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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy X, and Ranma.

Hey everyone the names Rikku yes I know shes from Final Fantasy X and X-2 buts that the nickname I got besides for Motoko and Sango!

Well I enjoy reading Fanfics and writing them so please if you write a fanfic that you know I might like tell me about it and I'll Read and Review cause I'm nice like that!

Any who heres my Favorite anime and manga and video games list followed by my favorite pairings!

Favorite Anime/Manga:


Ranma 1/2

Steel Angel Kurumi



Sailor Moon



XXX Holic

Strawberry Panic

Pet Shop Of Horror

Love Hina

Fruits Basket

Absolute Boyfriend

Princess Ai


Millennium Snow

Wolfs Rain

Neon Genisis Evangelion


Card Capture Sakura

Alice 19th


Favorite Video Games

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy 8

Fire Emblem

God Of War

God Of War II

Harvest Moon Save The Homeland

Pokemon Collosuma

Gauntlet Seven Sorrows

Inuyasha The Secret Of The Cursed Mask

Jak II

The Bouncer

Full Metal Alchemist And The Broken Angel


Devil Kings

Legend Of Musashi

Favorite Pairings


Kagome X Sango

Kagome X Kikyo

Kagome X Koga

Sango X Koga

Sango X Sesshomaru

Sesshomar X Kikyo

Sesshomaru X Kagura

Inuyasha X Kikyo

Inuyasha X Kagome (Even Though Its Lame!)

Ranma 1/2:

Ranma X Shampoo

Ranma X Kasumi

Ranma X Ukyo

Ranma X Akane

Shampoo X Ukyo

Shampoo X Kasumi

Shampoo X Nabiki

Shampoo X Akane

Ukyo X Ryoga

Ukyo X Akane

Ukyo X Nabiki

Ukyo X Kasumi

Kodachi X Mousse

Kuno X Nabiki

Shampoo X Herb (Female Herb)

Shampoo X Male Herb

Shampoo X Adult Hinako

Kasumi X Adult Hinako

Sailor Moon:

Haruka X Michiru

Haruka X Ami

Michiru X Ami

Ami X Setsuna MY ALL TIME FAV!!!!!!!

Ami X Rei

Love Hina:

Motoko X Kanako

Motoko X Kitsuna

Neon Genisis Evangelion:

Asuka X Rei

Shinji X Rei

Shinji X Misato

Shinji X Maya

Shinji X Ritsuko

Final Fantasy X:

Rikku X Lulu

Rikku X Yuna

Rikku X Kihmari

Lulu X Rikku

Final Fantasy X-2:

Rikku X Yuna

Rikku X Paine

Rikku X Lulu

And Did I say Rikku And Yuna?

Fire Emblem:

Florina X Lyn

Lyn X Hector

Florina X Titania

Ike X Titania

Eliwood X Ninia



Strawberry Panic:

Shizuma X Miyuki

Shizuma X Nagisa

Yaya x Hikara

Yep I'll add more when I find I like more and if can't tell I like girl with girl pairings more and I'll tell you why I'm BI!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!! Isn't it great!!! Well I think it is! plz message me anytime with fanfic you might want me to write and I'll tell you if I will do it or not...thats if you like my writing!

And feel free anyone to email me anytime at:


Or find me on myspace!

Screen Name: Sexy Sango

Email: Gurlsesshomaru@aol.com

Screen Name: Wepon-Of-Mass-Seduction

Email: Captinjack-dragon@hotmail.com

Talk to you Then Lots of Love


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