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Hey! I've written a grand total of ONE story that I've put up. This is because, when I write, I don't usually finish it, and I usualy just skip to the good parts.. making me not so good of a writer! But hey, that's all right with me. I'd rather like to be known as a devoted reader of Doctor Who, and a dedicated reviewer.. hehe. Reviewing is fun.

I'm not too sure what this profile thing is for, but its a place to drabble about myself, which is always fun. This website sure does make me look like a loser ya no, inspiring hours of reading writing, watching Doctor Who, what an interesting summer huh? OHHHH yaaaa...

I'm 16 years old, fan fiction is my weakness, my downfall, my love joy hate fear, basically, when I'm bored, I'm here typing or reading something. Ah ha! I'm also American, thats kinda important, seeing as the season 2 isn't out in America yet. But I've... cough... seen all the episodes. Any Americans out there! BBC's Doctor Who website is amazing... At the moment, I'm in denial about the blue suit...

Other then that, when I'm away from the dark times of the computer at 3 in the morning... I go to school... and I go to Tae Kwon Do! Yup... I'm a 3rd degree black belt and at my instructor's school I have the privalige of getting beat up by him for examples in self defense, kicking drills, and sparing, well not much sparring, I'd rather not get murdered. Also usually whenever there's a new little kid, I get to teach them! Its a bit hard though, 5 year olds in martial art classes equals attention span of a gold fish. Love TKD really though, fun fun.

I've written and posted...

The Tickling Torture of Thoughts-I was indenial about the new Doctor, and hadn't seen any new episodes... It started with a ramble... and when it was done I editted it kinda and deemed it my pathetic attempt at first postage on this site.

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Maybe the Next Day reviews
9th Doctor, first drabble. 100 words on M Word... that's actually surprisingly hard to do. The Doctor contemplates the universe. Please r&r and tell me if I should attempt drabbles, or just stop... writing.
Doctor Who - Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 153 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 2/19/2007 - Complete
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