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Hey Guys! I'm The Matriarch aka Rory. I have a new series out which is my main focus at this stage. It's called Matriarch & it chronicles Piper's life after the Ultimate Battle. I'd love to hear what you all think. I'm trying to keep the chapters short, in that way it's more enjoyable to read. I work really hard on these fics & would really appreciate some constructive reviews on where I can do better. Please state what you liked about the certain chapter & what you hope to see in future. Comments like "I loved it" is nice & all but it does not help me become a better writer. I am very serious about my fics & spend a lot of time writing them so please support me by reading them. It keeps me motivated to keep on writing. :)

Happy reading, my sweeties!

Here I will keep you all updated on "Matriarch"


April 10, 2009 - Chapter 6 is up!: Hey readers, first off I want to apologise for the lack of updating. My excuses are worn out so I hope you all can simply forgive the lack of activity concerning Matriarch. But I do hope you'll enjoy the first new chapter for 2009. I can't believe it took me four months to release it. It's rather disgusting, LOL. But none the less, enjoy & I look forward to the reviews. You can also find updated info on the new chapters below. Also, I am removing all the details of the chapters up to chapter 5 since it takes up a lot of space on my profile. If you would like to see the trailers & synopsis for a particular chapter you can go here:

If you'd like to read more behind the scenes details & other stuff about this series go to:

Piper Halliwell has finally settled in with her normal life three months after being the victor of the Ultimate Battle & having Leo returned to his family. Her destiny as a Charmed One is fulfilled but what remains unknown to her is that she is destined for greatness...for a new destiny as the Matriarch of the Halliwell line awaits her. New faces make the rounds, family secrets are revealed, new battles are prophesized & a powerful foe makes his debut as Piper struggles to come to terms with her new destiny without the assistance of her sisters.

A/N (Author's Note):
I know Charmed-Net's virtual Season 9 introduced Piper to become a Matriarch. That did inspire me to create this fic but I have been thinking about it for a long time. But just to keep the peace, I take no credit for the idea, I'm just building my own fic off of it.

WRITER: Rory (The Matriarch)
EDITOR & IDEA PITCHERS: Phoenixlighter & Temporal Death
thanks for the assist you two, without you this might never have happened!

HOLLY MARIE COMBS piper halliwell
BRIAN KRAUSE leo wyatt
JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT charlotte (charlie) benson
JASON & KRISTOPHER SIMMONS wyatt matthew halliwell


Chapter 1 - Prologue Where It All Began... (Posted June 6, 2008)
Teaserline: Everything has been leading up to this...
A/N: This is a special chapter, meaning that the series will commence with Chapter 2. This is merely Piper looking back on her life & what led her to this destiny. In Chapter 2 she is yet to discover it.

Chapter 2 - Where Destiny May Lead (Posted June 17, 2008)
Teaserline: Goodbye sisters...hello destiny

Chapter 3 - Cruel Possessions
(Posted July 7th,2008)
Teaserline: There's something twisted beneath the surface...

Jennifer Love Hewitt debuts in this chapter as Charlie Benson

Chapter 4 - Underworld Rising (Posted July 31st, 2008)
Teaserline: The greatest Evil is just about to be revealed

Chapter 5 - Wihtin The Mind's Eye
(Posted November 13th, 2008)
Teaserline: What happens when illusion can kill you?

Chapter 6 - Hear Now The Words Of The Witches
(Posted April 10th, 2009)
Teaserline: The time has come to correct some past wrongs...
While trailing after a demon, Piper vanquishes him but upon returning home she steps into another world where everything she knows is no longer real. Piper's memories of her real life seem to fade the longer she is in this world, and the longer she remains there, the more she wants to stay. Will Piper remember who she truly is before it's too late?

Chapter 7 - The Pursuit of Inner Truth (Written)
Teaserline: Will she rediscover who she truly is?
Synopsis: TBA

Chapter 8 - TBA (In Production)
Teaserline: TBA
Synopsis: TBA

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