012, twenty-year old computer science student Okabe Rintarou encounters the lead developer of the Amadeus project, Hiyajo Maho, initially for the sake of informational curiosity. What results afterward, is an amalgamation of friendships, nerdy debates and techno-babble, errant adventures for food, and maybe even something more between both programmers as both of their projects and interests start to combine - Ushered on in part through their real and virtual interactions with one particular red-haired girl. (FINALLY Complete as of 10/15/2019!)

Code Lyoko:

My first serious foray into fanfiction and alternate character shipping, resulted in an experimental alternate-timeline series (gee this seems like a common theme...), predominantly focused on Odd and Aelita and all of the fun and mayhem and challenges related.

#1 - A Problem Solved - OxA - New-found love, and all the drama that comes with it. Overhauled hugely for a fifth time and far better than it was years ago. Also a continuously evolving starting point of my central series, and pretty much all of my fanfiction writing in general, though its current form is likely to be final.

#2 - Bending Boundaries - OxA/UxE/JxOC/Yx_. More romance, a dance/rave, school finals, Xana, more drama, and in general more awesome teenage stuff. Several key events transpire and establish what's to come in the future.

#3 - Interlude - Partially written, though on perpetual hold - School has ended, and a short summer vacation distracts the warriors as love blooms under the sun... Then a new round of school/life begins, only to take a serious, unexpected turn.

#4 - Unnamed - In planning stages, though it might not see completion in all honesty. After a suspiciously quiet, long hiatus, Xana goes all out, and the warriors are all in to end him once and for all. Endgame, and eventual epilogue to come. Eventually. Also supposed to be the final story in the main series arc.

Non-Lyoko/Xana stuff;

Pursuit - A fantastically violent and blood-stained romp through Western Europe ensues as two criminals leave behind their pasts and run like hell together, in hopes of escaping the European Union and various people intent on killing them, in any way possible. (Complete as of 5/4/2016!) Would be an awesome candidate for a movie, but also could be decent for an original written work, with different character names.

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Aelita, having just been materialized, still has many questions about the real world. She wants to know what 'kissing' is. So she asks Odd.
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Steel Serpent
Once in a great while, HCLI is tasked with shipping weaponry and wares through less than typical means. In this instance, during their tenure in the Arabian peninsula, Koko and her team of mercenaries find themselves traversing the hot and barren sands of Saudi Arabia aboard a freight train, and such an adventure is completely relaxing and uneventful... At first. Oneshot!
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April 2014 - With the end of the spring semester looming, Urushibara Ruka seeks the assistance of Faris Nyannyan with her college course's final project - Taking the helm of a local business as its operational manager for a week. The resultant experience is far beyond expectations, however, as the student-turned-manager is thrust directly into the midst of Moe-Maid-Mayhem... Meow!
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Fifty Seventh reviews
Life among the workforce of your district's factories already has its own challenges, and for eighteen-year-old Alyssa Rosseau, becoming a tribute wasn't readily considered one, until it suddenly became reality. With the fight for her own life now pushed to a bitter and glorified extreme, the horrors within the arena will test just how many lives she can handle taking, and losing.
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January 2012 - The struggles of a world with time machines don't exist, but the ongoing development of the revolutionary artificial intelligence 'Amadeus' remains in play, bringing together two eccentric computer nerds and their creations through the inexorable power of attractor fields. This is the story of Hiyajo Maho and Rintarou Okabe, somewhere on a distant Ωmega worldline.
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April 2036 - In the aftermath of global warfare and SERN's rise to power over what little remains, 18 year old Amane Suzuha joins the forces of Valkyrie for a more organized fight against Japan's oppressor, only to find her involvement in the struggle to be far more complex and crucial to her nation's future than she ever expected... Reuploaded mega-sequel to Ulterior Requisite.
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When your greatest aspiration is what you inherently lack, what steps will you take to finally attain it? Shortly before the upcoming hibernation, Phosphophyllite and Rutile find themselves working side by side in a series of exploratory experiments - The outcome of which, may finally grant both Gems and their beloved companions the physical and mental strength they all desire...
Land of the Lustrous/宝石の国 - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 11 - Words: 55,269 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 40 - Updated: 4/20/2018 - Published: 2/27/2018 - Phosphophyllite, Diamond, Rutile, Padsparadscha - Complete
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Several months after a significant jump in world line following Faris' second D-mail, renowned mad scientist Okabe finds himself in the clutches of Saint Valentine's Day, unexpectedly invited to a Valentine's Ball by the pink-haired cat maid herself. The adventure that follows however, becomes an unforgettable experience, fraught with comic mayhem and tender romance - For science!
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A world of crime in Europe crosses the paths of two freelancing criminals, both united and haunted by a trail of blood, death, and nightmares of their pasts. Their newly found friendship creates new enemies, and as they find themselves on the run, fighting for their lives, a way out of their past becomes their ultimate, desperate goal... Rated M for language, violence, death, etc.
Code Lyoko - Rated: M - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 19 - Words: 54,145 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 7/19/2017 - Published: 2/26/2015 - Aelita S., Odd D. - Complete
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Sequel to APS - As 10th grade draws to a close, the students of Kadic Academy grow restless for the coming summer break. With final exams and a dance looming, hilarity, drama, emotional disasters and drastic personal changes, are only the tip of the teenage iceberg as everybody tries to keep daily life in one piece... Rated T for typical teenage stuff - OxA, UxE, JxOC, Yx?
Code Lyoko - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 12 - Words: 32,697 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 17 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 7/2/2017 - Published: 10/2/2015 - Aelita S., Odd D., Ulrich S., Emily L. - Complete
Ulterior Requisite (of Phoenix and Warrior) reviews
During his quest to save Mayuri, Okabe finds guilt in the poor execution of his date with Urushibara Ruka, deciding to jump back and do it over to better his feelings on the matter. While conflicted feelings arise in light of the date's mysterious success, the unexpected changes that follow complicate matters far beyond what anyone took into consideration beforehand... Okabe x Ruka
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After a moment of unbridled honesty on a rainy spring evening, years of restless hidden feelings come to light between best friends, leading them hand-in-hand into a brand new chapter of high school life at Kadic Academy, regardless of what anyone else thinks of it... OxA, Rated T for teenage romancing, loads of 10th grade drama, and all the silly and serious mayhem in between.
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